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Heh, thanks!

Comment on post We got married!:

Thanks :-)

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This makes me want to beat Ghana in the World Cup even more (which is saying something!)

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Ah, that's right! Good ol' Mike Starbird. I forgot y'all were there for that :-)

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Apparently there's a (patriotic?) porn star by that name!

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Ah, that is a good point. Interestingly, on the same day I posted this, GiveDirectly announced the results of a study they did on whether unconditional cash transfers were helpful - it was controlled and in this one people didn't have to apply for money; they were just given it. The study's results are similarly promising.

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Yeah...burying I-35 is a much smaller overall project than the Big Dig, but I'm sure it would be expensive.

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See upcoming post!

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Yeah - he was on his way to pick me up from the airport, of all things...

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Thanks! Yeah, I guess it's less "karma" and more "things balancing out", or something.

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Sorry, I was there for //build/ and had zero free time :-(

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Nice. I was embarrassed to switch Kagan and Sotomayor - I'm not a racist, just ignorant! (and I missed a few others...)

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Yeah, I kinda hesitated about posting that...but I want to express my displeasure in meddling with the plot and making things less "sci-fi" to try to appeal to a broader audience. So: booo!

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The original "red dot problem" was looking for this map in the first book they sent me. (it was the reader companion to the textbook, and it wasn't in there...)

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Indeed, both of these results look very similar to the Wolfram Alpha plot of ((1-x)*.9)/((1-x)*.9 + .1) that I linked to above.

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Yes, and part of my assumption was that the dot is uniformly distributed when it's in the book.

If we have no idea about how the author is putting the dots in the book, no interpretation in the world is going to help. Maybe the author is actively trying to thwart us and always putting it right after where we're going to expect. Maybe there are no red dots at all! But in the real life situation this was based on, I had no reason to believe the red dot was more likely to be at any spot than at any other.

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I think my chief disagreement here is

When you do not find a dot on the first page, you know nothing more about the book as a whole
...but we do! We know it's not in the first 1/n of the book, which is more information.

I'll agree that problems like this are very sensitive to how you frame them. But in this case, if we assume the red-dot-putter rolled a ten-sided die, and if it didn't come up 0 picked a random page to put the dot on, then Bayes' theorem applies.

We aren't really dealing with how trustworthy the original 90% estimate is - that seems outside of the scope of the problem...

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Yeah - traffic spiked ~60x today. From his tweets he's working hard to get things back!

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Glad it was helpful :-)

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Ah, thanks! I'll have to take a look at patching up a WP8-specific version of this code.

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Hmm - do you have some documentation saying that the GestureListener is deprecated? I can't seem to find it...

So, what is a better method, then?

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Thanks! I hope it still fits after washing (which is happening as we speak), otherwise I may have to make another trip over there, somehow.

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Thanks! I am determined to do so :-)

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True, but I'm getting emails/Facebooks/etc. Most of my LJ posts get no responses, regardless of topic :-/

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I agree - it's pretty cool!

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Yeah, that is cool :-)

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Maybe it's a good thing this is my first one, because the keyboard seems just fine to me. I don't know what I'm missing! :-)

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Oyyy. Taxation is the price of living in a civilized society. A civil rights argument that "the government shouldn't stop me from doing X" I can understand (and approve!), but "the government shouldn't take marginally more of my money to do...things" is not a civil rights issue.

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I was a Jane Eyre anti-fan (read Pride and Prejudice in seventh grade and hate hate hated it...although I'm open to the possibility that I like it now) and I didn't know anything about the Crimean War. (but I did read up a little on it) help there :-)

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Yep. The memory is expandable via SD card and the other parts are more irritating than huge deals.

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Aren't they?! :-)

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The SDK for Windows Phone 8 isn't out yet, but I'll take a look when it is...

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C# or VB.NET and XAML. C# is a great language!

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Thanks! I'm pretty pumped. (interested in writing Windows Phone apps? :-) )

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I know! 364 days of the year I happily ignore him. But...well, I'm only human :-)

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Oh, he did Wall-E too? Then I am also a huge fan :-)

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True - I was inferring based on what I heard, since I missed the beginning.

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Yeah, I was afraid the book was going to be overly dogmatic, but it really wasn't. Yay for thought-provokingness!

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Thanks! Yeah, these make a lot more sense. I'll post a followup post soon.

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It does! It really does...

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Thanks for coming! For reference, here's FlightPredictor for Android.

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Heh :-) Sorry, I don't know yet. I don't even know for sure if I'm going to be presenting anything vs. just standing around demoing it at random times. (although I'm preparing for a presentation just in case!)

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The event is from 6-9, I'll be there (traffic willing!) at 5.

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Yeah - I'm curious how much of that was things they said and how much was the press exaggerating...

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I hope so! But usually the tail starts faster than this...

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Ah, reading it again your interpretation makes a lot of sense. Totally with you when it comes to checking out! (due to my late schedule I'm more of a 621 developer, but the point stands :-) )

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That sounds...very painstaking, and I'm not sure how much smaller they'd be anyway...

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Yeah, reading the transcripts of the Prop 8 trial where they were trying to show how same-sex marriage would harm them was particularly awesome :-)

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Hmm, I hadn't thought of that, and I also have no idea what their status is. I'll add that to the list of future improvements :-) Thanks!

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Yeah...I'm really not sure how to indicate that on the map. (other than noting it when you click on the state, which I try to do) Maybe stripes or something? (but that's harder to draw :-) )

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Calm down there - Rich is a friend of mine.

I do agree that the assumption all beliefs are equally valid makes this more useful at looking at thing like choosing a state bird or something.

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Heh, that is a good point. Maybe a better headline would be "Prehistoric penguins: taller than you'd expect!"

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Yeah. I find that my pragmatism makes me good at fixing short-term problems and less good at addressing them long-term. Which is a good thing to watch out for with work-related stuff...

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I think that one is the idea that something is either "good" or "bad" with no shades of gray. The example they gave was if you asked people to list the benefits and risks of particular technologies, and then convinced them that the benefits were greater than they had thought, it had the separate effect of convincing them that the risks were less than they thought, even if you didn't say anything at all about the risks!

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Boom! I bow to your every whim until your charge clears :-)

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Ah, yeah, I saw a few links to that :-)

Sadly, I think it's mostly right - making most apps be essentially web pages was a great idea, but it's always going to suffer in performance compared to native apps.

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Yeah...especially weight, I had a very hard time seeing day-to-day differences, which was very frustrating.


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Sigh. It's something I would like to do eventually, but it would take a lot of work. I'm also not totally convinced that it's that much better than just using the TouchPad's web browser. (except for remembering username/password)

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Ah, I made the Perler bead icon!

Yeah, I can imagine they'd sell well at a geeky craft show. The only place I've seen them sold sells them for $10-20 depending on their size...I think that's a fair price given the cost of materials and time, etc. Good luck :-)

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He just did it once - as part of an article he was writing for Esquire (I believe it was Sexiest Woman Alive or something) he asked someone to pose nude, and she agreed if he would also pose nude. He ended up feeling somewhat objectified...but I'd imagine posing nude for a magazine shoot is different than posing for an art class!

(this was the only chapter that didn't involve him doing something different for a whole month. It was short and kinda weird...)

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Thanks! Glad you're enjoying them.

Hehe. That's what friends on Google+ are for...

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Thanks! (I'm on my way out of town, will reply to your email later :-) )

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The article said that Amazon asked them to set it to free (the implication being that they could say no). I'm not sure if they're obligated to ask you, though. Exposure is good, but I'm not excited about possibly supporting 100K users who didn't pay anything :-)

Cool, thanks. One idea that David had - add a free "lite" version with ads that only lets you add 8 flights or so. Most of the app's customers are presumably frequent travelers, and I can understand wanting to try an app out before spending real money on it. Even if that real money is only $1.99!

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Glad to be of service! The Linux app works well, although I did have some issues with it not being able to connect (the backup process was connecting fine), which I think were happening because I forgot to run it as root.

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Ah, cool! I'd be happy to let you backup to my server as plenty of space :-)

(oh, and I got my Willpower book back - know the next time you/Liz will see me/Andrew?)

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Other mobile OS's aren't like this, right? Why do Android phones have so little internal memory? Is it just because it's cheaper to buy SD cards?

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Yeah...I guess it wouldn't be an issue if I weren't also running a service in the background - maybe few apps do that?

I started trying to do #2 above and quickly got frustrated because I couldn't seem to save things to the SD card in the emulator. Then I did it all by making a separate app for the maps, and that worked fine...

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Aw, I don't think they can be more doomed than webOS :-) And even if Nokia fails, Microsoft seems pretty committed to WP7, so there will be other devices.

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Ah, neat! :-)

Well, we would have had to wait around a few more hours, and we were pretty exhausted. And we've both seen bats other places (Austin and near San Marcos), so I wasn't super excited about it.

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Sure thing!

Hmm, I don't think the book mentioned that. (and: hah!)

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Ah, cool - the book focuses on this particular stunt. (also, John Tierney, the guy at the New York Times who wrote the article about Blaine's attempt, is a coauthor of the book...probably not a coincidence!)

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Yeah...the book focused on the liberating-ness and not the people who won't appreciate it. You might call that a lie of omission. (but probably not :-) )

I guess it's encouraging that it's possible without losing all of one's friends.

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They briefly talk about lying by omission, but focus on lies of commission. (although they say most of what they cover applies to omissive(?) lies as well)

I don't think they call out the "lying in spirit but not technically" case specifically in the book.

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Haha yeah...didn't want to strike too close to home :-)

Ah, sweet! Hope it works out well for you. Still working on developing an Android app, and it's much more painful than developing for webOS (which I'll get back to at some point...)

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Aww, thanks!

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Ooh, that's an interesting idea...hadn't thought of that.

Yeah, I'd imagine every time Netflix does something big, they lose subscribers who are prompted to re-evaluate whether they're getting their money's worth.

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Hmm, I'm not sure what the deal is. Send me an email and we can work something out :-)

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Hi! LJ for WebOS is still on in the App Catalog for phones. Because of some issues with the TouchPad's OS, I don't think it shows up there. (or if it does, don't buy it!)

What device are you looking for it on, and what country is your device tied to?

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Yeah, STOB is great, just didn't mention it since non-NIers don't know what it is :-) And I always forget that LabVIEW can do neat stuff like archiving its panel...

Comment on post Software development tools I'm grateful for:

Agreed! MSDN is a godsend for Microsoft documentation.

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True - and in the updates, he sort of addresses this. I think most of the point is that, by happenstance, the part of Tokyo that he hangs around in is what libertarians would like for society in general, and what the problems are with it.

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What's the EasyHttpClient? Looks like it might be this code? That is a handy class - thanks! (I'd still have to spin up a thread because I don't want to block the UI while waiting on a remote server...)

Ooh, and looks pretty helpful too...

Hmm, interesting, I'll have to check my schedule. (are you going?)

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Ah, cool! That's quite a coincidence. Glad to hear it, and thanks for letting me know!

Comment on post Marriage Map: cartogram, more crazy reviews:

Hmm...maybe rainbows, then?

(and I think I know who you are...hello!)

Comment on post Marriage Map: cartogram, more crazy reviews:

Yeah - I was impressed by his spelling, too, until I got past the first sentence...

Ooh, that's a good idea. The website still works, as far as I know, so feel free to add DC places!

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Yeah, sometimes I'm amazed at the progress we've made, and the rest of the time I'm amazed this is really an issue in the first place....

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Ooh, I do like me some Javascript :-) But I think there are two big problems:
- Being in various app catalogs gives me major discoverability. If you have an existing brand then you have a decent shot of people coming to your website naturally, but I have no brand :-)
- A lot of the features that I think add a lot of value require using an API. The biggest example is notifications, or getting the app to wake up at a specific time - pretty sure there's no way to do this with just a web app.

That's an interesting idea though...

Comment on post trying to learn Android and missing webOS:

Not definitely, but probably. Partially because the opportunity for developing iOS apps is much less exciting (I specialize in apps that interact with a service, and any service worth anything already has an iOS app), partially because I don't have a Mac anymore, and partially because in a perverse way I like supporting competition and rooting for the underdog.

Is iOS what you're using these days?

Comment on post webOS woes:

True, but...I dunno. Probably gonna wait a bit and see. Android just isn't that exciting to me. Plus there are a lot of apps already, so I'd have to be more creative about what apps to write...

Comment on post webOS woes:

Thanks! Yeah, I got Facebook'd, google plus'd, and emailed about the news from various people.

Comment on post webOS app sales: how are my apps doing?:

Hmm, good point! That feature wasn't in the initial version - I only added it after a user complained in a review. (more evidence for my not knowing anything :-) )

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Well, he did say "no sane person"... :-)

I think the point is that it would be almost impossible to do, and society would need to find another way to ensure that people still had incentives to write books and movies.

Comment on post the best part of linking up...:

It looks like the question specifically referred to it being "legal", so I'm guessing your interpretation is correct.

Yeah, I knew that "official messaging" of the Catholic church is definitely out of step with the population on some issues (birth control, anyone?), but I didn't realize it was this dramatic about gay marriage. And it makes me a bit more optimistic about people in general!

To be clear, who religions allow to marry in their church is totally up to them, and while I do think it would be nice (eventually) to see it spread to more religions, I'm way way waaaay less concerned about that than legal recognition.

(also, shouldn't you be on a plane or something?)

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Nah, we don't have any way of getting in touch with reviewers. In this case, probably a good thing, as I'm sure we'd just get into an argument :-)

Comment on post link smattering:

Hmm, it worked for me if I stood back a bit. I think it's supposed to test nearsightedness...

Comment on post link smattering:

Aw, don't feel sad! It's a choice, not an obligation...

Comment on post link smattering:

Yeah...I mean, I do believe that if he had thrown up his hands and hit the floor they might not have shot. But it sounds very much like a military operation where they didn't want to take any chances.

Comment on post pouring good news:


Comment on post pouring good news:


(don't get too excited, it's nothing earth-shattering :-) )

Comment on post webOS developer situation: unacceptable:

I caught him at @richardkerris on Twitter. (cc'ed him on this post, which is presumably where he saw it)

Good luck!

Comment on post webOS developer situation: unacceptable:

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I've spent quite a bit on apps too...exciting that there are lots of good ones out there!

Comment on post Anything You Want review:

Yeah...that sounds like a lot of unfun stress.

Comment on post webOS developer situation: unacceptable:

(just fyi, not sure if he'll be checking back since he won't get emails for might want to contact him more directly :-) )

Comment on post webOS developer situation: unacceptable:

Thanks for the reply, Richard! Looking forward to having this all fixed up...

Comment on post holdin' on links:

Haha...I think I need to teach myself first :-)

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Comment on post app reviews getting better!:

Not explicitly, but you can do one yourself. I actually planned on doing this at some point, and then talked myself out of it for reasons I don't remember.

Comment on post app reviews getting better!:

Aw, man, I wish I had thought of this! :-)

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To my knowledge, not really, although there have been some uncomfortable situations. But the number of people that I've come out to in person is not as high as you might think.

The advantage to coming out to people over email/en masse is that if someone really has a problem with it, they don't have to personally react but can just "fade away" and be nonconfrontational about it...

Comment on post Why gays should come out at work:

Hmm, that's a good question. I would say Rule 1 is to "do no harm". If someone isn't ready to come out to you, don't try to force their hand.

After that, it sounds like you're doing well. Talking about being friends with gay people (and just mentioning it instead of a "some of my best friends are gay!" type thing) is definitely good. You're probably making her feel better, but she may be just unwilling to come out to anyone no matter what. Which is sad :-(

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2011-06-24T14:26:32+00:00, you are totally right! I just sent in this feedback:

I enjoyed the "How Many Households Are Like Yours?" infographic, but either I'm interpreting the data wrong or the values don't add up to 100% of households. The top level percentages are:

Single Male 12%
Single Female 15%
Married Couple 21%
Male/Female Unmarried Partners 2%
Male Unmarried Partners .2%
Female Unmarried Partners .2%

which only add up to around 50%. (and adding more restrictions only makes these numbers go down) Can someone explain where I've gone wrong?


Hopefully I'll hear back...

Comment on post it's-been-a-little-while links:

...congratulations? :-)

Neat! Thanks for the link. Although it looks like that's only talking about couples - maybe if you include singles the percentage goes higher...

Comment on post it's-been-a-little-while links:

Honestly, in my world "don't read the comments" is good advice around 90% of the time.

Comment on post it's-been-a-little-while links:

Agreed. My parents were frugal enough that it rubbed off on me, and then I kinda "rebelled" and bought really nice stuff, and now I think I've found a happy medium.

(for the record, our bathroom does not feel like a spa :-) )

Comment on post it's-been-a-little-while links:

That's a good point. Maybe I should pick one person who wishes me happy birthday and catch up with them...

Comment on post Public life/private life:

There's bigotry and then there's bigotry.

I'll take the analogy the other way - what if he believed in capital punishment? Or abortion? abortions?

Comment on post Public life/private life:

Sigh. I dunno.

Comment on post Public life/private life:

I have not.

Comment on post "It Gets Better" and Republicans:

True, although since the Democrats passed DADT repeal, I'm much less sympathetic to the second argument.

Comment on post Deadwood and Osama bin Laden:

Oh, man, that would be sweet!

Comment on post Deadwood and Osama bin Laden:

No, but we played the old version recently and now I want to try it!

Comment on post Palm TouchPad conference!:

Yeah, it seems that these things occur cyclically :-)

Comment on post Palm TouchPad conference!:

Well, Apple does the same sort of thing. The difference is that Apple doesn't wait absurdly long between refreshes of their hardware, so I'm hoping going forward HP do a better job of not doing that.

Comment on post Palm TouchPad conference!:

Yeah. I assume when they're ready to answer such questions they'll answer them loud and clear to the whole world...

Comment on post no time links:

Yeah, basically. I tweeted about it here, just for you so you can follow the link and defeat the porous paywall :-)

Comment on post no time links:

Haha, good point!

Comment on post Queen! (and me):

(also, "geeky looking"? :-( )

Comment on post Queen! (and me):

None showed up to the casting call, I believe :-( I swear, we do have women engineers here!

Comment on post I get spotlighted! (spotlit?):

Ooh, cool! I can't wait to get my hands on a TouchPad...

Comment on post The Republican's tax plan...whoa:

Yeah, from what little I understand about the corporate tax system, it's a giant mess. I'd have no problem with lowering that tax rate and eliminating loopholes to make things more sane.

I agree that we need to control spending. I'm just not sure that dramatically cutting spending, especially in the face of a very very slow jobs recovery is the time to do it. But I'd be for something like the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles plan (.pdf) which doesn't begin cuts until FY2012.

Comment on post shoes!:

Yeah, I suppose that's true as well. (Jonathan and I had a back and forth about the timing: I meant 20 seconds total, not per shoe, and that includes untying :-) )

Comment on post shoes!:

Agree with the foot, but I don't have to untie my shoe, so you have to include that time.

That still sounds pretty fast. My demand for proof stands!

