scenes that made me look twice
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Posted on 2008-05-06 12:48:00
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1) The guy who had his laptop open and was doing work on it while walking down the stairs during our fire drill.

2) The elderly woman playing some sort of puzzle game on a pink Nintendo DS at lunch.

I was thinking about doing "Mix Tape" from Avenue Q for my ASMC audition Saturday, but now I'm pretty convinced "My Girlfriend, Who Lives In Canada" is the right choice.


Comment from omega697:

You better do the whole song.

Comment from gregstoll:

I think that I will.

Comment from gregstoll:

Oh, and thanks for the mediator! Apparently that's a CD that I missed ripping somehow.

Comment from omega697:


At some point in the future there will be some new features. But it may be a while.

Comment from anonymous:

Funny, I was just about to suggest precisely the opposite.

Comment from fairydust1:

I have not found a song yet for Saturday. I was kinda drifting about, trying to come up with a good diva song (I know I won't GET the diva roll, but I'd like to dream big). I have a copy of "9 to 5" and "Tonight" (from West Side Story), or I could audition with the Laverne & Shirley theme. Those are the easiest to come by. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Comment from djedi:

Maybe the problem is you don't quite have the personality of a diva. I hear they are pretty self-centered, loud, obnoxious, demanding, etc. maybe you should try that. :P

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