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Posted on 2006-08-01 09:27:00
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I am happy to announce that my Palm datebook to Google Calendar app is complete! I was having trouble with the Google authentication (and so were other people using that API), but it all seems to work now, so give it a shot if you're interested. Whee!

The ASMC shows went well this weekend. Saturday was grueling, as usual - it's the only day we have three shows. But a lot of friends came to see it (onefishclappin, krikwennavd, Teresa & Lucas), as well as my family who had driven up from Houston the previous day. I snuck out for lunch with them, which was nice :-) Crowds in general were a little down, but they're still reasonably-sized which is nice. And maybe that means people aren't having to wait in line for a long time to get tickets, which was the case at least some of last year.

If you haven't seen the show, we have a nice gala this Friday night - after the show everyone comes out and mingles and there's a silent auction and a cash bar. I'd highly recommend it!

We hosted game night last night and I played my first live game of Go with Todd - got beaten both times, but I've played so few times that every game is helpful. It's very hard to tell what's going on, though!

Also started a new Civ 4 game yesterday on Noble. Haven't played too many turns and I'm already a little behind, but hopefully I can turn it around. Viva Japan!

Back to the work grind...


Comment from djedi:

Sounds like a really busy day yesterday for you, cutie. We should play some Go sometime then. I promise not to be hurt if you kick my butt.

Also I should mention the gala performance is a fundraiser, so it costs a bit to get in, but it's for a good cause. We put on this musical every summer for free for these children. The cast and crew are all volunteers.

Comment from gregstoll:

Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that. Thanks!

Comment from onefishclappin:

Full disclosure - some of the crew are paid (namely "directors" of various sorts (music, assistant, head) & "managers" (stage, props, house?) & some others (lights, musicians, others)) - some a bare stipend ($200), some a real salary (union people).

But the vast majority of the show is a labor of love from the participants. It relies soley on donations from individuals and companies and the community.

Comment from fairydust1:

Full disclosure - while there are payments made to a few contract personnel (director, music director, accompanist, assistant director, graphics artist, stage manager, and props manager), all are *far* below union rates. The actual payout ends up being more of a stipend/honorarium. The cost of lighting and sound is covered by the rental of the theatre space.

The participants in the show, especially this year, are all there to bring an adorable script [and music] to life for the benefit and amusement of children all over central Texas. Our mission is providing this FREE of charge, to enable all children to enjoy the gift of musical theatre. The only way we can accomplish this task is to rely on corporate donations, individual donations, and our Gala and Silent Auction fundraiser.

We've been offered by patrons before that they would pay to see us add on performances of favorite shows, but that goes against the core of what we want to provide. So, to that end, we remain free (much to Scottish Rite's chagrine)!

From a board member who has seen the show grow and change and mutate and evolve, this year's show is probably our best one in the last 4 years. I'm proud to be part of this production, and happy to be celebrating my 10th anniversary of working with Cheryl Key (C.D.), my inspiration!

Comment from onefishclappin:

Thanks for correcting my misrepresentations! Words from the master :)

Comment from fairydust1:

All tickets purchased for the gala are tax-deductible. If you itemize on your taxes, you can write off coming to see the show! YAY!

Comment from onefishclappin:

Oh, and you forgot Matthew & Timmy!

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