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Posted on 2006-01-13 13:39:00
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I was informed at lunch that today was Link Friday, which surprised me at first, until I realize that most linkdays are Friday. So, why not embrace it?

A vintage Nintendo shirt with a funny slogan

So, you may have heard of the Million Dollar Homepage, in which a clever student raised a million dollars selling pixels on a 1000x1000 grid at $1 a pop. It inspired some copycats like the Five Hundred Thousand Dollar Home Page and the Million Penny Homepage. The most amusing spinoff I've seen is Fill My Room, which is selling blocks in his room in an effort to fill it up with lego-looking blocks. Hehe!

The Prejudice Map - a map with what "the internet" thinks of people from different countries. People from Norway are known for thriftiness and love of fish, while people from Canada are known for liking their beer and being tolerant.

The Aargh Page - a matrix (based on the number of "a"'s and "r"'s) of the number of spellings of aargh on the internet. Nifty! The funny part is the weird outliers, like why Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh (12,7) is significantly more popular than the spellings near it.

After reading fairydust1's complaint that one's posts are locked in to LJ, I found a way to retrieve all your old posts. Unfortunately, that doesn't include comments, so I'm thinking of writing a script to read each post and store the comments in XML as well. The other main project on my mind is writing a World of Warcraft mod to automatically record guild information and post it to the guild website, or something.

When buying organic pays, courtesy of Consumer Reports.

I really like the Rent soundtrack, especially "I'll Cover You" and "Take Me or Leave Me".

Is Apple working on a full-blown mobile phone network? (including a phone made by Apple that will hopefully be better than the ROKR) This seems crazy to me. But I am interested in one of their new MacBook's, although maybe some other models are coming soon, or something different but also exciting? Who knows...


Comment from anonymous:

This new webtsite 'Fill My Room' is very funny. Excellent crazy idea... I'm sure his parents are very happy about it ;)I'm thinking about donating some blocks. Would be cool if he succeed.
Regards, Guillaume
The Million Dollar Screenshot

Comment from fairydust1:

ooh! love those links. Jay and I tittered over the news. Hrm, well, *I* tittered, and Jay played it cool. Jay is predicting CoreDuo iBooks in April, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. I guess there is another conference in April, as well as April 1 being Apple's 30th anniversary, so be on the lookout for big news. We're excited about the MacBook Pro's too, but we love our 12 inch models SO much we aren't willing to upgrade yet.

Speaking of the MacBook, interesting side note that Jay can't find any references to battery life on them. He's wondering if the new processor drops the battery life significantly or not. Veeeery interesting ...

Happy weekend!

Comment from amorphousplasma:

What I want to know is... what is Google up to? Any ideas?

Comment from gregstoll:

Google is surely up to a lot of things. I'd be surprised if they did release a web browser or operating system, although such rumors fly around every once in a while - it's pretty far afield from what they're good at. I'm sort of expecting them to release some sort of web calendar thingy, which would be pretty neat.

Comment from wildrice13:

I'd love it if you created a mod that would read guild info into a file! Too bad there's no way to query their skill levels in professions...

Comment from gregstoll:

Hmm, what makes you say that? It looks like GetSkillLineInfo might do the trick. I'll take a look at it...

Comment from wildrice13:

Wow, I'm surprised. What made me say that is that generally there's not a way to get someone else's skill info in the same manner as you get their equipped items with /inspect. I dunno. I guess it relates to how I view mods. I see them as things that take what you already can see and do and making it more readily available. This seems to me like it's taking something you can't initially do. Which makes it feel like cheating, even if it's not (and certainly doesn't affect gameplay, in this case!).

Comment from gregstoll:

Hmm. Good point. And, now that I look at it again, it seems to only work for yourself, not others.

So maybe I could collect those too for people running the mod...hmm...

Comment from wildrice13:

That makes more sense. You certainly can see your own! But yeah, as everyone can see their own, it could collect the aggragate data and send it onwards. I mean, it's kinda like spyware in that way, but it's intentional and well-meaning spyware :)

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