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Posted on 2008-06-17 09:16:00
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You can download Firefox 3 starting at noon our time. (you might be able to Help->Check for Updates... as well - not sure when that will be turned on)

Gays can marry in California today! Here's an interactive map of the legal status of gay marriage/civil unions in all 50 states.

Last night at Kung Fu Panda (which is still good, by the way, I'd probably even see it again) we saw a trailer for Fly Me to the Moon which is about three stupid flies that tag along on the first moon landing. This makes me angry. The graphics quality looks meh, it's filled with bad and stupid and pointless puns and the smart fly is named "Iq". Judging by the trailer, you're supposed to think that the idea of the fly on the moon is just so awesome, we'll have a bunch of characters say "Nat's going to the moon!", "Your boy is going to the moon!", "We're going to the moon!", etc.

Also, (and here's where I go off a bit) apparently there's some problem with the capsule and the flies have to save the day. This (aside from being stupid) I find offensive - it took years and years of hard work and dedication and lost lives to get us to the moon, not some stupid-ass flies fixing some problem or whatever. Next up: some scorpions are going to Normandy! And the Allies can't win the battle without them! So they go around and sting some Nazis or something! After that: well, you get the idea.

Maybe the 3D will make it way more awesome but somehow I doubt it.

In the vein of bad movies, a review of The Happening that contains all the spoilers.


Comment from wonderjess:

I totally dreamed about you and David getting married last night! I think this was because my alarm had actually gone off already and the news came on and it was about gay marriage in California so it filtered in.

Comment from onefishclappin:

How has there been totally no coverage on all the wedding that happened last night on CNN?
Oh, and I like your analysis of Fly Me To The Moon. You're right - that really is dumb and insulting in ways.

And when you alluded to it maybe being "best day ever" I was almost wondering if you guys were going to elope or something. (Which I would have been peeved about since I'm actually in CA right now :)

Comment from gregstoll:

NPR did a story on the wedding.

Nah, we've actually "restarted talks" to figure out when and where our ceremony will be held. (djedi's sick today, but hopefully later this week we'll figure out something...)

Enjoy CA!

Comment from wonderjess:

Are you thinking California? Because that would be awesome! And not just because I have a friend in CA I would like to see at the same time. hehe.

Comment from gregstoll:

Sorry, we're still pretty sure it'll be in Austin.

Comment from wonderjess:

Oh well. I GUESS my only brother getting married is reason enough to show up. The California thing would have made it a sure thing.

Comment from cifarelli:

I suspected elopement, too. Great minds and all?

Comment from anonymous:

Can't wait to see FLY. 3D looks cool. I support all animation and it's the first ever true 3D animated feature ever. Way before the big studios too! Hey, if it teaches all the dweebs out there about the first mission of man landing on the moon I'm all for it. Something that was so positive and the world actually came together for that brief moment in time. Wish I was alive when this all happened cause now it's nothing but negativity. Here is a movie albeit an animated movie, that gets the message across to a younger generation, who haven't a clue, honoring those men and women. I read Buzz Aldrin is in it too, so can't be all bad. Oh ya, that's right. Forgot. You're going Buzz who?? Second man to walk on the moon!! Don't think he would involve himself in it if it wasn't respectful to the story and most importantly honors those men and women. If it takes a little imagination and humor to tell one of the greatest stories of humanity before during and after our lifetime with three flies involved....Bring it on!!

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