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Posted on 2010-08-09 14:14:00
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Last week California's Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. Hooray! I read the entire ruling (warning: 138 page pdf) and it's pretty convincing - the judge ruled that laws that discriminate against gays are subject to strict scrutiny, while Prop 8 doesn't even meet the rational basis test.

I followed along with the trial and it seemed pretty clear that our side would win - David Boies and Ted Olson (i.e. the head lawyers for Bush and Gore in Bush v. Gore) are fantastic lawyers, and the other side called very few witnesses which were easily discredited. I'm not sure what the rules are on appeal if the other side can "substitute in" other lawyers, but if the case goes all the way to the Supreme Court (as many expect) I think we have a decent shot at winning!

Ted Olson was on Fox News this weekend and it was very much a Nixon going to China moment - he explained very succinctly the case for gay marriage. I know he's been a conservative stalwart but he earned a lifetime pass from me with his work on the case.


The musical is done! The shows went well despite the A/C mostly being gone the second weekend. I've never sweat so much in my life. My favorite moment was getting hit in the face with a book while we were supposed to be frozen. A few seconds later my glasses fell off my face and hit the floor, but I stayed (mostly) frozen until we "woke up" :-)

Performing in the musical reminded me that I like to sing and I kinda miss it - even singing the kid-focused songs was kinda fun. So I'm thinking about joining a choir. My ideal choir would be something singing good classical music meeting at most once a week in which I know people. Here are the possibilities I've found: (in decreasing order of probability I'll join)

- Austin Civic Chorus - I was in the Austin Civic Chorus when I first moved to Austin. I liked the kind of music they sing, but I don't really know anyone in it, and I vaguely remember not liking the director, although that was a while ago and maybe I'm misremembering. Also, auditions are very soon and I may have missed my chance already. The Civic Chorus itself requires $180 dues (!) and their concerts aren't free, which makes me a little unhappy.

- Capital City Men's Chorus - I know at least a few people in it from the summer musical, and it looks like a fun group. The music seems to vary wildly in genre.

- Austin Singers - never heard of these folks before, but they do music I like. Rehearsals are Mondays 7-9:30 - kinda long and downtown.

- Conspirare - good group but looks a little serious/"too good" for what I'm interested in. They have a professional choir as well as a volunteer one, so maybe the volunteer one would be OK? To audition you have to submit a resume and they'll let you know, which honestly sounds kind of intimidating.

- River City Pops - I know some people in it from the summer musical, but the music they sing is, well, pop, and there's dancing involved which isn't really my cup of tea.


Anyway...I dunno. Anyone in one of these? Or interested in joining one of them with me? :-)


Comment from yerfdogyrag:

I've done Austin Singers a few times and went to one of their more recent concerts. Frankly, my current church choir is a little bit better than what I saw there. They're good folk, though.

One thing not on your list: it sounds like David Stevens will be looking for more people for two performances in the fall: the Durufle requiem and for Handel's Messiah with the Austin Symphony this fall. Let me know if you want details. It might be possible to weave this in with another choir, but I'm not sure.

I know a few people in Conspirare. The Professional choir is truly impressive and you really do have to be a professional for it. You're at least on par with the few people that I know in the volunteer choir. Don't let the audition intimidate you!

Good luck!

Comment from brittongregory:

I can vouch for:

-David Stevens being an excellent, excellent choir director.
-the Conspirare chamber choir being a really scary-good choir, with some really scary-good vocalists in it. I had no idea there was a volunteer choir; I may have to check that out someday...

Comment from gregstoll:

!!! The Durufle requiem is like my most favorite piece ever! Send me details!

And, thanks :-)

Comment from anonymous:

Ditto on the awesomeness of David Stevens. He always has room for "Friends of St David's" in his choruses.


It's super amazing, and led by David Stevens. The music is a capella sacred music, mostly early English. The choir meets at 7 pm on Sunday nights and sings a half-hour compline service at 9 pm. There are no other rehearsals, and you don't have to commit to attending every week.

I sang with this choir for 2-1/2 years and it was the most meaningful and rewarding music experience I've ever had.

Comment from jenfrazer:

Whoops! Didn't mean for that to be anonymous.

Comment from gregstoll:

Ah - I knew there was someone else who had sung with him!

Cool, I'll have to check it out! (I'm auditioning this week for the Durufle Requiem + Messiah)

Comment from medryn:

Have you seen prop 8 the musical?

Comment from gregstoll:

I have...but it's worth a rewatch :-)

Comment from fairydust1:

Don't forget the Round Rock Community Choir, my dear. I know it's "north" but it's only about 15 minutes north from your house, iirc. The music varies throughout the year, dues are only $90 for a whole season, and the director is a hoot! :)

Also, there is a Gilbert & Sullivan Society somewhere in town. One of the gals from RCP (Stephanie Blackwood) was in it for a while.

Comment from gregstoll:

Ah - good to know! The RRCC looks pretty cool... (and Randi! I know her)

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