Comment on post shoes!:

4 seconds to untie, put foot in, and tie a shoe? I demand proof!

Comment on post shoes!:

I should say: for kids, their time isn't worth $8/hour, so I totally support your no-cramming rule. But my time is :-)

Comment on post shoes!:

Keeping them tied is good (I have injured myself in the past :-) ). But not cramming them in? Let's do the math:

Let's say, conservatively, that cramming your feet in your shoes saves 20 seconds per shoe putting on. And let's say you put on your shoes once a day (again, probably a little conservative). Over a year that saves you 365 * 20 seconds = a little over two hours. Even if that means you have to buy new shoes every year instead of every 18 months, that means you're saving two hours of time and spending an extra $17 a year. (pro-rated) Isn't your time worth more than $8/hour?

Comment on post shoes!:

Yeah. I hate shoe shopping too, but we just went in to Academy and I basically loved the first ones I tried on, so it was quick and painless.

Comment on post Salvaging the looks of LJ for WebOS:

Aww, thanks! :-)

Comment on post byte manipulation in Javascript = not fun:

Hmm, so the same thing...maybe I'm just wrong :-)

Comment on post byte manipulation in Javascript = not fun:

Yeah, after I thought about it it made sense. It just seems a little weird that you can return something from a constructor that has absolutely no effect. I'm pretty sure if you tried to do the same in a compiled language you'd get a compile-time error saying "whatever you're trying to do, it isn't going to do anything"...

Comment on post Happy @TheAtlantic day! and more links:

Yeah, I will admit to a bit of hypocrisy here, both on behalf of my house and my state :-)

At least we can allow high-density housing in downtown areas. Austin has a number of big condo buildings under construction, and some (a lot?) of people don't like it because of beautification, etc. Luckily they seem to be happening anyway!

Comment on post Scorecasting review:

Ooh, that sounds like fun!

Just for that, another quote:

Inquiries of "What's the score?" or "How many outs?" were abruptly met with showers of beer and slurred chants or drinking songs. As the popular T-shirt reads, "Cubs baseball: shut up and drink your beer." A game at Wrigley is a party, maybe the best party in baseball.

Comment on post stock market returns project:

It does include reinvesting dividends. I actually meant to include a small percentage fee in the model, but forgot. Oh well!

Comment on post stock market returns project:

That's a good this point I'm so used to investing with low-cost brokerages (Vanguard FTW!)

Comment on post things that inspire emotions in me:

Dunno if you saw, but leaked info about the tablets that will be on AT&T and Verizon but not Sprint. Still no word about phones, though...

Comment on post things that inspire emotions in me:

I did read that - pretty crazy if true!

Comment on post motley links:

Yeah, that was unnecessary and not really relevant...

Comment on post Congresswoman shot in head at public event:

Wow, my condolences.

Comment on post tax cuts, Don't Ask Don't Tell:

No links in particular (except the offhand mentioning in the Atlantic article), but my impression is that taxes on income over $250K really don't affect things too much - generally people making that much money aren't so sensitive to changes in take-home pay over that. Surely this has been studied somewhere... :-)

Comment on post Don't Ask Don't Tell, and some non-DADT things:

On this issue, you are correct. McCain is still reasonable on some issues...right?

(and to be fair, the one I got a response from is the more reasonable of the two...)

Comment on post tax cuts, Don't Ask Don't Tell:

I read that the House Democrats didn't support the compromise, but it probably has enough votes to pass anyway? Politics is so confusing...

Comment on post just some links: movies, money, voting:

I would happily invest in such a meta-index fund, just for the street cred!

Comment on post German math problem:

Ah! I think the simplified algebra is doing essentially the same thing (pairing up schedules with i conflicts with those with n-i conflicts), but this is a much nicer combinatorial way of thinking about it. Thanks!

Comment on post Germany trip recap:

Yeah, I know! It was all kinda surreal (partially from exhaustion :-) )

Comment on post Germany trip recap:

Yeah, I figured it was one of those things where there was a right answer, but I didn't know what it was. Although probably the "super-convenient to do in an airport" is a good sign it's wrong.

Comment on post pre-German links:

Yeah! I'm a big fan of her blog. She makes a lot of sense.

Comment on post pre-German links:

Man, that would be awesome...even just announcing it and saying when it will be available is good enough for me!

Comment on post electioneering:

Oh, it's just talking about buying Treasury bonds. Nevermind.

Comment on post electioneering:

I just got a CNN Breaking News alert:

Federal Reserve unveils $600 billion stimulus plan aimed at improving economy, boosting jobs.

This confuses me. So the Fed just came up with the plan? Does anyone think it's going to pass the GOP-controlled House? Or are they trying to pass it before January?

I'm a little more optimistic than you, but not much :-)

Comment on post on firing people for remarks made outside their job:

OK, that's fair. I will admit I haven't seen these interviews in context...

Comment on post on firing people for remarks made outside their job:

Can't he be both?

I just feel that he doesn't "get" privacy, like, at all.

Comment on post bridge update (or: programming is hard):

Not a bad idea! But
- I'd like to sell this app on the App Catalog, so it would have to be BSD-licensed or similar.
- I'd have to port it to Javascript, which is certainly not impossible
- I was hoping that writing my own would be enlightening. Which it has been, but I don't want it to take years.

So maybe I'll look around...know of any off the top of your head? :-)

Comment on post Vote!:

If you click on the title of the office they endorsed, you can see the article they wrote about each one.

Comment on post links on a friday:

Cool! Hope it's helpful. It seems almost random which services have which shows...

Comment on post productivity techniques (or: remembering stuff):

Hmm, this sounds like a pretty good system. Maybe I should give Remember the Milk a shot (signed up months ago but never really tried it)

Archiving my information is a mix of email, text files on my computer, and the aforementioned wiki. I've always been interested in something like Evernote for a giant "bucket o' stuff", but I've never tried it.

Comment on post productivity techniques (or: remembering stuff):

Well, it doesn't help that occasionally look over at David's inbox and see his usual 3 or 4 :-)

Comment on post San Francisco trip:

No - what's that? (it sounds neat!)

We kept pretty busy visiting various museums and places and whatnot. We did make a list of places to visit when we go back, though! (at some point in the undetermined future)

Comment on post San Francisco trip:

Neat! I'm so proud :-) Yeah, I was a member for a while...sadly, I lost my membership card. Plus I haven't heard from them in a looooong time.

Comment on post bridge it is!:

Will do! I'm in the "plumbing" stage now...

Comment on post link bankruptcy:

That is a good point (and one I thought of when reading the article and then forgot). Percentile is an OK method at first, but some sort of absolute metric (like score on the tests or something) would seem to be better.

Comment on post cordoba house, ricky gervais:

Ooh, those are excellent :-)

Comment on post audition tonight:

Thanks! I actually have a copy of the Messiah already, so I'll just copy over the markings at some point. Thanks anyway :-)

Comment on post cordoba house, ricky gervais:

Glad you liked :-)

Comment on post audition tonight:

Oh cool! Looking forward to it :-)

Comment on post audition tonight:

It went well! As Gary hinted at, it was more of a voice lesson than an audition...but at the end I got in :-)

Incidentally, he said he "had heard a lot about me" which was a little intimidating until I realized the large number of people I know that have sung with him...

Comment on post audition tonight:

Hmm, weird, I guess they don't have American? It must be a weird glitch...I thought I saw them before but I could be wrong.

Yeah, it just launched two days ago, so there's definitely some fine-tuning to be done. The results page just made me so happy :-)

Comment on post prop 8. musical done! joining a choir?:

Ah - good to know! The RRCC looks pretty cool... (and Randi! I know her)

Comment on post prop 8. musical done! joining a choir?:

Ah - I knew there was someone else who had sung with him!

Cool, I'll have to check it out! (I'm auditioning this week for the Durufle Requiem + Messiah)

Comment on post prop 8. musical done! joining a choir?:

I have...but it's worth a rewatch :-)

Comment on post prop 8. musical done! joining a choir?:

!!! The Durufle requiem is like my most favorite piece ever! Send me details!

And, thanks :-)

Comment on post hospice care:

Agreed. I've read his book The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right twice already, and I'm going to read it again to give it a proper review soon :-)

Comment on post Brain Rules:

Cool! I really liked How We Decide :-)

Comment on post a few links:

I think they got it from somewhere (probably the Census Bureau?) based on age and zip code. I would imagine it could still be biased, though.

Comment on post a few links:

Ah, yeah, I did see that - this is kind of the opposite :-)

The X axis is time (important games are picked out with the arrows), and the Y axis is number of tweets with that country's hashtag. I agree that it's a bit confusing - it's sort of a stacked chart and sort of not...

Comment on post FlightPredictor featured on palm homepage!:

Ooh, neat! I'll check it out :-)

Comment on post quick linkies:

Perhaps not for reporting their own fouls (because that's mostly a judgment call anyway), but I don't think it's unreasonable to ask people to be honest about whether a ball they were trying to save went over the out-of-bounds line, for example.

I know there's no tradition of self-reporting these things, but it annoys me that the rule is then "fake as much as you can get away with".

(and...yeah! The whole diving thing bothers me for multiple reasons...)

Comment on post Lesson learned: avoid "authorized retailers":

Yeah...I'm hopeful though. Apparently there's some phone conference next week where the HP CEO (or someone) is speaking, and I'm naively optimistic there will be new hardware for even us Sprinters :-)

Comment on post Lesson learned: avoid "authorized retailers":

Yeah, Sprint requires you to renew as well...

Comment on post home energy usage - new shiny graphs!:

Thanks! Just the monthly bill - Austin Energy has a nice online interface where you can easily see the kWH used/day of the cycle.

Comment on post How We Decide:

That would be my emotional brain reacting :-)

Comment on post How We Decide:

Yeah! That was another good one :-)

Comment on post marriage and such:

Ah, yeah, sorry.

Comment on post weekend pictures, my first ad!:

That's cool! (and I wouldn't be surprised to hear of a second Mystery Machine around these parts :-) )

Ooh, I'll keep my eyes open. You know a lot of cool people!

Comment on post happy memorial day!:

Yeah, reading that article really made me want to see the dress...maybe I should Google it :-)

Comment on post friday links of the third kind:

Ooh, interesting article - thanks!

Comment on post neat startups:

Ah, yeah, I get what you're saying. Especially since it doesn't look like it's even every single day (maybe not enough businesses in Austin are signed up yet?)

Comment on post neat startups:

You mean the website is slow?

Comment on post FlightPredictor released!:

Thanks! It makes me wish I was flying somewhere soon :-)

Comment on post MetroRail and links:

Aww. Growing up in Houston, we had an inferiority complex about Dallas. Or maybe that was just me?

Comment on post MetroRail and links:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they were including Fort Worth and surrounding areas. But still!

MetroRail is cool but extremely limited - only M-F in the morning and late afternoon...

Comment on post Palm Developer Day trip: Day 3:

I saw! Looks like good news!

Comment on post naps!:

Yeah, I don't know about the whole 10 minute nap thing - it does sound way too short!

Comment on post Palm Developer Day trip: Day 1:

Doh! That would have been perfect...oh well.

I stayed at the Grand Hotel off of El Camino Real.

Comment on post Secret anxiety?:

Yeah - this one wasn't really intense or anything, even the shootout part. And I laughed when I woke up and remembered it :-)

Comment on post LJ for WebOS update:

Dang...I even signed out of Google so that wouldn't happen! Interesting...

Comment on post LJ for WebOS update:

Hey, good ideas! Here are my thoughts:

- I've thought about this - my app segments nicely into reading posts and writing posts. But, I'm afraid that giving away reading posts (which was by far most of the work) is giving away too much (most people might be happy with just that), and giving away writing posts doesn't show off how useful reading posts is. Plus, submitting another app in the App Catalog costs $50, so I'd need to sell ~25 more copies just to break even.

- Yeah, I've been kinda lazy about LJ for WebOS website. Point taken.

- I think I'm pretty decent here - googling for palm livejournal puts me in the #3 spot, and for webos livejournal I have spots #1-3.

Harder ideas!

1) Yeah, LJ is pretty popular in Russia, but I don't think any WebOS phones are available there. (and certainly you can't buy apps there)

2) There's already a pretty good free iPhone app (although the ratings are low...interesting) and some Android ones, although I can't seem to view the details.

More philosophically, I can't get too excited about developing an app that I can't use...since this is just something I work on in whatever free time I can squeeze out, I doubt I'd be able to work on one of those for too long.

3) That's a good idea - if I could think of a good way to unify the interface (as opposed to having LJ, Twitter, Facebook sections) I might do that. That's a lot more work, though, and there are a bunch of good Twitter clients and an official (free) Facebook client already on WebOS.

Comment on post official wedding pictures up! and yogurt:

Ah, OK! Fixed.

(also: 6 minutes from my post to getting to page 5 of the pictures! I am impressed :-) )

Comment on post Palm up for sale?:

Right...the worst case for me was that somebody just buys them for the patents and shuts down everything else.

Comment on post old-school 3D:

Yeah - it was a bit pricey but it looks really nice.

Comment on post two sentence paragraphs!:

Yeah, I opened a savings account with ING Direct - 1.1% isn't much to crow about but it's better than essentially nothing!

Comment on post Rich Dad Poor Dad review:

So first of all, holy crap is that a long page.

I think there's enough stuff in there to make me very suspicious of Kiyosaki, but the fact that this guy is also trying to sell a similar book plus he seems to call Kiyosaki on a lot of really really minor and insignificant points (some of the war stories...I guess these were in earlier editions of the book? and he seems really mad that Kiyosaki now goes by "Robert" instead of "Bob"), not to mention the weird rant at PBS near the end.

Comment on post cakes! and other stuff:

Fair enough. I was irritated that Merton (whoever he/she is)'s video got taken down from YouTube so I never saw it...

Comment on post don't mess with my machine!:

Aw, maybe we were just being friendly? :-(

Comment on post don't mess with my machine!:

I glared at a few of them today - they know what they did!

Comment on post health care (basically) passed! and a local shoutout:

I went with a Canon SD1300, which looks fairly similar to my lost SD1100, but with more zoom (4x vs. 3x) and a newer processor. (I went over to show it to you but you're not here, as you probably know...) And they're running a sale on all Canon cameras - 8.25% off (i.e. no tax) until the weekend!

Yeah - the description for the class doesn't look super advanced, but I could probably learn some things. If you buy one, we could take it together!

Comment on post Someone is spreading a nasty rumor about

The rumor is fake; formspring is legit.

Comment on post Rich Dad Poor Dad review:

That part made me angry (and it was in the first 40 pages)...

Comment on post Rich Dad Poor Dad review:

Hmm, I wonder if we saw the same ads? And no problem :-)

Comment on post mini-links:

Man, Square One was the best!

Comment on post Rich Dad Poor Dad review:

Yeah - like I said the book wasn't completely devoid of merit. But I was definitely rolling my eyes through a lot of it :-)

Comment on post Rich Dad Poor Dad review:

Yeah, I can imagine...sigh.

Comment on post links n' such:

My parents both went to Michigan, so...yeah.

Agricola is great! I haven't played enough board games lately either...

Comment on post A close shave:

It seems pretty good so far. We're only a few hours in and I'm not interested enough to actually play it, just kinda watch while I'm doing something else. (I do this with a lot of games)

Comment on post Heavy Rain review (no spoilers):

Yeah, 24 hours later ours was fine too. I'm not sure how you could have a bug saying 2010 was a leap year...

That's certainly understandable. And in this case the game sets you up to care about your kids a lot. (i.e. get introduced to them before bad things happen)

Comment on post Heavy Rain review (no spoilers):
2010-03-01T16:24:56+00:00's sooo common these days it's getting a bit tired. At least to childless me :-)

Comment on post More snow pics:

That's a lie!!

(also, we just ducked outside to play for a few minutes)

Comment on post More snow pics:

It's a long and kinda involved story - I'll let him tell it if he wants :-) The upshot is that they're temporary and hopefully going away soon, I think.

Comment on post LJ for WebOS: 2.5 weeks later:


Yeah, that's what I fear. I like LiveJournal better than Facebook/Twitter/whatever, but it does seem to be going downhill. I'm keeping up the good fight, though :-)

Comment on post Ah, childhood:

Aww :-)

Comment on post Ah, childhood:

Wow, seriously? (young me is very excited to hear this)

Comment on post Ah, childhood:

I do! Heh :-)

Comment on post buncha random links:

Hah!  That is...something.

Comment on post buncha random links:

Their website probably "has a 128 bit encryption", maybe?

Comment on post LJ for WebOS mentioned!:

Thanks! Hope it's working out well for you. :-) Maybe $2.99 is too high a price, or maybe there just aren't that many people on WebOS devices that use LiveJournal a lot. I still get excited over each individual sale :-)

Comment on post LOST thoughts:

Well, when Ben called it to judge himself, the smoke monster told him to obey fake Locke.

I think it's possible that nobody on the island wanted Widmore's folks to take over, so maybe that's why the smoke monster helped Ben out when he called it for defense?

Comment on post LOST thoughts:

I don't think Jacob = Hurley...although that would be crazy :-)

Yeah, I'm hoping we get more backstory about Jacob and fake Locke that addresses how he can become a giant smoky thing.

Comment on post solar panels on the roof:

They said that HOA restrictions are much more friendly about solar panels than they used to be, and that the Texas Legislature is probably going to pass a law (in a few years) forbidding HOAs to restrict them.

Comment on post Avatar:

Yeah...we didn't choose the location :-)

Comment on post Avatar:

I think so, although 3D movie tickets are expensive down here. ($13 at a Regal theatre!)

Comment on post stuck at work links:

Cool! We'll probably be pretty busy, but we'll give y'all a call if we have some time :-)

Have fun in England!

Comment on post *yawn*:

We were meeting some people there we just met recently, and I'm naturally nervous in social situations like that. So the way I deal with it is to sip a drink a lot. Works decently with water, but that much Dr. Pepper was apparently too much...

Comment on post links so I can upgrade to Firefox 3.6 and don't want to lose my open tabs!:

Aw, Dallas/Fort Worth's is OK, from what I hear...

Comment on post links for what should be friday:

Hope it's useful :-)

Comment on post NY same-sex marriage bill defeated, life goes on:

I agree, but I'm sufficiently pessimistic about repealing DOMA that I'm afraid it won't be an issue for a while.

Comment on post rethinking the plan:

I have an Ajax request which is reasonable enough. The problem is that I'm authenticating with sessiongenerate and then using that to POST to talkpost_do.bml, and the cookies have to be set up just so. Or maybe I'm doing something simple wrong, but it was an equally bad hassle just to be able to fetch posts with proper authentication...

Comment on post no-longer-quite-as-rainy link friday:

Cool, thanks!

Comment on post Test post:

So, the stuff I saw that I liked when I was deciding:

- Multitouch: I think the Droid has some multitouch stuff, but it's not fully integrated, and when I was looking no Android phone had any multitouch. Multitouch just feels so right for zooming that a phone seems (to me) crippled without it.

