I'm in a happy place!
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Posted on 2005-04-18 12:36:00
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So I'm in a really good mood. This week is my birthday, I'm well-rested, work's going really well, and it's a beautiful day outside!

Well, actually it's cloudy and raining on and off. But I'm still happy!

Weekend was fun - hung out with onefishclappin and krikwennavd on Friday night, played some games, watched some Veggietales. Good stuff. Hung out with wildrice13 on Saturday, played some Frisbee and later FFX-2 (although I was programming during most of that time, and I mostly finished the project I was working on, which tends to pump me up). Visited Sarah and then watched Shaolin Soccer with djedi and destroyerj (I'm really into these <lj user> tags today...).

I have some thoughts about my birthday that I'll be posting later. Now, back to work!


Comment from djedi:

Wow, so apparently we hang around only with people who have lj tags. :) So what are these birthday thoughts? Whatcha want to do for your birthday? I can cook or we can hit a restaurant. If I was less lazy and we needed junk food, I would get a cookie cake. :) Now I'm just teasing you.

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah, no kidding! (except for Sarah!)

Um, they're more philosophical birthday thoughts than what-do-I-want-to-do-on-my-birthday thoughts. Haven't figured the latter out yet...

Comment from djedi:

Ah, thoughts like I'm growing old and I'm so old and Im' so old things don't work as well as they used to and such? If you throw in a few "Get off my lawn" and "Get a job, you hippie", it'll be a great birthday rant.

Comment from blamantin:

But he's growing younger again this year!

Comment from gregstoll:

Hmm. In that case, when I officially cease to have been born, then I will start to feel old, perhaps :-)

Comment from blamantin:

Tell you what, when you hit 10 you can start growing older again so that you'll remain in the double digits.

Comment from gregstoll:

Hehe. Actually, it's kind of the opposite of that!

Maybe I shouldn't build the post up too much. Or, I could go all the way and produce a trailer! Ooh, new project!

Comment from djedi:

First, you don't want to start _another_ project. :) Second, you don't want to start a pissing contest...or do you?

Comment from destroyerj:

Yes! Make a trailer! We want build up, we want the birthday superpost!

Comment from gregstoll:

Don't look so smug - that was wind-assisted! Heh.

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