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Posted on 2006-07-13 13:52:00
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So it looks like there's the beginning of a war in the Middle East. Crap crap crap. details here


Comment from wonderjess:

don't worry. if we should be scared, dad will let us know.

Comment from gregstoll:

You'll tell me if he goes on TV, right?

Comment from djedi:

Hehe. Make sure ot pass it along to me too!

Comment from wonderjess:

so far no calls from any sort of media. :)

Comment from anonymous:

Me too!


Comment from tehfanboi:

What does your dad do?

Comment from gregstoll:

He's a political science professor at Rice specializing in foreign conflict.

When the 1991 Gulf War happened (remember, I was only 9!), I saw him doing an interview on a local news station and started crying because I thought that meant he was at war.

Comment from tehfanboi:

Cool! Does he have any published essays? I majored in poli sci at UT and took mostly foreign relations/comparative government classes. I focused on East Asia as much as I could, but still the whole subject is pretty fascinating.

Comment from wonderjess:

he has lots (just got another one accepted to the journal of conflict resolution, a major journal), although his actual articles are more academic than current eventy. he does a lot of talks and stuff on current events though (just did one yesterday to houston's world affairs council). you can see his CV (with a list of all his articles) here.

Comment from fairydust1:

my god you make me feel old! I was in my sophomore year of college when the Gulf War broke out :P


Comment from djedi:

You're so cute!

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