- Notifications: The WebOS notification system is really top-notch - you get alerted when "something happens" (new email, calendar event, text message) but it's unobtrusive and you don't have to "remove" the alert right away. Not sure what Android does about notifications.

- Development: I was initially excited by a HTML/Javascript looking API for developing native apps. After having done some development, this is kinda a wash - yeah, it's neat, but you have to format the HTML just right to make it look correct.

- Synergy: The whole pulling in all your Gmail/Facebook contacts is pretty cool.

If I were choosing again today I might go with the Droid or something, but I'm pretty happy with my choice as long as Palm, you know, survives :-)

Comment on post Test post:

Yay! Apparently so!

Comment on post origami dreams:

Most of the designs I've actually done are from the only book I had when I was a kid: Unit Origami: Multidimensional Transformations by Tomoku Fuse which is pretty good. Of the books I've gotten recently, I haven't yet successfully completed a design from them so I'm going to withhold judgment for a bit :-)

Comment on post election day!:

Wow, cool! I haven't been following Houston's race at all...maybe I should have been.

Comment on post So...does anyone want a Google Wave invite?:

I still have some left over and few to give them out to - send me his/her email address and I'll shoot an invite his/her way!

Comment on post life update:


Very cool...hopefully they'll be into it :-)

Comment on post link friday:

Yeah, I have a few left - what email address should I use? (feel free to email me with it if you want) Also note it takes 3 or so days to go through, so don't get mad at me and think I've forgotten like my other friends :-P

Comment on post developing for the Palm Pre:

testing comment - ignore

Comment on post A few late Friday links:

Yeah, it's a bit creepy...

Comment on post Texas senators support Defense of Marriage Act:


Comment on post Rice pictures:

Ooh, I didn't even think about that! Oh well...

Comment on post another day, another dollar:

...and that is why I have djedi help me through the puzzles :-)

Comment on post Palm Pre review:

Ah, good to know! Since it's not my iPhone I don't generally play around with the settings...

Comment on post post-honeymoon link friday:

That's a good point.

Comment on post post-honeymoon link friday:

Yeah, I've heard it before too.

A few months ago I posted this music matrix thing based on the pentatonic scale - also fun!

Comment on post link friday!:

I am indeed, and so is djedi :-) Thanks!

Comment on post weekend, life update:

I also got rubber burned :-)

Comment on post Games database:

Nah, it's from jQuery UI.

Comment on post Games database:

Yeah, we've been accumulating them for a while :-)

Comment on post Games database:

Thanks! Really, all the data comes from should credit them explicitly somewhere.

Comment on post teh gays !<3 Obama:

For some reason I never noticed those clashing acronyms before. Neat!

Comment on post filllllings...nothing more than fillllllings...:

True...but it is a lot of data packed in a tiny space!

Comment on post filllllings...nothing more than fillllllings...:

That's a good question. I would assume it would be below 2nd-parent adoption, which is already lower than I had hoped.

Comment on post better living through science:

Ah, yes! Sorry, I forgot where I found it from :-)

Comment on post I'm in a hurry to get things done...:

I'm not sure I've ever actually heard the original, but I have a good a capella version by the U of Rochester Yellowjackets...

Comment on post I'm in a hurry to get things done...:

I've been in a song snippet kinda mood :-)

Comment on post more progress:

Cool - thanks!

Phone numbers and hours of operation aren't bad might make the popup on the map a bit crowded but I'll see if I can find a place for it.

Takeout - another good idea.

(your comment has rekindled my interest - just added a new restaurant for the first time in a while :-) )

Comment on post I'm in a hurry to get things done...:

That's sad! I didn't realize she had passed away.

Comment on post other odds and ends:

Yeah, luckily it isn't compatible with Firefox 3.5 yet...

Comment on post days go by and still I think of you:

Haha...I'm not sure how well that pays :-P

Comment on post days go by and still I think of you:

Oh, yeah, I got some off-spec gloves. That was kinda neat, I guess.

Comment on post rumsfeld flashbacks:

This is true...although looking at the cover sheets themselves, they look fairly authentic.

Comment on post hurried links:

That's what the map is for :-P

Comment on post Hello New York friends!:

Hey, according to 538 he's leaning towards yes!

Comment on post I am the law!:

Cool recap!

Comment on post Hello New York friends!:

Awww, thanks!

Comment on post A pretty picture for a Friday night:

Aw, I'm glad :-) There's definitely a high nostalgia quotient for me. Maybe I should email Theo...(he was my partner on this project)

Comment on post Seriously, Texas?:

I guess there's a difference between a joke and people answering a survey (not to mention the governor mentioning it out loud). Maybe I'm misestimating how seriously people take surveys :-)

Comment on post faster pretty pictures:

I do from time to time :-)

I keep a list on the page of interesting functions, but they're not super great or anything.

Yeah, I never implemented the Perlin noise ones, although I really should! Maybe sometime soon...

Comment on post Time Warner shelving bandwidth caps!:

Can y'all get Grande down there?

Comment on post a cool toy and some anger:

Another good one:

Comment on post Stuff I've been following: Time Warner, gay stuff, dentist:

According to some random stuff I read online, no. Something about it being IPTV means they're exempt for some stupid reason.

Comment on post Stuff I've been following: Time Warner, gay stuff, dentist:

Good to know - thanks to you both!

Comment on post Email to Time Warner re bandwidth caps:

Fair enough. I'm very interested in seeing how much we use in a month (they've said they're going to have a "bandwidth meter" for a few months before the caps start). I'm just worried that having 4 people here, playing WoW and downloading patches and running a webserver, it might add up quickly...

Comment on post Email to Time Warner re bandwidth caps:

Sadly, Grande doesn't serve our zip code...

Comment on post Email to Time Warner re bandwidth caps:

That's a very good question - I think I may have agreed to a contract for a lower rate as well, but I'm not sure. It sure seems to me like changing the deal in the middle would break that contract, but IANAL...

Comment on post gay marriage in iowa!:

Yup - the House needs 5ish more votes to override, which is certainly within the realm of possibility...

Comment on post marriage in Iowa?:

A long time, sadly. One state at a time seems to be the model...

Comment on post dentistry and cable bandwidth caps:

Yuck. I guess I'm sure glad we don't live in Beaumont though...

Comment on post Exciting news from Rice!:

Exactly :-)

Comment on post looking for a tree place:

Hee hee. That's a good name!

Comment on post browser of choice?:

Yeah. I don't use many extensions, but I'm not giving up Flashblock or Firebug. Although maybe such things exist for Chrome...

Comment on post anyone want a camera?:

You are a winner! I don't suppose you're planning on being in Austin anytime soon?

Comment on post anyone want a camera?:

OK. Thanks :-)

Comment on post anyone want a camera?:

Oh, I hate that crap! I always turn it off...

Comment on post anyone want a camera?:

Hehe, yeah.

("snapshot thing"?)

Comment on post anyone want a camera?:

Cool. I will keep that in mind.

Comment on post anyone want a camera?:

Cool. I switched to that camera from a Kodak Easyshare and the response time felt much better, so that might work for y'all.

If you're coming up to Austin sometime, let me know so I can get it in the right person's hands :-)

Comment on post we got rings!:

I should point out this is still kinda up in the air.

Comment on post we got rings!:

I'm not allowed to wear it yet, except for pictures and showing off. And when I'm not being watched :-P

Comment on post adieu genetic Mona Lisa:

You can look at the breakdown by artist - here's Beethoven's. Only 12 schools are listed - since you only get the top 10 from each school there probably isn't enough data.

Comment on post we got rings!:

As appealing as going around with a scanning gun shooting things sounds (like laser tag, but your targets don't move!), I think we're going to skip the whole registering thing and ask people to donate to charity or something.

Comment on post the advantages of living in a medium-sized city:

It needed a software upgrade, believe it or not.

Comment on post angry links!:

Wow, good for you!

I totally get the no more than once a week theory, but I've found that weighing every day keeps me focused on not eating too much. And so far I've been OK enough about not obsessing over the random fluctuations.

That bodybugg thing does look pretty cool, though....more data = awesome!

Comment on post I miss music:

Sigh. Have y'all started rehearsing already? Gimme a day to think about it...

(and yes, I am a baritone, although who knows how much my range has shrunk from disuse!)

Comment on post I miss music:

Maybe I'll do that tonight (and add yet another color of line :-) )

Comment on post links for everyone!:

Yeah, I think she wanted something very particular. (and, from personal experience, it's always more fun to write something new than use something that doesn't do exactly what you want :-) )

Comment on post PasswordHash firefox extension!:

Thanks! I don't know! A good question, though.

Comment on post PasswordHash firefox extension!:

Ooh, that's spooky!

Comment on post benchmark analyzer!:

The p-value represents the certainty needed to do a split. Showing p < 0.001 is correct - if you bump p up to .9999 or something then it should disappear.

Comment on post obama's speech and an embarrassing memory from my past:

Seriously, what are the odds?

Comment on post obama's speech and an embarrassing memory from my past:

As soon as he says "I'm Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana. Tonight..." I find it hard to contain my laughter. His Kenneth is dead on!

Comment on post benchmark analyzer!:

Dang it, I knew I should have regenerated that instead of manually editing the HTML. Fixed. (and thanks!)

Comment on post benchmark analyzer!:

Sure! Let's say you work on software that has a function F. F takes lots of different parameters that are more or less orthogonal, and you have benchmarks of how well F performs with lots of combinations of these parameters.

Now you want to make some optimizations to F and you want to see how it affects the benchmarks, but you have 500 different combinations of parameters, and for some combinations it got a lot better, for some it got a little better, and for some it got a little worse. What the analyzer does is split up the benchmarks by parameter, and so you can see if for parameter X it got a lot faster but for parameter Y it got a bit slower, and so you should look at what it's doing for parameter Y and try to fix it.

Comment on post a slight geek-out:

I delicious'ed it so I could find it again :-)

Comment on post book review: First, Break All The Rules:

I'm Adaptability, Learner, Arranger, Positivity, Harmony, FWIW. Kinda makes me sound like a hippie :-)

Comment on post book review: First, Break All The Rules:

This is one thing I really like about NI - there are separate technical and managerial tracks with corresponding ranks. (and presumably comparable salaries) I have a feeling I would suck at management!

Comment on post 25 things about me:

Precisely! :-)

Comment on post ok, guys:

They have my work phone number too somehow!

Comment on post ok, guys:

Oh, ouch!

Comment on post kinda down:

It's kinda dumb, too, because it looks like we don't have to figure out our own ceremony like I feared, and lots of people get married and I should just suck it up. End of story!

Comment on post attention world:

We've got a church and a reception location...maybe we should try to find out if May dates are available like this week?

Comment on post hello married people/people who know about weddings:

I do - cool! The place seemed relatively nice from the little I remember.

Comment on post hello married people/people who know about weddings:

For myself - got a suggestion from Facebook for Green Pastures, 811 Live Oak, Austin, TX 78704. (link)

Comment on post releasing into the wild:

Yeah, "counter service" is really what I meant by "cafeteria", so I went ahead and fixed the wording.

Comment on post releasing into the wild:

Seriously, who would have guessed??

Comment on post releasing into the wild:

Cool! Thanks :-)

Comment on post releasing into the wild:

Yeah...I just made that cities URL change and broke a few things. I'll fix them tonight.


Comment on post releasing into the wild:


Comment on post weight:

I actually do have a graph for body fat but it's less interesting :-)

Comment on post weight:

I always weigh in the morning, but there can still be a lot of variation between days (hence the smoothing curves :-) ). I'm not sure what the deal was those particular days.

Comment on post There is a difference between Republicans and Democrats, part 0x23fb:

Not yet! But I'll watch it soon...

Comment on post giving it another go:

When it worked (senior year of college) I was super meticulous about it, writing down absolutely everything I ate and drank. And it worked! But I had the same sort of experience about being obsessed with points. And I'd always feel guilty when eating something that cost a lot of points. (although you'd think that I shouldn't, as long as I wrote it down)

My latest WW attempt I didn't write down anything and it unsurprisingly didn't work at all.

Comment on post giving it another go:

Hmm...maybe I will start daily weighing! If nothing else it will keep me in the "weight-loss mood". And I did sometimes worry about the weekly weighing coming at a weird time or whatever and throwing off the data...

Comment on post giving it another go:

This is true; however, my snacking is usually of the "I'm bored or need a distraction" variety, not because I'm actually hungry. And then I'll eat a large meal anyway!

Comment on post Texas Bowl was awesome!:

Western Michigan. (although we almost got Notre Dame...that would have been awesome!)

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Hooray for science!

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We also say "is the sample space big enough?" and not "are the sample space big enough?" even though the sample space encompasses many things, yes?

Comment on post A week of happy recap, and

It's one collection of data!

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As I just mentioned to husband, I was actually probably getting close to 4000mg/day for the last few days. Luckily the pain has subsided a lot today and I've only had one dose of aspirin so far!

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See update - no longer so good. (wasn't being sarcastic originally :-) )


Comment on post A week of happy:

Good enough :-)

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Yeah, I was surprised that the Coke machines around here take them. And ditto for rarely using cash anyway :-)

Comment on post less ow:

Yeah. Thank goodness the antibiotics help a lot. I would be pretty miserable (and, by extension, making everyone around me miserable) without them!

Comment on post this week in corruption:

I agree! I'm not sure how to build up a culture that punishes corruption, but it's nice that we have one and people do get sent to jail for this sort of thing...

Comment on post $1 coins available at a bank near you!:

It saves the government money! Someone hasn't been reading

Comment on post $1 coins take two:

I think you can go to the bank and ask for some, maybe? I'll try it sometime...

Comment on post $1 coins!:

Apparently they have different presidents on them...the change machine I used got the short end of the stick I guess.

(and according to that website the Sacagawea coins are still around, which is confusing!)

Comment on post prop 8 - the musical:

It looks like is having problems - maybe try later?

Comment on post getting back in the lj habit:

Short answer: not really.

(long answer available upon request)

Comment on post tv stuff:

I just realized you pulled those numbers from the Armory - nice :-)

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Aw, thanks :-) I think the next things I work on are filtering based on tags and general performance improvements...

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This is probably the most effective way 24 has influenced the debate about torture - everyone knows about the "ticking time bomb" situation where a bomb's gonna blow up in like 5 minutes and you really need to know where it is or billions of people will die, so torture's OK, right?

Once you get people to agree that it's useful in some situation, no matter how ridiculously hypothetical, then the idea of torture is desensitized. Just presenting the hypothetical situation is enough to influence how people think about it.

Comment on post tv stuff:

Yeah...I guess it's just kinda depressing that people will see something on TV and then assume it's a valid situation or has some kind of moral authority or whatever.

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

Thanks! I did like it :-)

They talk a little bit about this in the article. I think age & sex are a decent first approximation, but considering how well they're doing already it might be more of a red herring than anything, since age & sex are probably less indicative of what movies you'd like than what other movies you like.

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

I also left the Catholic Church after a while of being uncomfortable with various parts of it. But it also took me a while - generally a religion isn't something you just up and leave, especially since for a lot of people you are a particular religion because you were raised that way.

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

Well, to a point, but you can disagree with some aspects of the Mormon church and still be a member. I don't agree with all of the policies of the Democratic party, yet I consider myself a Democrat.

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

So, to be clear, you're talking about evangelizing here?

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

So I assume we're not just talking about Prop 8 here?

I guess the problem I see is that it's hard to separate making fun of the Mormon church and making fun of people who are in the church.

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

Because it's something one believes in (and by definition can't be proven) and it seems a bit cruel to do so.

Plus, there's a difference between making fun of something in casual conversation and devoting a musical show on Broadway to it. What if I wrote a Broadway musical making fun of your mom? Or Democrats?

Comment on post is it Saturday yet?:

I happened across it - it was linked to from I've read some of Michael Lewis's books (Moneyball and The Blind Side) and found them very interesting, though.

Comment on post is it Saturday yet?:

Cool! It's only a look at a very small part of graph theory, though...don't get his hopes up too much or anything :-P

Comment on post life recap:

I think the plan is something unofficial in Texas. We need to look into what sort of contracts or whatever we can enter into. Blah.

Comment on post what's on my mind:


Yeah, that's kinda where the idea came from - when I go out with people we often meet downstairs and then decide, and I like trying different places but they're hard to remember. The original idea was to let you say where you went each day and then it would suggest places you like that you hadn't been to recently...but that seems kinda overkilly and a lot more work. Plus I doubt anyone (myself included) would really use it.

I'll add College Station to the list of places - feel free to add restaurants and such :-)

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Re the colors: I was going for a sort of temperature-based palette, from blue = "cool" = low all the way up to red = "hot" = high. I'm certainly open to other options though - were they not distinguishable enough (especially yellow and orange) or would some other set of colors entirely be better?

Feel free to add places in Houston :-) There was a bug with adding stuff in non-Austin places last night but it should be fixed now.

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Aw, thanks! Now I'm just waiting for teh internet monay to fall into my lap... :-)

Comment on post what's on my mind:

Hah! Somehow, that seems appropriate... (fixed)

Comment on post graph colorings and network flows:

Hey, you're right! I missed that...

Yeah, the only reason I got involved was an old math camp friend invited me to, and I didn't wuss out for some reason. I guess that's something :-)

Comment on post final election results for tonight:

This is a good point. It looks like (from a quick reading of Wikipedia) domestic partnerships will still be available in California, so that's a good thing.

Part of the trouble with domestic partnerships/civil unions is that they don't necessarily provide all the rights the state gives to married couples - it depends how the law is enacted, etc. Of course, in any event the federal government doesn't recognize it...

Anyway, there definitely is an emotional aspect to it being called "marriage". But, unless I'm in a particularly emotional mood, the step from 3 to 1 is a lot bigger than the step from 1 to 2.

Comment on post final election results for tonight:

Well, that's why exit polls are crappy. (I saw the early version too :-( )

Comment on post Election Predictions!:

Yay, thanks a lot :-)

Comment on post more election stuff (surprised?):

The easiest way to find your polling place is to visit

To look at the issues, I'd recommend checking out your local League of Women Voters Guide - searching for "league of women voters <your location here>" should point you in the right direction.

Comment on post Election Predictions!:

Neat! Yeah, NC and FL are the most likely "next states", although IN is also possible...

Comment on post oh my goodness please count the votes already!:

Wow, that is quite interesting. And all the "support" donations came in the last few days...

(I gave in opposition, but it was through HRC so it doesn't show up here, I guess...)

Comment on post oh my goodness please count the votes already!:

That's great! It's frustrating being here in Texas not able to vote (of course, we had our own version a few years back and it passed 80-20...grr...)

Yeah, it sure seems like they're pouring a TON of money in to support it.

Comment on post oh my goodness please count the votes already!:

Socalism (as defined by Wikipedia, the reference of our times!) is "broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society."

Raising taxes doesn't mean advocating state or collective ownership of private businesses (although it does of infrastructure) or administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. It does somewhat lead towards an egalitarian society, I guess?

Comment on post oh my goodness please count the votes already!:

That's OK - Lloyd Doggett is cool too :-)

Comment on post where's lunch rolls on:

That is interesting...don't have a good explanation for it.

