I'm addicted to WoW...
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Posted on 2005-08-18 13:12:00
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...installing it, that is! I tried many times to get it to install under Linux, only to fail (eventually I just copied files and registry entries over). But then it ran horribly and crashed all the time. So after fiddling around with lots of random settings, I decided to bite the bullet, install Windows, and do that. Never did I imagine that it wouldn't install under Windows either, in much the same way that it didn't install under Linux (but it did). So now I'm thinking that it's a memory issue, since I just got a new stick of memory and sometimes it complains about checksum errors. That would be sweet, because then I could just return the new memory (I hope...) and everything would all work and stuff. Trying to install now...

A man was arrested for using a bot in a MMORPG to mug a person and then sell those items for real money. Crazy!


Comment from destroyerj:

So now that things are (hopefully and probably) working on Windows, will you go back and install on Linux?

Comment from gregstoll:

What an insightful question! +1.

Yes, at some point after everything works in Windows I'd like to take another crack at having it work in Linux. I really don't like having to reboot to play WoW, and I don't like not having my Linux server stuff up (website, gallery, music, etc.). And then I feel bad because I think that my reasons for feeling that way are selfish.

Comment from wildrice13:

It sounds like that's a lot of shared stuff, which makes it sound to me like it's exactly the opposite of selfish, even if your own personal reasons are selfish ones.

In conclusion, you're not a bad person.

Comment from gregstoll:

But do I want these things to be available so other people can use them, or do I want them to be available so I can feel important and good about myself? I'm not sure...

Comment from djedi:

Ah, the old motivation question, do you help people mostly because it makes them like you more and you feel better?

Comment from onefishclappin:

I think that it's not selfish because you are not hurting anyone by continuing to try and install it on Linux. If you were making someone else do it for you, it would be selfish. And I think since others use your server, it could even be considered selfish *not* to attempt to get it installed on Linux so that you can maintain your server for them. (ie. they are inconvienced when you want to play your game.) Of course, since you are letting them use it for free out of the goodness of your heart, they can just deal with occational downtime.
But none the less, you are completely not a bad person for wanting to get a game installed under the OS of your choice.

Comment from gregstoll:

I guess that's true. It's certainly a reasonable argument. I just feel guilty every single time I think about it (not just with WoW, but with star wars galaxies a while back too), so I figure something must be up.

Comment from djedi:

Yeah,I was wondering, because you've also had a few other random errors since yo uput in that "cheap" memory stick. Have you tried takin out the memory stick and installing just on your old memory? Also, are you sure it's not older sticks in your computer that were somewhat unseated when you added the new?

Comment from gregstoll:

That's what I'm trying now. Stupid memory.

It is possible, but I made extra sure this time that they were seated well.

Comment from onefishclappin:

So do you have the day off or what? I'm jealous... I don't want to be at work.

Comment from gregstoll:

I wish! I just went home for lunch, yanked out the memory and started installing again.

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