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Posted on 2006-05-31 09:35:00
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...Katamari Damacy! djedi bought WeKatamari yesterday before he left (thanks!) so I played last night. Goood stuff. I love doing the flower level (collecting as many flowers as you can) - very relaxing. Quitting without saving and losing my data was somewhat less relaxing, but if you think I'm not going to redo those levels tonight, you'd be sadly mistaken.

I have the top Google result for "pic6"! Unfortunately it goes to this picture, but you can't win them all.

Speaking of pictures, I put pictures from Jessica's graduation up last night.

Speaking of things I did last night, the palm to google calendar thing is basically done. I have a few tweaks to do, but I'm going to link to it soon. fairydust1, want to test it?

So last time I talked about getting the ruby script to return that it was done while forking a new process. I was almost correct, but instead of doing this in the new thread:

# Create session and return session id to browser
pid = fork do
# Do long-running stuff

you instead just need to do this:

# Create session and return session id to browser
pid = fork do
# Do long-running stuff

Closing $stdin and $stderr just leads to problems (which was why passing parameters weren't working before).

Speaking of...umm...lj-cuts, I saw X-Men 3 this past weekend.
I liked it, all in all. The parallel between mutants and gays was extremely striking in some parts. I also liked the shift of power that the vaccine gave the humans - now they had a weapon against the mutants so it wasn't just a case of "watch the mutants kill the humans, who have no hope of ever retaliating". I like Storm the character (especially with the white hair!), but I didn't think Halle Berry did a good job acting this time around, especially during the scene where they're debating whether to keep the school open. It felt very fake to me.

Also, I loooove Ian McKellen. Maybe it's the white hair talking, but I like the obvious mutual respect he and Professor X have for each other. When Magneto lost his power, even though he was clearly a bad guy, I felt very bad for him since his identity was so wrapped up in his power.
If you go and see it, be sure to stay until after the credits end! There's a final scene that's actually very significant.

I'm looking forward to a number of summer movies - at some point I'll post the ones I want to see and y'all can make fun of me. Oh, there was a trailer for Snakes on a Plane, and it was good.


Comment from onefishclappin:

Oooo - me wanna play Katamari more.
And you are obsessed with white hair - it's kinda weird ;)

Comment from gregstoll:

Wanna get together tonight? I have a few errands to run, but katamari katamari katamari...

Comment from onefishclappin:

Hmmm... let me talk to the husband, but that sounds like it might work. Do you have a preference as to your place or ours?

Comment from gregstoll:

Nah, whichever's easier for y'all. Since I need to run errands I can be in the car already...

Comment from onefishclappin:

Okey dokey. I have an email out to krikwennavd and we'll get back to you. I think it'll depend on how social he's feeling (it's easier for him to check out if he's anti-social and we are at home).

Comment from gregstoll:


(and yeah, I've done that quite a few times when djedi has someone over...)

Comment from omega697:

I just thought I'd make this thread a little deeper.

Don't mind me.

Comment from onefishclappin:

Ok, David is willing to do whatever, whenever, whereever.
It would be easier on Matthew to do it at our place, but you would have to bring the console & stuff. That sound ok to you?
You think anyone else would be interested? destoyerj? wildrice13?
Do we want to tack food of any sort on? I have some cookies already cooked from this weekend, maybe we can do popcorn or stuff like that, too?

Comment from wildrice13:

I'd be interested, but I'm going to Magic night, so I won't be available. Hope y'all have fun, though!!

Comment from onefishclappin:

*ppbbbtt* then you *aren't* interested. Have fun magicking!

Comment from destroyerj:

I also have plans tonight, so I won't make it, although it sounds fun :).

Comment from gregstoll:

Your place is fine - I'll pack up the PS2 and all that. Luckily it's connected in front so it's a piece of cake :-)

Food...hmm. Cookies and popcorn and stuff is good. I'll probably do dinner beforehand, so no need to worry about that.

What time is good for y'all?

Comment from onefishclappin:

Excellent. Umm... anytime is ok. Matthew will be in bed by 8:00, but you can come by as early as 7:00 and we'll at least be done with dinner. 7-8 is usually play and/or bath time, so if you want some kiddo play, come earlier. Why don't you give us a call when you know about what time you'll get there (post errands, and all of that)?

Comment from gregstoll:

Sounds like a plan!

Comment from fairydust1:

yah - I'm all for testing. I'm not a coder though, so you might have to help me understand the how-to bit. I hadn't thought about the "front end" (I think that's how Kenn and Jay refer to the user interface), but from what I've seen of your other projects, your're pretty good at that! OOOH! A google calendar where I can post ASMC rehearsals and doctor appointments and travel for friends. This is exciting!!

Comment from fairydust1:

I followed the directions - and it told me it was "done" but nothing is appearing in the Google Calendar? I've added you to be able to view my "Clie" calendar in Google, but I'm a bit stumped? Could it be because I'm using a Mac version of Palm Desktop? :(

Comment from gregstoll:

OK, it didn't find any events in your calendar. Can you email me the DatebookDB.pdb file you provided?

Comment from fairydust1:

yup - it was in my backup directory. it was the only one i could find that was remotely similar. look in your email, sending now

Comment from fairydust1:

we found a datebookdb.pdb in an old backup from hubby's laptop last year, but it didn't work either. Jay's attempting to research what Mac calls their corresponding file to see if it is the same or not. It looks like he grabbed something from the Clie, put it on a memory stick and will be transferring it. I'll let you know what happens :)

Comment from gregstoll:

Cool, thanks! Sorry this is so much trouble...

Actually, whatever you used last looks OK on my side. I'm seeing some things that I'm probably not parsing correctly, so give me a bit to work on it and I'll let you know when you can try again.

Comment from fairydust1:

well - jay found the file - or so we think. we grabbed it right from the memory stick on my clie. It was called Datebookdb.pdb (178 KB) and the error message this time was: Status: ERROR - closed stream

Comment from gregstoll:

Great, makes sense. I've hopefully fixed that problem - go ahead and try it again. (and that file seems to be correct)

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