Comment on post seriously, is it election day yet?:

Sigh. You're right, but I dream of a world where moderate Republicans are more liberal than conservative Democrats and vice versa.

Comment on post more early voting info:

Yeah, I wish they'd finish their endorsements before early voting starts...

Comment on post Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama:

I don't think ignorance will ever die, but at least what people are ignorant about will move forward. Maybe in 50 years racism and, um, religion-ism will be mostly gone but some new sort of prejudice will spring up in their place. Maybe we, as the old people then, will be the prejudice ones, not wanting to accept direct brain connections or whatever :-) I hope not!

Comment on post two quick politics articles:

Well, the first passage is about paying taxes and how you should, and the second is about not charging interest which is out the window for pretty much everyone these days.

I agree that spending on a personal level could be a moral issue, but I don't think the government is motivated by envy...

Comment on post two quick politics articles:

Talking about abortion in a religious context is OK by me - I may disagree or whatever, but it is a moral issue.

Taxes and spending: not a moral issue!

Comment on post nope, incoming boring debate:

re a) - I'd have too look into it more, but 23 times over his 22 years in the Senate doesn't sound like that much...

Comment on post incoming nasty debate?:

Well, if you think the probability of winning is distributed normally, there's more than an 89.2% chance of it dropping :-)

Right now there's a 3.68% of Obama winning the electoral vote while losing the popular vote (and 2.23% of the opposite happening)...

Comment on post vp debate wrap:

It was - I read there was some problem with a few stations in particular, they had to buy more land or something.

Comment on post random whatevers:

The guilt of playing at work kept me in check...good luck to you sir!

Comment on post random whatevers:

Ooh, maybe I'm not getting sick then! (feeling more blah as the day goes on...throat itchy, nose runny, energy low...)

Comment on post mildly interesting politics quiz:


Comment on post mildly interesting politics quiz:

33% to 20% = not much difference. If our points on the graph were people, they'd be close neighbors and friends!

Comment on post palin-tology:

The only thing I can think of is that maybe she thinks doctors that perform abortions should go to jail?

I can't imagine her supporters would be happy with her being pro-choice, so I'd expect to see a "clarification" or something.

Comment on post TX voter registration deadline is monday!:

Cool! At the county convention, Larry Joe pointed out that more people voted in the TX-10 Democratic primary than had voted in the general election for McCaul in 2006. Let's hope that enthusiasm is still around...

Comment on post debate? no debate?:

Here's a video of the Couric interview.

NPR sounds like good lunchtime listening!

Comment on post seriously, guys, $700 billion is a lot of money:

That actually sounds quite funny :-)

Comment on post best TV shows quiz:

I should have mentioned that I owe y'all for a lot of these! Lost was Carrie, but at least 30 Rock and Arrested Development were you and Mom. :-)

Also, I totally agree re Studio 60...after West Wing it was very "why is this so important again?"

Comment on post best TV shows quiz:

I think this is shows that were on the air at some point in the last two years, or something like that. (The Wire and Arrested Development are both over as well)

Comment on post shorter McCain speech:

Yeah, good stuff :-)

Comment on post I would like to marry The Daily Show:

I just want the freedom to love my favorite TV show! Why is that so hard for you to accept??

Comment on post back from beach, more Palin:

The Democratic convention went really well, so that 50% is probably including a convention bounce :-)

Comment on post computer miscellany:

No, I barely ever turn it off - but it sounds like the CMOS battery could be the problem anyway. Thanks!

I am using ntp, but I wasn't able (in a brief search last night) to find out how to make it sync up more - it would have to be doing it every couple of hours to be even somewhat accurate...

Comment on post back from beach, more Palin:

These are both excellent points.

Comment on post Obama's speech, McCain picks Sarah Palin:

Don't forget: her plane made a refueling stop in Ireland!

Comment on post back from beach, more Palin:

I agree that families are used as backdrops and the like. But I'd imagine it isn't really up to them - surely Bristol (Palin's daughter) would have preferred to stay out of the spotlight but it wasn't up to her, it was Sarah's decision...

Found from Wikipedia, it looks like she did fly back to Alaska after her water broke (that's the same thing as "leaking amniotic fluid", right?). The story's in the Fairbanks newspaper so it seems legit. If that's true that does seem awfully fishy, or what was she thinking?

Comment on post Obama's speech, McCain picks Sarah Palin:

He is! Last week's Newsweek had the cutest pictures of him as a kid... :-)

Comment on post NCAA Football 09:

PS3 - don't have an XBox 360 and the Wii version doesn't do online anything.

Comment on post panhandling:

Buying a meal is nice...I guess that's a level of personal involvement I'm intimidated by.

Comment on post why is my laptop crashing?:

That is a crazy crazy solution, but I'm not above voodoo and I'll give it a shot at home. (it does happen on both of my characters that can go to the Outlands, though)

Comment on post why is my laptop crashing?:

This is, in fact, a good question.

So the long story is: I've had a linux desktop box since college which has gone through various upgrades and such. I used to play WoW on that through Cedega which, amazingly enough, worked pretty well, but things did occasionally break and I was afraid it would stop working one night before a raid or something. And I've never owned a laptop before and thought it might be handy (or a Mac for that matter), so I guess that's why?

Comment on post why is my laptop crashing?:

Another problem is that if this was caused by spilled tea damage, I may be out of luck with the warranty.

Comment on post back from Maine:

We had a lobster roll, so it was a little seasoned with mayonnaise. Maybe if I had had the full lobster experience it would have been different :-)

Comment on post back from Maine:

Ooh, sorry we missed y'all! Although we were with family and didn't have a car of our own...

Comment on post probably not worth a whole post:

I'm pretty sure dressing like that would win your kids' undying affection.

Also, if you want to start putting together the outfit, I got to keep the hat and socks!

Comment on post random stuff friday!:

I found it at Hacker News (specifically here).

Comment on post random stuff friday!:

Ah. Well, that settles that :-)

(actually, it looks like she didn't publish the posters, but she did air another ad sorta linking her opponent with the KKK...)

Comment on post Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog soundtrack!:

Send me an email and I'll see what I can do...

Comment on post Batman in IMAX?:

Full disclosure - it's possible this might end up happening the week after that, maybe on Tuesday the 12th. Let me know which works/is better.

Comment on post Batman in IMAX?:

How long is Alex going to be in town for?

Comment on post Batman in IMAX?:

Cool. I'm not super-thrilled about driving downtown at that time of day, but the next showing is at 9:15 which means a late night. Also, it's worth the sacrifice because it's BATMAN IN IMAX WOOOOO!

Comment on post Batman in IMAX?:

Yeah, fixed that. Thanks!

Comment on post (no subject):

Apparently so - I thought running on a Mac would be enough. Although it was running 10.5.0 at the time to try to debug a problem. It's also possible they guessed my username/password combo...wasn't very creative.

Comment on post Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog soundtrack!:

Sure thing - just sent an email to what I think is your email address. If it isn't, let me know!

Comment on post Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog soundtrack!:

Dang it, I think you're right. I thought it was during one of the Bad Horse songs, but that is not the case.

Comment on post Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog soundtrack!:

Dang it, he's "the thoroughbred of evil" at some other point!

Comment on post Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog soundtrack!:
2008-07-21T11:18:30+00:00 Bad Horse.
The thoroughbred of evil?
........I mean Gandhi.

Comment on post Musical friends & family show?:

Of course, what I should have said is that another option is Gala night! Which is awesome and a fun silent auction and how we cover most of the costs of the show.

So, either way. Let me know :-)

Comment on post Musical friends & family show?:


That show is the one with...well, friends and stuff and a lot fewer kids. So if you want to avoid lots of kids and stuff, that one is the one to go for. I think that's the main difference.

Oh, and that's the first show, so there's a higher probability of someone screwing up. So if you like that sort of thing...

Comment on post new poll on gay marriage:

Emily from MD! Hi!

Comment on post Musical friends & family show?:

David and I both have 4 vouchers, so you can hit me up :-) Let me know when you decide and I'll see if Julie is doing exchanges yet...

Comment on post new poll on gay marriage:

I think you need some sort of government "shorthand" for what marriage is today, all 700 or 2000 or however many benefits marriage provides today.

Comment on post new poll on gay marriage:

No, although there were 5-9% that answered "Don't Know/Not Applicable" to each of the questions. Theoretically, people could have answered that to indicate no government marriage.

Comment on post not a complaint:

I like your site - planning on reviewing Wall-E? :-)

Comment on post not a complaint:

I think I'm gonna try to have my lines learned but not necessarily my entrances/exits/songs. *sigh*

Comment on post not the ideal situation for starting 3 solid weeks of rehearsals:

Yeah, I tried not to wake you. It was like 1:15 when I got up - over 1.5 hours after we went to bed. Blarg.

Comment on post I, for one, welcome our new baby seal overlords:

Hehe, neat!

I hope so...I want to see the seals squirming around and such.

Comment on post best day ever:

Sorry, we're still pretty sure it'll be in Austin.

Comment on post best day ever:

NPR did a story on the wedding.

Nah, we've actually "restarted talks" to figure out when and where our ceremony will be held. (djedi's sick today, but hopefully later this week we'll figure out something...)

Enjoy CA!

Comment on post Acceptable prefixes for local businesses:

River City is a good one - wasn't familiar with it!

Comment on post habeas corpus is alive and well, barely:

Damn, I thought because the marriage was singular I wouldn't want the apostrophe after the "s".

Comment on post seriously, things are getting busy:

Yeah, the review certainly makes the book sound kinda schizophrenic. (not that I'm going to read it to check...)

Comment on post people like talking to people they don't like:

But does that mean you don't want to talk to them?

Comment on post people like talking to people they don't like:

Yeah. Clear communication can solve a lot of problems. (which is why long-distance relationships are so tough - phone/IM/whatever just can't compare to being together in person)

I do understand the whole "don't reward bad behavior" philosophy, but if you talk to everyone it's not really a reward...

Comment on post genome hacking:

I know! It would be awesome...

Comment on post genome hacking:

Yeah, it's that mindset exactly that I'm afraid I'd fall into.

Comment on post gay marriage in california!:

I'm slightly worried, but this isn't exactly breaking new ground (already in MA, plus CA already had domestic partnerships, plus everyone thinks CA is crazy). And I'd rather take victories and deal with the consequences than the other way around :-)

Comment on post gay marriage in california!:

Wow, color me corrected because apparently it is!

Comment on post public service announcement: *salmon is an AIM bot:

The community untasted linked above has some good information - basically it's connecting two random(?) people over IM.

Comment on post post-WoW doldrums:

That's a good idea - I'll have to see if there's a pattern or what...

Comment on post public service announcement: *salmon is an AIM bot:

Yeah, I've been getting messages pretty consistently whenever I make a public post. It's been a while since I accepted one but I think it said something to the effect of "did you know your private posts are publicly available?" with a link that I foolishly clicked the first time.

So it's annoying but I wouldn't worry about it - just don't accept the messages or anything...

Comment on post scenes that made me look twice:

Oh, and thanks for the mediator! Apparently that's a CD that I missed ripping somehow.

Comment on post scenes that made me look twice:

I think that I will.

Comment on post short post:

very little work done today :-/

Comment on post the weekend, non-summarizingly:

Well, OK, maybe one of the top 3 things I miss. (remember, you were gone by then!)

Comment on post the syndrome that has no name:

They definitely refer to CMU (the main character (I guess?) is an English professor there) and I did recognize a few shots :-)

Comment on post weekend shenanigans:

Hah, thanks! I'll look at the manual tonight...

Comment on post weekend shenanigans:

I saw it. It is amazing. Wow!

Comment on post RIP webmajig:

Unfortunately, I don't have a Windows machine (although djedi does) nor an XBox 360. I do like the idea, though! (and I wish Wii Ware was more similar to it)

Comment on post SxSW music:

They're fun :-)

(I have an album on my music site, if you have the login info and want to listen...)

Comment on post moved in, such as it is:

Ah, I see now :-)

Thanks for coming over! It was fun to show it off.

I really should have started a load of laundry last night...

Comment on post moved in, such as it is:

Yay, thanks so much for packing!!

(if you mean last night, this was posted before that!)

Comment on post I still dislike moving:

Wow, I guess it was 10 hours then. Crazy!

Comment on post I still dislike moving:

Ah, I think I've been there before but couldn't remember the name. Thanks!

Comment on post merrily I roll along:

Hey, that was after doing a bunch of other crap! :-P

Ooh, a puzzle sounds like fun.

Comment on post super smash bros. brawl:

Ah, sorry - it's my friend code so I can play with other people online. (I will spare you the rant on having separate friend codes for each game...)

Comment on post super smash bros. brawl:

I salute you, anonymous sir or madam, for you have outgeeked me!

(although I did notice the 2^12 :-) )

Comment on post why yes, I am a little depressed:

My guess is that after going through a long, hard campaign, in which he was hit pretty hard for being boring and inventing the Internet even though he didn't say that and what he did say was pretty true once he didn't want to do it again. That plus winning the Nobel Prize for the environmental stuff probably means he's in the right line of work.

Comment on post why yes, I am a little depressed:

This is true...but it's hard to generalize based on a primary. After all, Obama won Missouri (barely), Virginia, Colorado, which are all important swing states.

And I think Hillary's benefited by not being ahead - if she wins the nomination I fear all the ugliness and Clinton-haters will come out of the woodwork. But, who knows?

Comment on post why yes, I am a little depressed:

I'm really not sure how it affects the party...on the one hand you have candidates taking shots at each other, but they're both getting way more coverage than McCain at this point, since it's a better story. Spending lots of money isn't great, but I think they're revitalizing voters in some cases. (c.f the Texas Democratic Party, which has been pretty dormant for a while) It's really hard to say whether it's a net plus or a net minus...

Comment on post why yes, I am a little depressed:

I feel your pain, bro.

Comment on post why yes, I am a little depressed:

Um, who wants to impeach Perry? That's just weird.

Comment on post why yes, I am a little depressed:

Fixed - thanks!

Comment on post vote, etc.:

We saw (from the 8th floor) a plane trailing a Ron Paul sign this morning. :-)

Comment on post vote, etc.:

Yeah, federalism leads to some crazy shit!

Comment on post Vote and caucus tomorrow!:

My slightly younger work friends say their friends are pretty much all for Obama, but mine seem split.

Comment on post Website redesign:

Haha, I like it! Done :-)

Comment on post Website redesign:

Now there are only vertical dividers (and a little more space) - how's it look?

Comment on post Website redesign:

I separated them by a bit more space now - is that enough?

Comment on post Website redesign:

Good point - forgot you could make the cursor a hand, but it is now! (what exactly made you think the page hadn't loaded?)

Excellent idea re table of contents - went ahead and put one in. (as well as links back to the top...then had to make those links not disappear...) I went for the single line approach - whaddaya think?

Comment on post Website redesign:

I went ahead and got rid of the lines in the table (and centered the icons) - what do you think?

Comment on post Website redesign:

Thanks! (I didn't write those effects myself...)

Comment on post number of Blokus games?:

It seems like an easier process just to generate all legal moves from a board position and go from there.

Plus, is it possible to generate a board position that's legal but couldn't actually be reached from a real game? I was thinking yes (which would make counting board positions very tricky) but now I'm thinking maybe not, which would at least make it a little easier.

Comment on post I won't mess up your game, dear reader:

I did some research (check out this fun Texas election law page!) - it looks like the relevant chapter is 162 "Regulating Participation in Party Affairs". The gist of it is that voting in a party primary "affiliates" you with that party, and you can't vote in the other party's primary during that voting year (which is how long the affiliation lasts).

So, it does mean something, but it's not particularly important or easy to determine. (when we early voted our voter IDs weren't stamped or anything)

Comment on post obama v. clinton:

Yeah...unfortunately that's pretty standard for debates. Answer the question if you can/want to, else launch into a semi-relevant portion of your stump speech.

Comment on post I'm living in my own private Idaho:

It's an informal NI group - we play at a field at an elementary school on Amherst.

Comment on post I'm living in my own private Idaho:

Yeah, but Santos did win. (spoiler!) So, what could go wrong?

Comment on post a day of unnecessary stress:

Ah, perfect! Thanks!

Comment on post a day of unnecessary stress:

I'm not sure why I was so stressed...I guess I only vaguely remembered the last one I went to or something?

Comment on post a day of unnecessary stress:

Thanks for being my partner :-)

Comment on post oh, you lovable scamps:

No, I didn't see his response. (unless it's related to the "plagiarism" charges)

In my very very limited experience, all the examples tend to have all the view functionality in one file. But there's no reason it has to be done that way. I haven't tried any Rails so I really can't compare...

Comment on post happy v-day!:

Oh, so it was legal to sell them if you had a license?

I'm getting more confused as the day goes on...

Comment on post happy v-day!:

Yeah, "for novelty use only" is the magic phrase, I think.

Comment on post happy v-day!:

I'm going to change my name to Taxman and go around people asking for money.

Comment on post How am I feeling?:

Hah, I wish!

Although an implant would be cool. I wonder if it would measure "actual pain" or just perceived pain (like when you're distracted it hurts less).

Comment on post house-ing:

Aw, no's a drop in the bucket!

Comment on post laptop debate:

Separate post. Short version: pretty much what you'd expect, which is good in this case.

Comment on post laptop debate:

I know - I was afraid you would disown us. :-P

Comment on post laptop debate:

Cool! I don't really know either (everything's new!), and we have a crazy busy week planned already, but we'll probably be on more next week.

Comment on post laptop debate:

It's March 4. We have a little while :-)

Comment on post laptop debate:

I think it's pretty likely that tomorrow won't settle things. That would be pretty neat :-)

Comment on post laptop debate:

Hmm, I hadn't thought about that. You have given me hope!

Comment on post The Steeping Room:

Man, that sounds really nice!

Comment on post weird phone thing:

Fixed spacing is one of those things I came to love about Python.

As for a book...I have "Learning Python" and "Programming Python" from O'Reilly which are decent.

(and Ruby the language is pretty neat, although I haven't tried Ruby on Rails...)

Comment on post weird phone thing:


Comment on post weird phone thing:

[gregstoll@cantor ~ 09:19:42]$ python
Python 2.4.4 (#2, Aug 16 2007, 02:03:40)
[GCC 4.1.3 20070812 (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.2-15)] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> "id" + 1
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 1, in ?
TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'int' objects

And that's why I prefer Python :-)

Comment on post puzzle pictures:

Yeah, and it's a new phone (Nokia 6263) so I haven't seen any advice on how to flash it to fix that. (if it's even possible?)

Comment on post check, check, check:

Technically we only watched 2.75 netflix!

Comment on post check, check, check:


Yeah, I think we were gonna host. Let me consult and I'll send out something...

Comment on post check, check, check:

Nah, they'll store it in the warehouse until we're ready. So, good times :-)

Comment on post I do not heart huckabee:

Dammit, I love your oak tree!

Comment on post role reversal, music recommendations:

Yeah, that's why I was extra excited when I saw your post :-)

Listening to Neon Fire now - 3 tracks in, it is awesome.

