weird week
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Posted on 2007-02-15 14:15:00
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What a weird week. Yesterday was super nice - we got the day off from work because of the snow and ice and such, so we played WoW in the afternoon, djedi cooked me a delicious supper, and we watched that classic romantic movie "Transformers: The Movie". Hadn't seen it before - good stuff! The theme song is still stuck in my head. (also, why is "Dare to be Stupid" by Weird Al played during the movie? That's just weird) And Orson Welles (who does a voice in the movie) made a cameo in my dream last night!

Lots of snow on the ground this morning, so we got into work late and we were able to stop by the bank and take care of some stuff. I still need to address letters and send them out. Maybe next week.


Comment from onefishclappin:

We watched another of the classic romances - "Blazing Saddles"

Comment from wildrice13:

Haven't seen the Transformers movie. I'll watch it sometime :)

Glad you had a good day. Mine was pretty quiet--I went to a party, but ended up talking to my parents on the phone outside for half the time (it was their anniversary and I hadn't talked to them for a while, so I felt obligated even though I was cold and missing the fun inside). And the party ended pretty early, so I played some WoW and hit the hay. I could use a good meal...

Comment from skimmerduk:

bah weep graaagnah wheep ni ni bong!

Comment from gregstoll:

That's excellent spelling!

Comment from djedi:

I forgot how many "people" they killed off in the movie. It's like watching 10 Bambi's in a row.

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