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Posted on 2007-09-18 11:22:00
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I got a link from a Houston Chronicle blog ("The Unofficial Scorer") - I'm "this little toy"! Of course this is terrible timing since my website will be going down in a few days for a weekish.

djedi sorta convinced me to get me a MacBook Pro which I've been talking about/considering for a while now. Maybe once MacOS 10.5 comes out. It would be nice to play WoW on an officially supported platform - I'm getting paranoid that a patch will come out and break me somehow and make me cry. Also, Macs are neat.

Wow recap:Things went decently last night. For reasons I don't want to go into we lost our healing Paladin (permanently, it sounds like) so we had to pick up a PuG hunter who did pretty well. After a few tries we downed Shade of Aran, hooray! It wasn't too difficult - we used the strategy of letting him run out of mana and do the massive pyroblast before the water elementals show up at 40% health (which were nicely banished and feared by our two warlocks).

Next we tried Terestian Illhoof. He is tough. The first time I AoEd the imps way too early and ran out of mana in like 30 seconds, and we couldn't DPS the Demon Chains down quickly enough so people died left and right. I managed my mana better after that, but we still couldn't DPS the Demon Chains enough and we didn't make significant progress. Not sure how we're going to handle that but eventually we just moved on. Did the Chess Event, no problem - fun and easy!

Our last boss try for the night was Netherspite - we had tried him before briefly, but we had a better idea of portal management, etc. After a few tries we really started to get the hang of it - got him down to 17% on our last try before people had to go. I started using consumables a lot, so I need to pick me up some more of those...

I'm still working half-heartedly on the clue solver, but I need to sit down, concentrate, and design a UI for the webpage. I've been too busy and way too unfocused to do so.


Comment from cifarelli:

Illhoof is the most unforgiving Kara boss in terms of having to have just the right party composition. He's the only Kara boss I haven't killed, but he doesn't drop any loot I want. Our guild usually saves him for last and skips him altogether if there is no time or no motvation to go after him. Last week I stepped out of the group at the end so they could replace me with an additional healer and go after illhoof since people actually wanted his loots. Are ya'll having everyone use a macro to target the demonic chains? Losing time trying to target the chains manually in a room full of imps can really hurt ya.

Comment from gregstoll:

He sure seems tough. I felt bad because it seems like AoEing is a key part of the strategy and I'm the only mage and something wasn't right. (and my DPS was off most of the night)

We did make a macro after the first attempt to target the chains - that helped, but we still just don't have the punch we need.

Comment from cifarelli:

Most anti Imp strats I'm aware of hinge off using a warlock chain casting seed of corruption on Illhoof. The seeds hurt the imps and keep all the agro on the warlock. With some FR gear and soul link or nether protection the warlock can tank the imps pretty well. AoE assist from a mage can be neccessary once there is enough imps that the pushback prevents getting the next seed off. Clear out the imps and start over. Very boring and stressfull fight for the warlock but it in theory works.

Comment from destroyerj:

Well I guess I didn't have the spec for it, but yeah pushback was a real problem after some time. I think given that we have 2 warlocks, maybe we need to do a rotation where one of us does 2 seeds and then the other does the rest once the first gets the imps' aggro.

Comment from onefishclappin:

Coolness (re link)

Comment from egray:

for what it's worth, i LOOOVE my mac book pro. i'd never had a mac until i got this one about 18 months ago and i'm never going back. i still run into problems with programs like matlab that aren't available in universal binary, but parallels has solved that problem nicely. and best of all, i feel super cool whenever i open it up in public! go macs!

Comment from fartingmonkey:

To counter the Mac love fest...I got a Macbook Pro. It was awesome for awhile. Then it started to be a little punk. For instance..

Install WoW off of CD's...oh no it was unable to verify file X...cancel install.


Try again...fails at a different point
Again...fails at a different point

Curse heavily.

Copy all the files off the CD onto the HDD and try again
Fail at 20%
Fail at 63%
Fail at 3%

Ok maybe its the CD' the entire game from blizzards official torrent.

Ok maybe its OSX, bootcamp windows on the box, use the CD's
Torrent the game and install

Become a angry mac hater

So far the only possible explanation I have for this is that my HDD is bad, or my RAM is bad ( I did buy aftermarket RAM)

Boot up into the full system hardware diagnostic test thing

So now I either remove the RAM i put in and narrow it down to a Mac problem...or I just give up on installing WoW.

Comment from gregstoll:

Oddly enough, I had similar issues when first installing on Linux. Copying the CDs to my hard drive and installing from there worked better. Beats me as to what the problem could be, though.

Comment from tehfanboi:


Comment from gregstoll:

Oh and it could totally be memory problems. You should totally memtest it.

Comment from fartingmonkey:

D/L memtest

j/k ;)

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