Comment on post some interface complaints:

That's true, I guess I forgot about that.

Re validation: but you have to validate it on the backend anyway, because browsers can POST whatever they want...

Comment on post some interface complaints:

Ah, that's a good idea.

Seriously, it's like they never considered/tested the fact that people would be using this to get quotes before they bought a house. Oh well. (they ended up being more expensive than USAA anyway...)

Comment on post the previous two weeks:

Every wedding I go to it makes more and more sense :-)

Comment on post big day:

Oh wow, I didn't realize that the city didn't owned gated streets, although that sorta makes sense. (our neighborhood isn't gated, though)

Comment on post big day:

Hmm, I guess I assumed we owned our back fence, but someone did say something about the HOA owning it.

Anyway, it just seems like a lot of money for few tangible benefits. I'll probably look at their yearly budget and see where the money is going and feel more reasonable about things...

Comment on post big day:

HFC what is wrong with your neighborhood???

Comment on post big day:

If the HOA is elected (and how could it not be, right?) I'd seriously consider running to loosen things up. It might be fun, although I don't know what the time commitment is...

Comment on post big day:

Seriously, what do you get for $420/yr? Does the HOA have a full-time staff member in charge of ratting out people for overgrown yards or something?

Comment on post posthumous blog entry:

I just happened upon it today. I might read some of the earlier stuff if I have some free time...

Comment on post oh well:

$44 was the water portion of the bill - there was also a garbage fee.

Comment on post oh well:

Yeah, we kinda meant to check out credit unions but never got around to it. We did check USAA, though, which is members-only. Anyway, the deal we got through this broker guy is pretty good (and destroyerj used the same guy and hasn't had any problems) so I'm feeling good about it.

Comment on post oh well:

Wow, OK. I will stop complaining then!

Comment on post happy caucus day!:

Wow, that ad was yaaaaawn. At least we don't have more ads from him to look forward to...not that we'll see any down here anyway.

Comment on post houses houses houses...I made you out of clay...:

I've heard of this idea - these sorts of elevators actually exist (see here and here and here) but I've never had the pleasure of using one. I bet it could be way more efficient.

Comment on post T-Mobile blocking Twitter. Egads!:

Hmm, good point. I guess I prefer GSM carriers on the off chance I travel abroad and want to use my phone, presumably at an exorbitant markup!

Comment on post whoops, false alarm:

The not-exactly-broken toe was brought up at the afterparty, but this was way more dramatic since there was a loud noise and the audience looked over and after a few seconds Mom kinda shrugged and smiled and people laughed. Also, she said she couldn't look at people's faces for the next dance since everyone was laughing :-)

Comment on post the saga of the phone!:

It's T-Mobile, actually, but thanks anyway!

Comment on post the saga of the phone!:

I think what they're saying is that my contract is in fact not up, since I'm pretty sure I had to extend it to get my last phone.

I've also read that the reps at the stores have little power compared to phone people, so I'd have to do it on the phone, which seems more awkward. Although maybe less awkward because there's no face-to-face contact.

Comment on post craving greek food:

I ended up going to Pars Deli at 183 and Burnet. (in the same shopping center as Chili's) I had a salad with gyro meat on top - the salad was fine, but the gyro meat was excellent. (so I plan on having a gyro wrap next time :-) ) Baklava - also excellent.

Comment on post Happiness (two kinds of ice cream!):

They are, but you can't get any of the downloadable content, which as you can see is already 20 or 30 songs.

Comment on post weekend update:

Ah, yes, that is good advice. I heard that from somewhere else and was mostly successful - ended up trying to get a picture of the front of the house with the street address on it for identification purposes. I took almost 80 pictures in total which is a lot considering there was only one house we were excited about...

Comment on post Dear router,:

I'm 95% sure that this means that the actual ethernet port that my computer is connected to is going down, which means either the cable is coming undone (no) or one of the computers lost power/is rebooting. So it's possible the cable modem is flaky as well, but this is a separate thing.

Comment on post i dunno, stuff and such:

Ouch! So close...

I thought we were going pretty fast on trash but I guess we need to really step it up, start before people are ready, etc. to make it.

The trash on the way to the lynx boss was kinda long but not bad. I think that maybe if you do the bosses in a different order the front door opens and you don't have to go all the way around the building like we did.

Comment on post united way iPhone giveaway - bleck:

And I was reminded by something vaguely similar that happened at the tax center a while ago.

I should really get back to work.

Comment on post united way iPhone giveaway - bleck:

The article that I was too lazy to look up about doing things for the "right reasons" is here: Incentive Pay Considered Harmful, specifically

... at least two dozen studies over the last three decades have conclusively shown that people who expect to receive a reward for completing a task or for doing that task successfully simply do not perform as well as those who expect no reward at all. [HBR Sept/Oct 93]
So maybe if this was a pleasant surprise, there would be no harm done, but getting two emails about it ensures that anyone who was considering donated will at least have it on their mind. I agree that more money to the United Way == good, but not if it comes at the cost of less money later.

Comment on post oww, my neck!:

Hey, a friend of mine once had meningitis and almost died! So, um, yeah.

Comment on post house-hunting: part 2 of 5000:

Sorry! Although I do like the verticalness of your current house :-)

Comment on post iTunes rating analysis! Portal, TexRenFest.:

Not to mention the whole "real brides and grooms" thing excludes djedi if we wanted to do something like that...(which we don't, don't get me wrong :-) )

Comment on post arena rating graph:

Yeah, a guildie posted a wow web stats log once - it was pretty darn informative.

Long time no see - how are things with you?

Comment on post when there's a smoke detector...:

Ooh, that would be pretty clever!

Comment on post I am incapable of finding colors that look nice together:

You know, I almost fixed that last night, but what if the user wants 20 digits of precision? It just seems mean-spirited to fix it.

Comment on post iTunes ratings analysis - what looks nicer?:

Do you think the darker backgrounds in version 3 are too much? (I ask because I think you almost beat me to responding :-P )

Comment on post things are already better!:

Neat! I'd love to try a sip...

Comment on post things are already better!:

Sorry, that's the only thing they have on tap. (which is a little odd)

Comment on post things are already better!:

You can stream the music from home, too, if you'd prefer.

Comment on post Mario Strikers Charged friend code::

Um, there's an extra number there methinks.

Comment on post washing machine follies:

We're actually at Jonathan's place right now, doing a few loads. (most important: sheets to sleep on (beats a sleeping bag on a mattress by a lot) and towels that don't smell horrible) But thanks for the offer!

Comment on post cluesolver, pictures:

He was a friend of mine, and he will be avenged!

Comment on post netflix:

Cool! djedi are going through the same thing, although are tastes aren't too terribly disparate.

Comment on post my problem is...:

Ooh, and that's what that story's so great :-)

Comment on post nightbane down!:

Our tank seems to have found a safe spot to tank him where the healers and caster DPS don't ever have to move. (and we only have a few melee people) It would definitely be harder if we had to bounce around a lot.

Comment on post getting used to new surroundings, part 1:

Yeah, but we've got copies on at least two other computers. It was more of a "what the heck happened to this?" moment.

When we went to leave to dinner someone was parked behind us again, so I knocked on the door, met a neighbor, and got him to move his car. Hopefully that will be the end of that :-)

Comment on post baseball, WoW, MacBook Pro?:

He sure seems tough. I felt bad because it seems like AoEing is a key part of the strategy and I'm the only mage and something wasn't right. (and my DPS was off most of the night)

We did make a macro after the first attempt to target the chains - that helped, but we still just don't have the punch we need.

Comment on post baseball, WoW, MacBook Pro?:

Oh and it could totally be memory problems. You should totally memtest it.

Comment on post baseball, WoW, MacBook Pro?:

Oddly enough, I had similar issues when first installing on Linux. Copying the CDs to my hard drive and installing from there worked better. Beats me as to what the problem could be, though.

Comment on post moving on:

Ah - neat! I very nearly applied there before I got my old job back.

Comment on post moving on:

Are you in Texas now? I can't keep track of everyone!

Comment on post Theorycrafting: calculating my DPS:

That does look like a pretty nice spec. I might change to that at some point, although I'll miss my water elemental.

Comment on post Theorycrafting: spell hit rating and me:

So I just needed more points in the Arcane tree to get up to Improved Counterspell. The problem is that I rarely use Arcane spells (never Arcane Missiles) so few talents are useful to me. If I had to do it again I might ditch those and put two more points in Magic Absorption which is kinda neat.

Frostbite certainly helps Shatter, but I think Shatter stands on its own with Frost Nova. It's not exactly a raiding talent so I'll cop out by saying it's for PVP. And I'm not too excited about anything else in the Frost tree except for my missing two points in Arctic Winds.

Comment on post Theorycrafting: spell hit rating and me:

Not the Staff of Infinite Mysteries from Curator? That thing looks pretty awesome!

Comment on post Theorycrafting: spell hit rating and me:

Yeah, that's a good point - consistency is probably better, although crits are more exciting. (and better in PVP)

Aw crap, I'm crunching numbers and I forgot about my Shiffar's Nexus-Horn. Messy indeed...

Comment on post Theorycrafting: spell hit rating and me:

Wow, that's pretty sweet. I was a little surprised as well, but most of the Frost talents are plus damage and not plus hit. I'll just stick to 1 point of spell hit = 2 points of spell crit, more or less.

I'm really interested in how +spell damage compares to all this but the math is getting fairly complicated :-)

Comment on post if music be the food of love:

As a mage I get to stay clear of the beams since we have plenty of warlocks. (until we start to die, then I tanked him in the red beam for a hit or two :-) )

Are the black circles that tough? They're just like the ones that Zereketh the Unbound does in Arcatraz, right? Admittedly they were a little tricky at first but we got the hang of them. I guess avoiding those while staying in a beam could be tricky...

Comment on post if music be the food of love:

The best part was fighting for 2 or 3 minutes and having him finish at 100% health :-) It was 2:30 AM our time by then so I certainly wasn't up to such a complicated fight...

Comment on post two weeks to yuma...i mean austin:

Hi! Thanks a lot for the invitation, but because utility people are scheduled to show up Monday afternoon, we kind of have to hurry to make it to our apartment by then, and if I had to do it again maybe I would have postponed those appointments another day, but I guess it's too late now. So in order to keep on schedule we have to get past St. Louis before we stop the second day. Thanks anyway, though!

Comment on post two weeks to yuma...i mean austin:


Comment on post two weeks to yuma...i mean austin:

We have 7 people who have been 70 for a while now, so we've been running heroics and all that and are well geared. The other 3 people just hit 70 pretty recently and so aren't so well geared. Anyway, Monday was our first run and we downed Attumen & Midnight, Moroes, Maiden, and Big Bad Wolf. Hoping we can do Curator tonight although it looks like a tough fight...

Comment on post two weeks to yuma...i mean austin:

I was advised by destoyerj that that's a faster way back from Oklahoma.

Comment on post two weeks to yuma...i mean austin:

The last day of work is, believe it or not, that very same Friday. Turn in badges, etc. in the morning and then start driving :-)

Will do! I'm not sure yet when our stuff will arrive, but we should hear soon.

Comment on post nukes, outing:

But there's a difference - I'm unaware of anyone in congress calling for the extermination of gays. Maybe a closeted gay member of congress really doesn't believe that gays should be allowed to marry? (unlikely, I'll admit...although I could see thinking that if you think being gay is exclusively about sexual attraction)

Comment on post nukes, outing:

I don't think it is. The question is what responses are appropriate.

Comment on post nukes, outing:

aaand I can't spell "politician" or "hypocrisy". Great.

Comment on post wallet:

Oh, too bad! I ordered one already...might get here tomorrow.

Comment on post NYC pictures:

Just the opposite - I felt guilty! (he was already gone when I got up, so it wasn't of great consequence)

Comment on post LiveJournal auto-post:

So did I...and then a little bit later this showed up. So who knows!

Comment on post LiveJournal auto-post:

Hah! Awesome.

So I was reading the latest LJ release info and saw

A new "auto-post" toy (analyzes your public entries and creates a new one)

I didn't realize it would actually create a post. Neat, though!

Comment on post a big apple a day...:

Damn! Curse my infrequent LJ checking...

Comment on post a big apple a day...:

Ooh! This is great - I could do some kind of Monte Carlo simulation of the distribution of cards. Good idea!

Comment on post clue solver!:

You should definitely try it again while writing down the propositional logic statements. It's fun!

Yikes, you can play Scrabble on Facebook? I've kinda been shunning it as a walled garden. Or maybe I'm just bitter I couldn't do the neato apps I wanted...

Comment on post new glasses:

Yeah, I was obsessing about such things picking them out, but I'm glad to see they made very little difference. :-)

Comment on post weekend at bengies:

The problem is that aside from that stuff (which on the whole is pretty easy to ignore) it's a pretty fun experience. Oh well.

Comment on post escalefters, or escalumps:

It sounds like they're going more in the way of audio warnings. (random announcements every now and then)

Comment on post haaaaapy birthday david!:

Simpsons + Bourne Ultimatum is the plan. (pay once, stay as long as you want) :-)

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

That's a good point. The idea of couples having separate accounts always seemed weird to me, but to each his own I guess.

That's true...but the time and effort you put in to trying to find something he would like counts too :-)

I guess my feeling isn't terribly rational. I'll try to relax about it, since nobody feels the same way!

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

The popsicle is on the very short list of possibilities. (the other thing is that steak sandwich I had at lunch. mmmmmm)

Seriously - "Surprise, we're in debt!"

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

Maybe "tacky" was the wrong word. I wanted to use "inappropriate" but that seemed too strong for the message I was trying to convey.

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

Sure, as I was discussing this with destroyerj before lunch. (I should add I had a feeling this was a weird opinion to have...)

The whole buying each other gifts thing is already a little weird since people can just buy stuff for themselves. It's even weirder when I buy stuff for djedi since our finances are shared. So I think of going out and buying something for someone as an experience in itself. Buying something for myself at the same time cheapens the experience and feels like I'm buying a gift for myself at the same time. It takes away from the excitement of the gift somehow, I guess it reinforces the fact that the person I'm buying this for could as well have just gone out and bought it his/herself.

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

Ooh, I haven't! I'm still trying to relearn the original units, etc...

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

I was going to say I was very impressed you managed to beat me to my own poll :-)

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

No, you're going to the store alone. I'll make that clearer :-)

Comment on post "entreprenurial" is hard to spell:

I think it's kinda nice for random status messages, as well as links that I used to accumulate during the week and post on LJ.

Comment on post "entreprenurial" is hard to spell:

Mmm, looks delicious.

I know! I've heard of that slogan before. Grr.

Comment on post my bad:

Yeah, I just finished it this week. Writing it was nostalgic too :-)

Comment on post weekend, wow, project:

Grats! :-)

Comment on post weekend, wow, project:

Yeah, most of my projects involve at least some DOM and AJAX. Much more fun to be able to show them off! (as opposed to have something to download, etc.)

Comment on post Happy Fifth of July!:

I think of it as a mini-LiveJournal. You just update when something's on your mind or whatever, but you're limited to 140 characters. (and it doesn't have the friends-only type controls)

Comment on post Yay holiday week!:

In addition to backgrounds, they work will in the xscreensaver thingy that shows pictures. (I have all of my pictures and digitalblasphemy photos symlinked in a directory)

Comment on post ratatouille!:

We go to The County Line basically every time we're back in Austin :-)

Comment on post Mothers, lock up your hard drives:

Neat! (although it's not working for me right now)

The problem is that there's no way to find out all the friends of a user other than yourself. So this app can look at all your friends, and then ask if they're friends with each other (since you can ask for two arbitrary user IDs whether they're friends), but the point of "friend of a friend" is to find out commonalities that aren't your friends already.

Comment on post Mothers, lock up your hard drives:

Ugh. Yeah, my last backup of my important stuff was a few months ago...but even if it was current, having to reinstall and get everything set up again would make me cry cry cry.

Comment on post Look what we can do!:

Actually, I just ended up using python's urllib2 to do it, with the line

req.add_header('User-Agent', 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070220 Firefox/')

which probably isn't too helpful. According to the curl manpage it looks like -A or --user-agent is what you want. The user-agent above was just my user-agent at the time - others will work too.

Comment on post Cheney series at Washington Post:

Did you know Austin is a great beer town?

Comment on post Cheney series at Washington Post:

I don't think it'll go as far as martial law, but the whole disregard for the law, etc. is pretty scary.

Comment on post For taesmar:

The subject says for taesmar, not for thefanboi! If he's not going to abide by that, there's nothing I can do...

Comment on post heroic mechanar, and facebook:

Ooh, fun! Don't pull aggro!

I also thought it was funny that we had two pieces of gear drop that I had on (gotten from normal Mechanar). Wish the gear was more scaled up...

Comment on post camping pictures:


Hehe. djedi's the one who really knows how to pitch it :-)

Comment on post camping pictures:

Aw, thanks! Barbara thought the flower was pretty, and then the bug crawled on it and it was just perfect :-)

Comment on post camping, facebook:

Crap...apparently this friend of a friend idea won't work, because you can only get the friends of the current user, and for some reason friends aren't "storable". Blah.

Comment on post camping, facebook:

Yeah, I had that problem as well.

Comment on post For your amusement:

To be fair, one of those cities is "Ice Palace" :-)

Comment on post good music ftw:

I'm still mostly in love with it (listened to it a lot this week so I'm suffering a bit from fatigue) - "Everything In Its Right Place", "Kid A", and "Optimistic" are my favorites.

Comment on post new music for moi:


Since I can't have my iPod here, I almost always listen to albums straight through, so it can be a little unclear to me where songs stop and start. (so I hadn't thought of "Paranoid Android" as radio unfriendly)

Hopefully I'll make it to Best Buy this week. Thinking of also picking up the new Linkin Park and Nine Inch Nails.

Comment on post travel notes:

Aw, great idea! (this will be easier when we'll have a car at such events instead of flying in...)

Comment on post A Tale of Two Stories:

Wow, that's crazy. I wonder if there was some glass in the road or something on your normal route to work...

I'm using an ooold install of Debian - when I change hard drives, etc. I just copy everything over. (although I do, of course, upgrade packages, etc.) It works OK. I've thought about "upgrading" to Ubuntu (or Kubuntu, I guess) since it looks pretty nice but I'm afraid things will break and I won't be able to get them working again. I've gotten to the point where fixing my computer to the functionality it had yesterday isn't exciting anymore.

Comment on post vi, ngrams, hats:

Unfortunately I don't think the strategy is necessarily symmetric - for example, you could tell person #1 to do something different than person #2. And it seems like that would be necessary for strategies with lots of people...

Comment on post a personal confession:

According to Wikipedia, yes!

Comment on post obsession #12358: bsg:

Hey, this looks pretty useful! I'll try to take a look at it next week. Thanks!

Comment on post obsession #12358: bsg:

That's a good point, especially since I have to concentrate to try to remember who's who. (I'm bad at recognizing faces which can really kill a show with lots of people)

Low expectations are also good :-)

Comment on post ngrams away!:

Whoops, sorry!

