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Posted on 2011-08-01 18:04:00
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- LabVIEW 2011 has released! You should totally go buy it or whatever. I made that unable to find the run-time engine dialog. Well, I added a sentence and some buttons. I'm sure this is as exciting for you as it is for me!

- Long read: retelling of the bin Laden raid with some new information.

- Girls Go Geek...Again! - in 1987, 42% of the software developers in America were women. I had no idea!

- If the world lived in a single city - mostly posting this for a good visualization of how sprawled Houston is. (very)

- The Centrist Cop-Out - op-ed by Krugman about the debt ceiling brouhaha.

- The Platinum Coin Option - thinking outside the box to avoid debt ceiling catastrophe.

- What Happens if We Don't Raise the Debt Ceiling? - short answer: things get crazy.

- Hollywood is about to repeat the mistakes of the music industry - sigh! (thanks David!)

- In Time trailer - sci-fi action thriller that looks pretty darn good.

- A cool use of high-frequency and low-frequency images to see if you're nearsighted. (when I take off my glasses I see a giant blob :-) )


Comment from copperwolf:

Interesting article. It makes me sad and ashamed that I've given up on programming.

Comment from gerdemb:

Interesting article about OBL with a lot of details. It sounds like they've given up pretending that the objective was to capture him....

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah...I mean, I do believe that if he had thrown up his hands and hit the floor they might not have shot. But it sounds very much like a military operation where they didn't want to take any chances.

Comment from gregstoll:

Aw, don't feel sad! It's a choice, not an obligation...

Comment from flamingophoenix:

I don't understand the short-sighted one. Do they mean far-sighted (i.e. you need reading glasses)? Because I've got terribly nearsighted vision in my left eye, and I can see the screen just fine. It's far-away things I cannot see.

Comment from flamingophoenix:

I start to see Marilyn about 3 feet away.

Comment from gregstoll:

Hmm, it worked for me if I stood back a bit. I think it's supposed to test nearsightedness...

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