dentistry and cable bandwidth caps
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Posted on 2009-04-01 15:56:00
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I had some fillings done today. Anyone know why the anesthetic they give you makes your heart race? He didn't remind me of that this time (sadly I've been there enough that I should know this going in) and it freaked me out. Not a pleasant feeling.

Time Warner might be capping bandwidth in the Austin/San Antonio area. (the company responds) This is very bad and if they go this route we might have to look into AT&T U-Verse or something.


Comment from destroyerj:

Looks like that alternative may not end up being open:

Comment from gregstoll:

Yuck. I guess I'm sure glad we don't live in Beaumont though...

Comment from destroyerj:

Yeah, except we will be soon enough, I'm sure.

Comment from abstractseaweed:

I don't get it. TV networks are finally in a position to recoup advertising dollars lost because of Tivo by providing video on their own websites with ads that can't be easily skipped. Now they'd rather have people go back to the Tivo and skip commercials instead of visiting their websites? If I were ABC or Fox I would not be happy with Time Warner on this issue.

Comment from onefishclappin:

I've been wanting to ditch TW for a while, and this might push me over the edge.

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