(but good point!)

Comment on post I love data:

I dabble in random AI stuff (although not in a while), and NLP seems neat!

I'm making a list of projects I would do if I get the DVDs. If these seem convincing enough in a week (to avoid the "this sounds super super cool" effect and then I forget all about it, which happens a lot with me) then I'll probably get them. Maybe we could share them if you're interested :-)

- showing simple letter frequency
- some sort of solver of cryptograms (knowing the prior probabilities of words would be helpful, and it would be a super huge dictionary)
- simple interface to see which words are more common. You could do it with people's names for extra motivation!
- Google Suggest kinda thing where you type in a few letters and you get the most common words starting with that letter.
- one of those markov chain things that spit out english text based on 1, 2, etc. grams.

This is just off the top of my head - I'm open to other cool ideas!

Comment on post score your representative!:

Unfortunately, the data on roll-call votes for senators is not in some nice XML format - I'd basically have to do a bunch of screen-scraping. Which I might do at some point...

Comment on post score your representative!:

No, this is great! I'm "between projects" right now anyway, so I'm (sorta) looking for something to do, and I know it doesn't look great, but it's a long way from that to realizing what would make it better. Thanks a lot!

Comment on post score your representative!:

I'm open to suggestions!

Comment on post happy birthday to meeee:

Yeah, I can totally understand. I guess I've been spoiled with short commutes, and I'd like to keep it that way!

Comment on post happy birthday to meeee:

24 is a great number! See last year's post :-)

Comment on post happy birthday to meeee:

Hehe, thanks!

Comment on post nose headphones:

No, it was some sort of sickly sweet smell. Ugh!

Hah, that looks cute :-)

Comment on post congressvotes moves forward:

Oh, good idea! That way I don't have to wait until you're otherwise occupied to debug :-)

Comment on post betteresque:

I heart data! Have her send me an email if she doesn't mind :-)

Comment on post betteresque:

The original idea was to choose how you would vote on certain bills and then see how similar your representative is to you. Kinda like one of those OKCupid thingies. (maybe selecting "important" votes from what various interest groups think is important enough to rate on their annual scorecard)

But, once I have the data we could do all sorts of fun stuff, like finding the most contrarian representative, etc. I'm open to ideas!

Comment on post What does Thursday mean to you?:

Correct! (and they wrote a nice letter with it) The other was uncle N & aunt M.

Comment on post What does Thursday mean to you?:

Ooh, it looks like it's configurable. Man, that table looks a lot nicer than mine!

Comment on post haskell:

Ahh, neat! I played around with ghci for a bit but got frustrated when I couldn't figure out how to define anything (I kept trying to explicitly type it, and then there were some syntax issues). Thanks!

Comment on post *yawn*:

Ooh, I love that song on the buffy cd!

(and yeah, that world of warcraft version was our first introduction to the song :-) )

Comment on post Look what we can do!:

Ooh, good idea! That shouldn't be too hard. Plus I'm looking forward to tracking changes in health, mana, etc...although buffs make that tricky.

Comment on post orange juice morning, noon, and night:

The weird part is that I have oatmeal 2 out of every 3 breakfasts. And I like oatmeal and all, but I'm not sure I want it encroaching on other meals. (although I did buy oatmeal bread to see if it's standable or not...)

Comment on post Ah, a day off:

That' very sad. Although hot chocolate is good - just finished a cup myself!

Comment on post heroes quiz:


Comment on post weird week:

That's excellent spelling!

Comment on post Recent local laws...:

They're just making a point. In the state supreme court case that upheld the Defense of Marriage Act (i.e. gays can't marry), they said there was a "legitimate state interest" in limiting marriage to couple who could have children together. So they're pointing out that this is somewhat absurd by proposing a law to codify this.

Obviously it's not going to pass, and I assume they don't really want it to anyway.

Comment on post Recent local laws...:

If you do hit pause but leave the earplugs in your ear, how are the police supposed to tell the difference? I have a feeling that, if enacted, this will be another one of those laws that isn't really enforced, which "sets a bad example".

Comment on post Snow!:

Ah, there it is. How did you remember all that stuff? Yeesh :-)

Comment on post Life imitating xkcd:

I love the fact that Eve has a crush on Bob, but Bob is an enemy of Eve. Drama!

Comment on post Snickers ad pulled:

Fair enough. But I think saying anything socially unacceptable OK is a bit of a cop-out. What about an ad that showed a lynching from the 1930s and the white men all making black jokes? That's certainly socially unacceptable - would it be funny just because of the jokes?

Comment on post homophobic Super Bowl ad:

Hmm, I guess that could be the intention of the ad. Maybe I won't write a letter.

Comment on post Is the weekend here yet?:

This is a teaser if I've ever seen one. Thinking about what?

Comment on post Is the weekend here yet?:

Hmm, I'm still #3 to me, but I am #2 on Google Portugal!

Comment on post My subconscious hates Macs:

True, I have read that Guardian story on what it was like to present with him, but that didn't really imply evilness.

(wait, wouldn't you want your project to be the next big thing? Or is the point that the attention/criticism of Jobs is enough to dissuade you from taking that path?)

Comment on post Public service announcements:

I will never utter this sentence: "No, I don't think baked goods would be appropriate here." :-)

Comment on post Public service announcements:


It probably would have helped if I had done it, but I didn't really. Ah well.

Comment on post Public service announcements:

The $60 looks right to me. I guess this technically is a little bit of a penalty.

Comment on post Public service announcements:

Thanks! (we officially decided this morning, to clear up any confusion)

Comment on post Snow!:

After listening to it, I like it a fair bit. Even Rats and Suffocation Keep are my favorites. I'll put it up on my music server tonight (you have access, right?) if you want to give it a listen!

Comment on post Friday bridge math puzzle!:

Thanks! I'd always get excited about problems as a kid, which is why I always thought I'd grow up to be a mathematician. But I really really like combinatorics and some of the more advanced stuff not so much.

And, neat idea. Maybe if I had a whiteboard... :-)

Comment on post Friday bridge math puzzle!:

Depends on your interpretation of the problem. I'm gonna say no because who gets to go first is determined by the bidding, but really it could go either way...

Comment on post yay 3 day weekend!:

Hi! It makes it so people can add it as a friend, and then your posts will show up on their friends page (along with other LJ users). You can see what the posts look like if you click on "erinwblog" above.

Comment on post David Beckham to play in US!!:

Awesome! Spread the meme! (good luck!)

Comment on post Microresolutions:

I know - I never use it, except that I found a misspelling which made me paranoid. And then got like 20 false positives back. It doesn't even handle HTML tags!

Comment on post The wonderful game called Tsuro:

To be fair, we argued about it for a while, so it's not a straightforward computation. :-) And I bought my copy yesterday! So pretty...

Comment on post LJBackup is here!:

Hmm...I'm not going to be at my computer for a while, but it looks like it's complaining about the time zone being invalid. Try using "America/New_York" instead? (were you using "America/Chicago"?)

Comment on post LJBackup is here!:

Doh. Did you get any sort of error message?

Comment on post Wii Forecast channel:

Ooh, neat! I'll have to find that weather somewhere :-)

Comment on post just a day, just an ordinary day...:

Isn't it fun listening to the same radio show in different cars? :-)

Comment on post living situation pros and cons:

Hah! That sounds like him.

Yeah, give me the scoop :-)

Comment on post Wii story:

My Wii code is 1068 6382 4200 0480.

Comment on post Wii story:

I don't know; I haven't played it yet! The manual is kinda neat, I guess, but not worth the wait by itself. And I'll definitely bring it down for New Year's :-)

Comment on post take that, damn spammers!:

Hi, thanks for your comments! That CommentBlaster looks handy, although I had existing comments that I wanted to preserve. Luckily all the spam except for 3 were in one place...

Hey, great! I wanted to add a CAPTCHA but I forgot to look for it in the modules and stuff.

Thanks so much for your work on Gallery - I've had it running since I got my first digital camera and have loved it!

Comment on post LJbackup preview!:

That's not a bad thing!

(is this gonna be a thing? should I take it down?)

Comment on post back in the cold:

It's pretty neat that right now, 6/6 people selected Click2! as an option. (the only unanimous choice) Surely this can turn in to profit somehow?

Comment on post keep on keepin' on:

Thanks! And I'll add you to my Wii friends list (or however it works) when I get one :-)

Comment on post I've never owned a console on launch day...:

Hap-wii Thanksgiving!

Comment on post Pictures:

Hmm...I think the plaque is right (it says the flag that inspired the poem was made there), just my summary is wrong. My bad!

Comment on post between projects:

This is indeed a neat idea. If I can figure out how to do it and such, I'll make it my next project. Also, I know you've prodded me about django in the past, and it does look like a neat system, and I have been wanting a more database-y project. And Python is good, although I'm more in a Ruby state of mind ATM...

Comment on post between projects:

OK, I'm gonna work on the LJ backup thing.

For making everything friends only, you might want to check out the various clients available. If you can't find anything that works I can try to add that functionality...

So for the calendar thing, do you mean export to a "real" calendar? (Outlook, Google Calendar or something) Or do you mean just a page like my archive page?

Comment on post (no subject):

See, I knew there had to be a reason! Thanks, I feel much better/less crazy.

Comment on post (no subject):

Aw, neat :-)

I didn't, because I was struggling with the candy (it's my first time!) and I was a little flustered. I should have, though!

Comment on post The Prestige:

I didn't until the very end either...caught me totally by surprise :-)

Comment on post slipping away:

Yeah, it's pretty difficult to make it on the leaderboard now. I'm going to try to combine the user and movie correlations in a more intelligent way, but it's going to take a really long time to run (presumably) and I'm not convinced the user stuff is adding much useful information...

Comment on post NJ marriage decision tomorrow!:

New Jersey court recognizes right to same-sex unions!!!

Comment on post NJ marriage decision tomorrow!:

Hmm, good point.

Comment on post a little discouraged:

So I'm trying to make it down to the gym every other day. I do around 30 minutes and usually burn around 200-250 calories. It's moderately intense, and I've been stepping up the speed some. (been doing the treadmill mostly)

On the other days, I try to lift some free weights in the apartment, but it's pretty sporadic as I do it when I'm waiting for things to happen in WoW, usually.

Comment on post a little discouraged:

Yeah, I'm pretty impressed that the community has gotten so much better results so quickly.

Hmm, I guess that's true. I see my days as a constant struggle against the temptation of delicious food, and I don't burn enough calories during my workouts to earn lots more of it, so that wouldn't work for me I think. :-)

Comment on post progress on the netflix front:

Ah, yup, that's what I'm working on now. It's kinda the same thing but reverse the users and movies, really...

Comment on post on the leaderboard!!:


Well, I'm calculating user correlations (as opposed to movie correlations for my last score) right now and I plan to use that both by itself and then with the movie correlations too. Not sure exactly how at the moment, but I'll try some things and see how they do...

Comment on post progress on the netflix front:


So there are many ways (from what I understand) that you can calculate the correlation between two movies. So let's say you have movies M1 and M2. I looked at all users U that have rated both M1 and M2. The correlation is roughly (U's rating of M1 - U's average rating)*(U's rating of M2 - U's average rating). If you think of those two terms as elements of two vectors V1 and V2, you're calculating V1 dot V2/(magnitude(V1)*magnitude(V2)), which is (in 2 dimensions at least) the cosine of the angle between them. That gives you a value between -1 and 1.

Now if you want to approximate what a user U would rate a movie M, just look at the correlation scores of M, and use that as weights to average U's ratings of other movies.

It's pretty straightforward, but I'm tired and a little hazy right now so my explanation doesn't seem clear even to me. If you're interested I can explain more over email :-)

Comment on post n00btastic:

Is that a DC station? What kinda stuff is on it?

Comment on post /slap someone:

Well, anti-discrimination laws do to some extent, but those aren't in every state right now, and I thought there was some sort of exception for religious groups. (does a Catholic church really have to be religion-blind when hiring a school teacher, for example?) I guess the answer is that yes, I would like to see those, but I do support religious groups to have an exemption to not be forced to hire people who are "living in sin" or something. (like I said, I thought there is something like that now, but I could be wrong).

I guess the point is they do place a burden on religious people, like all laws place a certain burden on everyone. It's a burden for them to recognize mixed-race marriages, and for a time that was an issue as well. I respect their right to disagree that this is the way society should be going, but not to say we would be trampling on their religion. (well, you know, I respect their right to say it but it's pretty misleading in my opinion)

Forgive me if I'm coming off a bit harsh - I'm getting to the point where if we were a straight couple, we would want to get married, and not having this option is a lot bigger deal than it was for me even a few years ago...all the legal crap we will have to get written up, sign, and keep handy copies of to get some of the equivalent benefits that straight couples get with the stroke of a pen.

Actually, yeah, I would be interested, and I'll keep it in confidence. I do appreciate having a discussion about this - obviously there's a lot of self-interest in it for me, and it can be hard to see the "other side".

Comment on post n00btastic:

"K"-names are cool! Except for Kathy and the like, because they're really "C"-names. Also, having a "j" in the middle helps.

Comment on post /slap someone:

This is true - the whole situation with adoptions in Massachusetts seems like the worst of both worlds to me.

I guess I was just irritated at the way the article put it: that their "religious liberties" were being threatened. You could argue that having to recognize gay marriage is a threat to that, I suppose, but no one's forcing them to hire gay people, for example. And the whole "my tax dollars are going to support them" argument never did a whole lot for me - even if I disagree with the war in Iraq, my tax dollars are going to support that whether I like it or not. It's the consequence of a centralized government.

So, yeah, it may cause people who strongly disagree with gay marriage to be uncomfortable/disapprove of things, but that still doesn't reach the level of trampling on their liberties. If they want to use that to motivate people to vote for Republicans, well, whatever I guess.

Comment on post progress on the netflix front:

Ooh, that sounds interesting! What's a "Bees" algorithm? (and does it apply to all Settlers strategy or settlement placement or when to upgrade to cities or...?)

Comment on post progress on the netflix front:

Just to be clear, I'm happy to talk about it anytime. Even if you're not interested! (or present!)

Comment on post more netflixing:

Neat idea! Unfortunately, the data set doesn't include any information about users (only a unique identifier). For the movies it includes the title and the date it was either released or released on DVD (so using the date is a bit sketchy), so you can pull external data about that...

Comment on post that was unexpected:

Neat! I guess they must have pulled it from a different interview or something...

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

Wow...that's horrible! At least our experience wasn't that bad :-)

Comment on post Victory over the MVA!:

Ah, good point. Two weeks out and already I'm losing my Texas-ness! Fixed.

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

Oh, I meant the first almost wipe where it was just because I was a little slow on the draw. My bad!

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

That's good. Although maybe places would be less shady if you had to go back each year - that way you could avoid a place if it screwed you one year. Plus you could tell your friends to avoid it; nobody's gonna care if I tell them about this place because nobody needs to get it done!

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

You did indeed. You also said they only have to be done once, right? Right? Please?

Comment on post Officially announcing auctioneer lookup:

Hee hee. Thanks!

Comment on post feelin' breezy:

Hmm, interesting. The problem is that as it is right now it's kinda slow, so aggregating data would definitely be even slower (although lookups would, conceivably, not be any slower than they are now). Also, duplicate entries might be a significant problem - auctions active at night (when presumably more people scan) would get weighted higher. Of course, that's when more people are on, so maybe that does make sense...

Anyway, I'm officially announcing it - see my next post :-)

Comment on post feelin' breezy:

Yeah, the top level is all rainforesty. Actually, they have an Australia exhibit that has a fair number of birds, too.

Comment on post world o' stuff:

Yeah, I totally would be OK living there! It would cost like $3900/month, though.

Comment on post world o' stuff:

But, but, but it passed the spellcheck!! (guh)

Comment on post world o' stuff:

Pah! Yeah, OK, I give :-)

Comment on post world o' stuff:

Actually, the DVD player is hooked up to the TV with composite cables; this was for connecting the TiVo to the TV.

Comment on post world o' stuff:

Ah, I see! Although I think "separate" would work better, but at least that makes some sort of sense...

Comment on post world o' stuff:

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't have the energy if it weren't so easy...

Miss y'all too! Awesome - can't wait to see it :-)

Comment on post Tennessee, our Tennessee:

That would be awesome! This had better happen :-)

How long a drive is it, by the way?

Comment on post Greetings from the most anti-gay state in the nation!:

Well, so, the first night we stayed in Hot Springs and most hotels had them. After that, we liked it so much that we looked out for them. Two hotels have been Comfort Inn & Suites and one has been Clarion - we mostly choose on the basis of whirlpool and free high-speed internet. And they're surprisingly affordable; we've stayed well within our relocation budget...

Comment on post Greetings from the most anti-gay state in the nation!:

That sounds really nice. I would love to drive it in a less time-crunched environment :-)

Comment on post LJ - Arkansas edition!:

Whoops! Upon further reflection, I totally knew that. My bad :-)

Comment on post one more milestone:


Yeah. Ugh. I like the neato three-story layout of y'all's current place, though :-)

Comment on post one more milestone:

Not quite, but nice try :-)

Comment on post A humbling experience:

True - I've played with Todd some, and I'm planning to with djedi...

Comment on post last NI post:

I have no idea what you're talking about, good sir.

Comment on post (no subject):

Ah, yeah, that's a good point.

Comment on post (no subject):

That is interesting. Like you said, the whole "spectacular" thing applies, as well as the fact that you're in control when you're in your car. (of course you can be hit by someone that isn't your fault...)

Also, I think the whole terrorism of intentionally making people die is a lot scarier than people dying in "accidents".

Comment on post look what we can do!:

You can't turn off comments in a syndicated feed (they're not "real" accounts).

Comment on post look what we can do!:

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to turn this off. You could do something like this and make a "special" LJ feed that has text telling people not to comment here if you'd like, but that kinda sounds like a pain.


Comment on post look what we can do!:

Actually, I have that one already - it's at brittonblog.

Comment on post look what we can do!:

Here's the pertinent FAQ - the catch is you have to have a paid account. (I do - if you'd like me to add some, just let me know!)

Comment on post look what we can do!:

Hah! How depressing to put that on one's bumper. (unless you wear it with pride?) In any case, I hate Kansas.

Comment on post look what we can do!:

It looks like that is not possible.

Comment on post minimum wage shenanigans:

Well, they're around the same. But very little I'm interested in passes at the county level, and Maryland and Texas aren't even close.

Comment on post minimum wage shenanigans:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Democracy simply doesn't work.

Comment on post Apparently, left to my own devices...:

Doh...I was kinda hoping NBC leaked it for publicity. Which seems like a good idea, really.

Comment on post a few links:

Aww :-)

Comment on post a few links:

but...but...but...Harry Potter!

Comment on post a few links:

Yeah, it makes sense that there should be serveries for all or none. I'm not convinced about the "all" answer to that, but given that some exist, WRC certainly deserves one :-)

Comment on post a few links:

Back where it came from? Off a cliff? I'm open to suggestions...

Comment on post a few links:

Don't make me stop and turn this thread around! I'll do it!

Comment on post shows done! palm to google calendar done!:

Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that. Thanks!

Comment on post whatevs:

That was me. *sigh*

Comment on post whatevs:

Ah, interesting. I've heard that it's less clear-cut than it can sound. Thanks for the link!

Comment on post rehearsal me tired:

Hah, Dallas isn't on there at all!

Comment on post rehearsal me tired:

Doh, now I feel bad for not helping :-(

Comment on post rehearsal me tired:

Ooh, good idea! My religion strategy is to get Free Religion as soon as possible - then nobody hates you too much, at least because of religion. But I should try the conversion strategy more often - just kind of a pain spreading Missionaries everywhere...

Comment on post rehearsal me tired:

Well, I only had rehearsal Saturday 9-3 and Sunday 7-10, so there's a lot of time in there :-) And I've basically decided to just be tired for the next two weeks or so so I can still have some fun, esp. since our time in Austin is short.

Comment on post Great. Just great.:

He's a political science professor at Rice specializing in foreign conflict.

When the 1991 Gulf War happened (remember, I was only 9!), I saw him doing an interview on a local news station and started crying because I thought that meant he was at war.

Comment on post Great. Just great.:

You'll tell me if he goes on TV, right?

Comment on post fun with juries!:

Ooh, that's a good point. I'd be impressed if that was the case (the system is working!)

It was awesome. Best non-holiday Monday morning I've had in a while!

Comment on post bad news, good news:

This is true...but he won a crowded five-way primary in Illinois basically out of nowhere. He's a gifted orator, and I think (hope!) he might be going places.

Comment on post bad news, good news:


Having said that, it would really just be delaying the inevitable (both here and in Georgia). Although only one idea per vote is a good principle...

Comment on post Maryland pictures up:

It was actually right outside the metro stop we got off at, which is how we found it :-) We just spent a few minutes there figuring out which way to walk, really.

They do still have the aircraft carrier IMAX movie, but we saw the one that talks about the recent missions to Mars, which was very cool.

Comment on post Maryland pictures up:

Ooh, neat! I hadn't thought of that :-)

Comment on post oh well:

I would have a slight tendency to agree with you, except, I dunno, I was excited about our team. Plus there were at least an Alamo Drafthouse theater-full of Austinites rooting for the US :-)

Besides, we didn't win the World Baseball Classic or the basketball competition at the last Olympics, so it's not like we're running over other countries or anything. Parity at last...

Comment on post driving quiz! and character encodings:

This is true...but this clearly wasn't a judgment call (at least 6 seconds elapsed before I honked, all of which I would have gone in). The other problem is that this particular light at this time of day had no protected left, so we could be stuck there for a while...

If the person couldn't see because there was a car going the other way turning left, then he/she needed to pull up and angle the car a little bit. It irritates me that people don't seem to do this...

Comment on post Colbert nails him!:

The rest of the episode wasn't terribly good, I'll agree...

Comment on post Java!:

Ooh, that's interesting. Thanks!

Comment on post Java!:

Well, it means you don't have to do unsafe casts when you get stuff out of the vector, for instance. And I'm pretty sure you'll get a compile-time error if you try to insert something that isn't an Integer into a Vector<Integer> (based on the discussion of generics), so that seems like type safety to me.

Ah, thanks! Should have seen that coming, but it's fixed now.

Comment on post more world cupiness:


Comment on post wheeee:

Ooh, interesting!

Comment on post wheeee:

A coworker and I had a discussion about at what point nachos become super. We decided that you had to have some sort of meat, but also something other than cheese (to exclude the "chili and cheese" case, which is definitely not super). Also, guacamole automatically makes them super.

Comment on post recent happenings-on:

Well, I didn't really do anything, I was just seeing if anyone who didn't have access wanted it :-)

Comment on post recent happenings-on:

That is awesome! I was totally expecting them to do the "wings on my back" thing with the wings on his back, but it's all good.

Comment on post recent happenings-on:

Gots to appeal to the folks back home, methinks. I have a feeling many of the people who voted for it aren't entirely comfortable with it, but are willing to "sell out" to not get hammered on it. But that could be the "optimist" in me talking :-)

Comment on post adrift:

Aw, thanks!

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Great, makes sense. I've hopefully fixed that problem - go ahead and try it again. (and that file seems to be correct)

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Cool, thanks! Sorry this is so much trouble...

Actually, whatever you used last looks OK on my side. I'm seeing some things that I'm probably not parsing correctly, so give me a bit to work on it and I'll let you know when you can try again.

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

OK, it didn't find any events in your calendar. Can you email me the DatebookDB.pdb file you provided?

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Sounds like a plan!

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Your place is fine - I'll pack up the PS2 and all that. Luckily it's connected in front so it's a piece of cake :-)

Food...hmm. Cookies and popcorn and stuff is good. I'll probably do dinner beforehand, so no need to worry about that.

What time is good for y'all?

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:


(and yeah, I've done that quite a few times when djedi has someone over...)

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Nah, whichever's easier for y'all. Since I need to run errands I can be in the car already...

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Wanna get together tonight? I have a few errands to run, but katamari katamari katamari...

Comment on post warning: good weekend ahead:

Because, as is my understanding, when the script ends, all threads are terminated.

Comment on post a few random things:

Probably ganked from some other page - I've seen the heart picture linked to from myspace, but I couldn't load it for some reason...

Comment on post a few random things:

Oh, great, they're images. That'll be more tricky...

Comment on post a few random things:

Ooh, I like it better. The inconsistent spacing of the boxes on the right (some of the titles are aligned, some aren't, not all boxes are aligned) bothers me but I bet that's really hard to fix.

And, yeah, ouch the blue links :-)

But cool!

Comment on post a few random things:

I'm not a big fan of the dotted lines enclosing the boxes.

But compared to my other myspace experience, you're the google of myspace. (in terms of looking nice and not being ridiculously complicated, mind you, not searching)

Comment on post a few random things:

Absolutely - you can be the first beta tester :-)

Comment on post back from graduation!:

Sorry, I meant to explain that but the post ended up being too long anyway :-)

Comment on post back from graduation!:

"Meliora" is the motto of the University of Rochester, meaning "Always better" in Latin. Their parents weekend is called Meliora Weekend, etc...

Comment on post "burn baby burn" - poll:

Ah, there's the rub. For some reason I had it pictured in my head as a sort of ironic sentiment, but you (and others) hit the nail on the head there. Now all is clear. Thanks!

Comment on post "burn baby burn" - poll:

Heh, that swoosh was exactly what I was going for :-)

Comment on post "burn baby burn" - poll:

Ah, ok, both of those seem reasonable.

I learn so much from y'all :-)

Comment on post "burn baby burn" - poll:

Hmm, it sounds like it was a primarily black club or something. Ah, and it was a "key institution in Austin's black community, apparently.

But here's what confuses me - the person who coined the phrase "Burn, baby, burn!" was a black DJ, and the cry was first heard during the Watts Riots, which was rioting started in a black neighborhood. So it seems like it should be offensive when applied to violence done to whites by blacks.

Even more confusing is the fact that searching for "burn baby burn" on Google turns up many uses that are unrelated in popular culture, songs, magazines, etc. And those aren't seen as offensive, at least my guess would be.

It's entirely possible I'm being insensitive here, and if so I apologize, and it would be nice if someone set me straight :-)

Comment on post trippy game:

The music was similarly entrancing.

Comment on post brain dump:

Heh, neat! Can't wait to see you too!

Comment on post friiiiiiday!:

I was torn about Props 1 and 2, so I voted yes on 1 and no on 2. And they both failed by a wide margin...

Comment on post weekendish activities!:

It may not be as cool as you think - at least my part! Google Calendar is pretty neato, though.

(and technically I'm not using Ruby on Rails, just Ruby the language. Although I guess I will be doing a web app...maybe I could try Rails...)

Comment on post weekendish activities!:

No, but the 5's and 0's are at least don't run into each other the vast majority of the time. And of the few exceptions to this, Dallas has them in both east-west and north-south directions. (what I really want is an overview map of just the 5's and 0's, but that map doesn't seem to exist)

Well, I hated Dallas way before this interstate thing, don't get me wrong! (just a beginning of why I hate Dallas)

Comment on post weekendish activities!:

Huh? No one hates Hawaii. Nice try, troll!

Comment on post weekendish activities!:

Oh, right, that's another reason - two I-35s?? Guh.

And though they may not actually meet, they do get extremely close to each other, which is good enough for me. I-20 and I-30 don't actually touch either, but they're also very close together...

Comment on post I went to the 108th best high school in the country!:

True indeed. I love numbers, and even I think trying to quantify how good a high school is like this is a bit much...

Comment on post I went to the 108th best high school in the country!:


Ooh, but we have a double star by our name, so there!

Comment on post just a few links:

Macs do have the occasional virus, but I don't know if I'd say PCs are "pretty well under control"...

The review one is a little weird, but I think it's supposed to be appealing to people who know less about computers than you or I :-) And, yes, when they say "PC" they mean "an x86-based computer running Windows"

I dunno. I liked them. Plus, did I mention the Mac guy is cute? :-P

Comment on post everybody's working for last weekend:

Cable modem was having trouble this morning...hopefully things are better now?

Comment on post weekend, everybody's working for the:

I like it! (and I wondered if you'd catch that :-) ) Thanks a bunch!

Comment on post passing the time...:

Haha - I totally missed that!

Comment on post it's my birthday!:


Comment on post it's my birthday!:

Thanks! (are y'all coming up this weekend?)

Comment on post it's my birthday!:


Comment on post thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn't my birthday):

Yikes...(but congrats indeed!)

Comment on post it's my birthday!:

Thanks! :-)

Comment on post ruby scoping:

Heh, thanks! My BMI is down to 29.1, which isn't great, but it's a good start...(started at 29.6)

Comment on post ruby scoping:

Hey, that's great! (right, I would expect the block to act like a closure) Glad to see my instincts were "right" on this one.

Thanks a lot!

Comment on post Feingold for president!:

Really - that's interesting! I wonder how he got elected then.

(and thanks :-) )

Comment on post Feingold for president!:

Yeah, I know. But a man can dream...

Comment on post I really don't understand:

(the link's broken, btw).

Yeah, and I was glad to see that other Democrats are keeping their distance, too.

Comment on post Feingold for president!:

This is quite true. I suspect deep down, some people who think like this just want gays to go away.

Comment on post I really don't understand:


Comment on post I really don't understand:

Well, but in the capitol police case people are gaining access to a building (as opposed to just being somewhere) - it seems that the "rules" should be a little different.

That said, if only minorities are "carded", that does sound bad. I just can't get over the fact that they're supposed to know 535 faces...

Comment on post I really don't understand:

What?? Um, I'll take racial profiling plus using excessive force for $500, Alex...

Comment on post I really don't understand:

See, this does sound like racial profiling...

Comment on post I really don't understand:

I agree that relying on a pin that's just a piece of jewelry is a pretty weak security measure. But maybe with all the people going in and out, it's what they have to do.

And yes, I can't find an article, but I read that she's getting a lot of support in the black community. I can see why it's happening, but sigh indeed.

Comment on post cute math song and "V for Vendetta":

I haven't, although I would like to at some point...

Comment on post cute math song and "V for Vendetta":

Well, that's just in my inbox, I have a ton of stuff archived. But 10 is definitely a new low - most of the time I've been around 30.

Cool - I bet the graphic novel is quite good!

Comment on post christi & david and baltimore pictures:

My (cynical) guess is there's some vague concern about security. I also guess no one can explain why taking pictures of a market that anyone can come in to and look at is a threat to security.

Comment on post christi & david and baltimore pictures:

Ah, I guess that makes sense.

I dunno, some security guard came up and told me that. I guess it's technically private property, so they can do what they want...but it's still irritating.

Comment on post christi & david and baltimore pictures:

That was my confusion...

Comment on post sooo cold:

Hehe - it's a deal! :-)

Comment on post urgh:

Ah, yeah, good stuff. I remember liking the little bit of Ramsey Theory I saw...very combinatorial.

(also, your link is broken)

Comment on post Fun with google:

Wow, and it's #2 for "experimented" on Yahoo. But it doesn't show up in the first few pages on msn...

Comment on post Fun with google:

This is an excellent question. Not only that, but looking at the sites that link to it (according to Google), there are only two, and neither contains the word "experimented".

I'm baffled.

Comment on post spring break! civ4! weird nightmare!:

Guilty as charged!

Comment on post Quick poll:

I haven't seen it, but yeah, he is crazy versatile :-)

Comment on post Quick poll:

Yeah, but that would have meant a much longer poll. Plus those two were the most popular, I think ("Capote", "Good Night and Good Luck", and "Syriana" - anyone see any of those?)

Yeah, that's a good point. I guess I was especially not -tuned-in to what movies were out there because the first I had heard of "Crash" was when djedi said he saw it at home.

some sort of computer crash movie sounds fun too!

Comment on post Quick poll:

That's cool :-) I wasn't trying to be accusatory or anything (hence the lack of comment initially), I was just curious.

Having said that, I enjoyed it immensely...

Comment on post Quick poll:

Well, it was prompted by discussions yesterday (which I finally did get to show up on friends pages - it was backdated for some reason). I was also kinda curious how many of my non-gay friends saw "Brokeback" (verdict: very few).

Also as kinda part of the point that all of the Best Picture nominated films were lower grossing than average. This effect doesn't seem to show up here - I'm surprised so many people saw "Crash". *shrug*

Comment on post Bits and piece o' my weekend:

Fair enough. I should probably watch it at some point to "compare"...

Comment on post 1,440 minutes:

How embarrassing! Fixed, thanks.

Comment on post of video cards and wanting to kill computers:

Aw, OK, I trust you. As long as using that video card doesn't make me hungry...

Comment on post of video cards and wanting to kill computers:

Sadly, ATI's linux support is second to many companies, while NVIDIA's is pretty good. *sigh*

Comment on post math problem not so interesting:


Comment on post purging old memory, and pictures!:

Check out this picture in my gallery.

Comment on post purging old memory, and pictures!:

Oh, maybe you're right! That's kinda cool, then.

Comment on post I have a bad feeling about this...:


Comment on post I have a bad feeling about this...:

Oh, God, now karaoke "(I Just) Died in Your Arms"! Aaaah!

Comment on post why I'm happy:

It's the one in St. Louis (which my other sister is currently attending ). But thanks!

Comment on post why I'm happy:

Is "jury-rig" bad? I have no association between the expression and an actual jury, but who knows how it started...

Comment on post why I'm happy:

Yeah - I was a little skeptical at first, but it's been fairly consistent over the six weeks or so I've used it.

Comment on post Woohoo!:

I just did see that the other day, but thanks! It's neat, although it could use more information (flight points, etc.)

Comment on post bad mood friday!:

Erm, too late for that, I needed the sodas to stay awake!

Oh well. I'm sure it'll all work out. Or else it won't.

Comment on post bad mood friday!:

Mmm...cookies! Man, I'm gonna pay for this come Tuesday morning... (and, yes, we're coming)

Comment on post early morning post!:
2006-01-18T12:37:20+00:00 does seem to only show some of the post, not all of it.

The problem is that the RSS feed ( is only showing some of the post, and LJ just picks up on that. So if you can get the RSS feed to show the full posts, not just the first two paragraphs (or something), we'll see all of them.

Comment on post early morning post!:

I do, as djedi can surely attest. But this is so cool!

Comment on post Link Friday!:

Hmm. Good point. And, now that I look at it again, it seems to only work for yourself, not others.

So maybe I could collect those too for people running the mod...hmm...

Comment on post Link Friday!:

Hmm, what makes you say that? It looks like GetSkillLineInfo might do the trick. I'll take a look at it...

Comment on post Link Friday!:

Google is surely up to a lot of things. I'd be surprised if they did release a web browser or operating system, although such rumors fly around every once in a while - it's pretty far afield from what they're good at. I'm sort of expecting them to release some sort of web calendar thingy, which would be pretty neat.

Comment on post New Year's pictures:

Well...I'm not sure. That's OK - it's nothing horrible, but enough to knock me out of commission for a few days.

Comment on post pictures are up:

Ooh, good point!

*checks package*

Well, it looks like tea, but it only specifically says "Chamomile" on the package...

Comment on post pictures are up:

Since this morning, apparently!

Comment on post holidays, book reviews:

Ooh, interesting - I might after I get through my stack of books to read.

Ah, right, the other thing I wanted to mention is that the books I own are available for borrowing. *shrug*

Comment on post good times, people:

The good times are most definitely over.

Comment on post early morning thoughts!:

Ooh, what's your user id?

Comment on post early morning thoughts!:

Well, I'm sure you could come up with weirder drives, but these are actually for sale. Come up with a weirder drive and produce it, and I promise you a link from my livejournal!

Comment on post just a note:

gstoll2003 (couldn't get gregstoll back in the day :-/ )

Comment on post just a note:

Yeah, you have to log in or something. Grr.

Anyway, it's just a place where you can ask and answer questions, and earn points and such. I dunno why I like it so much, to be honest. But I do!

Comment on post Whoops, there's more!:

That's true. Maybe "nippy" is a better description than "cold". (or "brisk"? But I usually say "brisk" when it actually is very cold out)

Comment on post lots'a thoughts'a:

Hmm, good question. A google search turns up an article about a car killing a deer in the street in November. So I'd say it's definitely the season, and perhaps November is deer-in-street month, which means it's almost over!

Comment on post Whoops, there's more!:

But they were so good! If they were bad, it wouldn't have been a problem...

Comment on post Whoops, there's more!:

Thanks! Yeah, I'm gonna try to work out more around here (but it's so cold!)

Comment on post quick hits - bam!:

Yeah, when did that game finally end?

FYI, I got a prompt email notification of this comment, so maybe things are working again?

Comment on post almost thanksgiving!:

I always feel so much better after getting the links "off my chest" or something :-)

Comment on post Election 2005: not good, but not horrible:

Yeah, me too. Although I'd be careful about the death threats to the governor...that might attract some unwanted attention...

Comment on post good wicked weekend:

Well, we did see them for a brief time. We were pretty wiped by that point, though...

Comment on post vote next tuesday!:

Yup, it's November 8th. (it depends on your definition of "next Tuesday" :-P)

Comment on post good day!:

Yes, we are - we're halfway or so done. Good stuff!

Comment on post good day!:

I don't want to scare River!

Actually I like it a lot better when it looks kinda white with a tinge of gray (when it's pulled back).

Comment on post Just another day...:

Yeah, it looked darn cold out there!

Comment on post Just another day...:

Beware the dangers of relative frequency with small sample sizes! :-)

Comment on post Astros and such:

We'll be there!

Comment on post file extension!:

.tar.gz files are the UNIX equivalent to .zip files. .tar files just combine a bunch of files together with no compression, and .gz compresses it all.

Comment on post things to be happy about:


Comment on post things to be happy about:

Heh :-) Maybe enough surprise money for one steak.

Comment on post things to be happy about:


Yeah. I'd have to go to TV or something! Hmm....

Comment on post family made it:

Yeah, my parents brought food and kitty litter (and a litter box), so I think we're all good. Thanks, though!

Cool - we'll see if we can make it :-)

Comment on post family made it:

My family lives inside the loop, on the SW side. Rita's headed more east/north, so I think SW side is a good place to be.

Yeah, it was a nice normal thing in this weird situation :-)

Comment on post Rice trip and other things:

The PSP driving game, naturally!

Comment on post Rice trip and other things:

He also borrowed a PSP. That was neat.

Comment on post off to houston:

Yeah, I thought that was funny :-)

Thanks! This isn't actually the career fair (it was last week), but I'll have fun nonetheless...

Comment on post ups and downs:


This is true, but this is a problem on any public forum of information. And it's less so in this case, since there's no way to search the content of the markers - someone would have to click on all 1500+ markers to find any information there.

So it is a concern, and something to think about, but perhaps it's up to the person who is "hiding" to let others know that his or her address, etc. should not be public information.

Comment on post some things:

I do own it, and you may certainly borrow it!

Comment on post some things:

Heh, I guess so :-)

Comment on post ups and downs:

And the new "Katrina" button on shows those satellite pictures - unfortunately they don't cover all of the affected area, but it's a good start!

Comment on post ups and downs:

Great idea! It's something we've considered, and I might add it (I've already done a similar thing with my map, so the code is there...) - the only problem is tagging the 1100+ entries that already exist.


Comment on post ups and downs:

Aw, thanks!

Comment on post ups and downs:

On, there should be a slider on the left side of the map that you can click on to set the zoom level. There's also a "+" button above the slider that you can click to zoom in, and a "-" button below it to zoom out.

If you don't see those, it's possible your browser isn't supported - here is a list of supported browsers.

Comment on post ups and downs:

Glad it's helpful!

Comment on post ups and downs:

Nope - the hi-res photos are the best I've seen.

(do I know you?)

Comment on post ups and downs:

Here are a few satellite images. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make that integrate with Google Maps, but perhaps these will be helpful?

Comment on post lots of stuff:

Go you!

Comment on post Long week. Also, long next week.:

Sadly, yes.

Comment on post quick post:

Weird. Oh well! Thanks to you both.

Comment on post busy week, fun weekend:

Cool! Thanks for the info, both of you. I guess it's not a new idea after all :-)

Comment on post busy week, fun weekend:

Yeah, I think just comparing it to vocal lines would be a good first try (although I was kinda thinking that it could work for guitar solos, too...but that might be a little tough :-) ). And then you could *mumble something about FFT*...

Comment on post busy week, fun weekend:

Yeah, it seems more "hyper". Or maybe "frazzled"...

Comment on post back home, finally:

Occasionally! At least until you lived there...

Comment on post I'm addicted to WoW...:

I guess that's true. It's certainly a reasonable argument. I just feel guilty every single time I think about it (not just with WoW, but with star wars galaxies a while back too), so I figure something must be up.

Comment on post I'm addicted to WoW...:

I wish! I just went home for lunch, yanked out the memory and started installing again.

Comment on post I'm addicted to WoW...:

That's what I'm trying now. Stupid memory.

It is possible, but I made extra sure this time that they were seated well.

Comment on post I'm addicted to WoW...:

But do I want these things to be available so other people can use them, or do I want them to be available so I can feel important and good about myself? I'm not sure...

Comment on post I'm addicted to WoW...:

What an insightful question! +1.

Yes, at some point after everything works in Windows I'd like to take another crack at having it work in Linux. I really don't like having to reboot to play WoW, and I don't like not having my Linux server stuff up (website, gallery, music, etc.). And then I feel bad because I think that my reasons for feeling that way are selfish.

Comment on post play, WoW frustration, and so on:

Yeah - including tax in the price and making it a nice round number is a European thing (or at least, it's common in Europe) and I've never understood why they don't do it here. It's so convenient!

Comment on post play, WoW frustration, and so on:

Wow...that was unexpected.

Comment on post tired, and ugh:

Yeah - I hadn't read it for a long long time, but I live at the end. But that's cute :-)

Heh, that's neat. Thanks!

Comment on post tired, and ugh:

Thanks for the tips! I'll have to give them a shot :-)

Comment on post tired, and ugh:

Aw, thanks! I'm definitely looking forward to the smaller cast, but that also means fewer people to hide behind...

Comment on post Wow.:

I don't think so - it's a bit expensive. But it looks so cool...

Comment on post Wow.:

Yeah - we watched both extended editions and then saw ROTK at midnight, so it was a similar effect. It is expensive, but it looks so cool...

Comment on post interesting weekend!:

Hmm, before this gets out of hand, I should apologize - sorry! I thought I was missing something, but I was tired and sore and out of it yesterday (and frustrated with my computer). I'll buy you some coin games next time we go :-)

Comment on post interesting weekend!:

Yeah, it's good stuff. Just don't get a shake if you're planning on moving stuff right afterwards (in the heat of the afternoon, no less...)

The music for "Charlie" was very good as well. I wouldn't mind picking up the soundtrack at some point...

Comment on post non-weekend post:

Probably mid-August, after musical stuff is done.

Huh? We went to Fry's yesterday. *confused*

Comment on post weekend post:

:-P Nice try!

Comment on post gaaaah!:

Done! (I think that's your building, right? Your complex looks weird...)

Comment on post gaaaah!:

It's up - and I used the satellite view to try to get it pointed at your building...

Comment on post gaaaah!:

Sweet! (I was gonna do yours, but couldn't remember exactly where it was...all those roads and trees...riata confuses me...)

Comment on post hah!:

Indeed. Someone must have been disappointed...

Comment on post flag burning, mostly:

True, although "desecrate" probably means that burning it for disposal in the proper way would be OK.

Sorry if my posts have been a little politics-heavy lately. Oh, and I forgot about time, I guess...

Comment on post And now I am smart...I mean tired:

That's cool. We use python for some odds and ends around here, which is nifty...

Comment on post And now I am smart...I mean tired:

Cool. Apparently the only ones that require Python are 5 and 23 (whatever "require" means...)

Comment on post quick poll:

I've read that as well - has to do with all of the appeals and stuff like that that have to happen before the state can execute someone. Maybe I'll try to find a citation somewhere...

Comment on post quick poll:

Umm..."good point".

Comment on post weekend, credit card, stuff:

I was only mildly irritated (at the credit card thing). But there's no face for that!

Comment on post meaning to post for a while - here it comes!:

Aw, hi!

Well, maybe if I got in trouble with you or something, this would get me out of the doghouse? :-)

Comment on post -verb agreement:

Hah. Hahahaha!
Oh, right, what?
Right. Yeah, I have like 80, so 40-60 will go up. And hopefully sometime this weekend :-)

Comment on post -verb agreement:

Yeah, that's a common problem...

The only solution I've found is to hold your nose, vote for who you agree with most, and write whoever wins emails expressing your opinion about stuff. *shrug*

Comment on post -verb agreement:

Amen, sister!

I agree that paying attention to politics can be very disheartening, which is why my level of interest waxes and wanes. But it's a great feeling of empowerment to support good candidates. Hopefully in 2006 he'll be gone (Kay Bailey Hutchison is probably gonna run in the Republican primary, and that would be one heck of a contest!)

Comment on post last days of trip:

Heh :-) We saw some people wearing red that clearly weren't gay, but most were (and the groups were a dead giveaway)...

Comment on post last days of trip:

Yeah, it is too bad. We didn't get to see that - the only fireworks we saw were at the Magic Kingdom...

It was about the same as always - rained in the morning, but not really in the afternoon much. It was good for keeping the crowds down, but I got tired of always having my shoes wet!

Were y'all at MGM on Friday or Epcot on Sunday? (those were the "official" gay days for those parks) Did you see red shirts?

Comment on post last days of trip:

That's cool. The only problem was that I could see just enough to make out various shapes and stuff, and that made me want to duck so I wouldn't hit my head on something. But, cool.


Comment on post back!:

It does indeed! Being home and well-rested (or, say, moderately-rested) would be nice, too.

(but we miss you! :-( )

Comment on post back!:

I'll post something real tomorrow. And yeah, we should (when all of us have recovered!)

Comment on post Animal Kingdom/Pleasure Island recap:

Oh, hey, that's cool! I did not know that. I can see that, if you liked animals, it would be a cool place to work.

Will & Grace moments today. Update to follow!

Comment on post dinner and rain:

Ywah, it's a cool place, and we're headed there again momentarily.

Thanks for reading! Although I think I'm gonna link these entries to my gallery when I put pictures up so people can read if they want. :-)

Comment on post off-day recap:

Yup, today was the first "Gay Day" at a park (we saw some guys wearing shirts that said "Zip a Dee Doo-Dah" on the front, and "Zip a Dee Gay!" on the back - I can't imagine ever wearing a shirt like that!) We definitely did notice a difference today - people are supposed to wear red, and there was some red, but we saw some cute couples not wearing red. I'd expect Saturday (Magic Kingdom) to see a ton of people. But we'll see.

Comment on post off-day recap:

Hee hee. Yup, that's on Saturday. And then, after we're tired from that, long long drive on Sunday!

Comment on post busy, but almost trip!:


Comment on post <your subject here>:

Ack, that's your birthday weekend! Maybe I'll do the later one (leaving on sunday) so I can be here for your birthday. Do you know when you'll be leaving for the crypto conference?

Comment on post <your subject here>:

It costs $50, and my mom has offered to reimburse me. And yes, the dates are either Aug 10-14 (wednesday - sunday) or Aug 12-16 (friday - tuesday).

Comment on post weekend and such:

Ah, cool. Maybe I'll give that a shot...

Comment on post weekend and such:

Yeah - my music wasn't tagged with genres, because I'm not good at deciding what genre something is. Except for obvious things, which I then did tag (mostly). (and yeah, blank means no genre)

I bought a 3 disc set of songs from sesame street for nostalgia purposes, some of which are quite good (lots of random bands and stuff making appearances). And that has some Elmo.

I have all of djedi and my CDs ripped, including CDs given as gifts, etc. John Tesh is David's CD, not sure where he got it from. Although some of it isn't bad!

Yeah, most of my music tends to be pretty mainstream...haven't had a lot of exposure to alternative stuff.

Ack, yeah, that sounds unpleasant! Although I could always run it through and see what it comes up with...

And 15.5k songs is quite impressive. :-)

Comment on post weekend and such:

Yup, we'll be there!

Comment on post howdy!:

Yeah, I've been practicing for a week or two. And I was really in the zone today. :-)

Comment on post Yes, I'm still around...:

Unfortunately, according to the showtimes, the only showing that weekend is 7PM on Sunday, which I'd imagine would be a bit late for getting back to Houston...

Comment on post Yes, I'm still around...:

Cool! The Alamo Drafthouse does sell beer, so maybe I should imbibe to have my mind further blown. :-)

Comment on post iTunes and SQL:

As under a bed our music is. :-)

(and yes, I like Michael Jackson!)

Comment on post man, i suck at picking these...:

Aw, thanks!

Comment on post Quick random update!:

Hehe. Without quizzes, LiveJournalers would be sad.

Comment on post Quick random update!:

Right, go Express!

Yeah, I think the cost of living might be a little steep. But it would be pretty cool!

Comment on post weekend update!:

Yeah - my sister passed it along to me, so I thought I'd share the wealth. :-)

Sorry about all the grad school stuff. Are these your last set of exams?

Thanks! I like having programming projects to keep me busy...

Comment on post weekend update!:

That's odd - my Firefox 1.0.2 handles it fine.

Haven't heard anything yet!

Comment on post weekend update!:

Yeah, assembling Lego bricks with "The Force" is a lot of fun :-)

Comment on post thanks all!:

I'll have to get back to you! How does next February sound?

Comment on post Birthday post!:

Thanks! I'm 23. And that sounds like fun :-)

Comment on post Birthday post!:

Thanks! We'll do our best! :-)

Comment on post Birthday post!:

Hmm, I thought there was a way to as well. At least you can edit posts (but not comments).


Comment on post Birthday post!:

Thanks! :-)

Comment on post thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn't my birthday):

Good for you! I recently went through this at work (other people getting awards that I didn't, etc.), and I think I'm much better off for it.

I don't think we'll be able to make it, but good luck! We'll send lots of good mojo your way...

Comment on post thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn't my birthday):

Of course! :-P

Seriously, though, I owe a lot to you two - I made a lot of friends my freshman year that I still know today, and I certainly enjoyed hanging out with y'all. Thanks!

Comment on post thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn't my birthday):

Yeah, that's what usually happen - I'm the young'un at first, but then as I get to know the person, it becomes less and less of an issue.

And y'all are certainly not old fogies!

Comment on post I'm in a happy place!:

Don't look so smug - that was wind-assisted! Heh.

Comment on post I'm in a happy place!:

Hmm. In that case, when I officially cease to have been born, then I will start to feel old, perhaps :-)

Comment on post I'm in a happy place!:

Hehe. Actually, it's kind of the opposite of that!

Maybe I shouldn't build the post up too much. Or, I could go all the way and produce a trailer! Ooh, new project!

Comment on post I'm in a happy place!:

Yeah, no kidding! (except for Sarah!)

Um, they're more philosophical birthday thoughts than what-do-I-want-to-do-on-my-birthday thoughts. Haven't figured the latter out yet...

Comment on post Fun search results!:

Oh, excellent point!

Yeah - it shows the page that people visit right before they visit one of mine. (so that's how I found it)

Aw, I'm sorry :-( I like people having pictures, even if it isn't a picture of themselves, because it makes my friends page look nicer!

Comment on post Fun search results!:

Me neither! And I see where the "naked" comes from ("Kill naked Peggy"), but not "beer" or "party".

And I just checked my referrer logs. Hmm, maybe that does mean I have too much free time.

You should make a userpic!

Comment on post Tax day! with poll:


And people seem to be unhappy today. That sucks.

Comment on post gays in sports:

No, but I'm not thrilled with the color scheme anyway...

Comment on post gays in sports:

Well, I changed it again. So there!

Comment on post I am moody, hear me roar!:

Hmm...interesting. I haven't tried that, but maybe I'll try to observe that more.

Not really...sometimes I do things like stay up too late, but nothing like "I killed a man in Vegas just to watch him die" regret.

Hee hee...p-sychiatry!

Comment on post I am moody, hear me roar!:

Blame destroyerj, who made fun of my default color scheme :-) Although this one is starting to grow on me...

That's true, I guess they do follow events, although sometimes it's hard to realize that. And yeah, the tiredness wasn't really a mood, but it felt like one because it came on so suddenly. I hate it when I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok, BAM - I'm tired!

Comment on post weekend, pictures, etc.:

Heh, that "about me" section is like 3 years old. :-)

One of our products does run on Visual Basic, and one of our products is Vision Assistant (formerly Vision Builder), and one of our products is Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (which people sometimes call Vision Builder). So I think you're pretty well covered...and besides, outside of our group people get confused all the time. No worries :-)

Comment on post weekend, pictures, etc.:

Does Britton have a copy? If not, we could bring ours...

Comment on post The hour is near...:

Thanks! It did :-)

Comment on post robolab randomness!:

Heh. I'm not sure I could slip that in very effectively... :-)

Comment on post Help sunset provisions of the Patriot Act!:

Um, you? :-)

Comment on post weekend, stuff:

Thanks! Yeah, it's a nice break from the incomprehensible (at times) work stuff.

On the other hand, numbers are cool! I was just looking at my Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers, and did you know that every positive integer can be represented as the sum of at most 73 6th powers? Or that every positive integer greater than 77 can be expressed as a sum of positive integers, where the sum of the reciprocals of those numbers is 1? Awesome!

Comment on post The pope's passing:

Good luck, again :-) IMAQ is indeed the best group at NI!

Yeah, considering we don't even have women priests (*rolls eyes*) Anyway, yikes to your link - that's pretty out there. I do like their front page with the huuuge text - the HTML looks like:

Joseph's</BIG></BIG></BIG></BIG></BIG> </BIG>

which makes me laugh :-)

Comment on post The pope's passing:

Yeah, I can understand. I guess when I came out I didn't take the church's view on gays too seriously, so I got lucky there. And I guess pro-gay rights is a bit much to hope for, given how slowly the church changes. But could we at least get rid of the prohibition on birth control? Yikes...

I do indeed! Did you interview with us or something?

Comment on post good beer-bike jack:

Hah! Nice...

Comment on post busy busy busy!:

Those are pretty good :-)

What's up with all the political themes? Every year it seems there's some sort of Bush theme. Is apathy dead?

Comment on post random thoughts (are there any other kinds?):

Well, I actually made some progress, so that's very unusual!

Yeah, it's a good one. You can borrow it if you'd like, or listen to it from my computer...

Comment on post i dunno:

Good question!

Well, I have pretty low standards, usually. I like most action movies, although not as much as I used to. David's gotten me interested in romantic comedies, which I used to not like much but are started to grow on me. I also like...umm..."weird" movies, I guess("Memento", "Being John Malkovich"). Pixar movies are good, and so are comedies.

So my tastes are pretty wide, so I'd imagine I'll like it :-)

Comment on post Poll tested, mother approved:

I guess I should have used a textbox. But "What do you like?" is a little too open-ended for me!

Comment on post paid member!:

Heh. Well, technically this isn't cross-dressing, I was Little Boy Blue! You'd have to dig up some old SWT math camp talent shows to see me cross-dressing...

Comment on post technology lust:

Heh :-) Actually, a Roomba occupies a similar place in my heart to an iPod. I think them both being cute has something to do with it. Not that David would be thrilled with a Roomba going all day while he's home... :-P

Comment on post On getting started in the morning:

Heh, thanks. Yeah, I had a good time (and you didn't keep me up late or anything, just to be clear).

Comment on post my weekend:

Cool! I'm actually not sure of the plans for that weekend, but we'll probably be at Rice for that.

Again, I don't know much about tech writer interviews, but the questions will probably be similar to the first round(but not exactly the same). Most schedules involve three different interviews (with three different groups). The rest of the weekend is fun, too - free dinners at nice local restaurants, etc. Good stuff :-)

Comment on post Ah, Virginia:

Yeah, usually states like Alabama (who refused to repeal segregation-era language from their constitution) do this to me. Darn south...

(nice picture!)

Comment on post Recruiting, college, and such:

Well, I didn't friend you until last night, so you're not too far behind or anything! Yeah, I didn't know you were in Austin - what are you up to these days?

Comment on post darn crossword puzzles:

Yeah, the one we were working on was from 1993. One of the computer games in the Games 100 said "Don't bother without a 486" :-)

Comment on post On Weight Watchers:

Yeah, I just started one last week. How have you been?

Comment on post new cd's!:

Ah, Firefly. I watched a few episodes when it originally aired, and kinda liked it. Then I got busy, and by the time I got back it was gone!

Comment on post my relationship type:

Indeed! And presumably I'll be obsessed with this for a week or so, then I'll forgot about it. Trying not to let that happen this time.

Comment on post my relationship type:

Ooh, neat! Not me, though. Some mornings I comb my hair...

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