Animal Kingdom/Pleasure Island recap
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Posted on 2005-06-03 11:55:00
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So, Thursday was the day for Animal Kingdom (which none of us had been to) and Pleasure Island. But first, Animal Kingdom!

We got out the door pretty on time, and made our way via shuttle to the Animal Kingdom. We spent the first bit of time in Africa, walking through a kinda nature trail with animal exhibits - saw gorillas, pelicans, and all sorts of good stuff (and I got some good pictures!) The other main thing to do in Africa was a safari, which was a ride that took us through a big savannah and stuff (driven by a cast member on the open road) - got los more good pictures there. After that, lunchtime! (mmm, I'm hungry now) So we ate at the Rainforest Cafe, which had a neat ambience, but the food was just OK, and gave my stomach problems later. *shrug* We then explored Asia and saw a few random things (a bird show), then left on the earlyish side.

I don't like zoos as a rule (although a show on the Disney Information Channel we saw a few days ago declared that the Animal Kingdom was "Nahtazu"...ha ha ha), but this wasn't bad. I didn't enjoy it as much as the other parks, but I did enjoy it more than I expected. Although it was a lot of walking, and we were pretty tired by this point.

So we came back to the hotel, relaxed for a bit, then went over to Seasons 52 for dinner. Still good, although the menu hadn't changed as much as I had kinda thought it would. Anyway, after that we went to Downtown Disney, spent a little time there and then headed to Pleasure Island.

Pleasure Island, if you've never heard of it (me!), is an "adult" part of Downtown Disney that has clubs, outdoor music, and things like that. Thursday night was the official Gay Days night at Pleasure Island, and boy could you tell! (we saw some gay couples/people at Animal Kingdom, but nothing compared to this) The official club of Gay Days had a huge line in front of it (and they got filled to capacity pretty quickly, so we didn't get in), and there were lots of clearly gay men in line (and occasionally lesbians, too, but that's harder to tell because it's more socially acceptable for straight girls to hang on each other, be touchy-feely, etc. than it is for guys). Even outside they were playing lots of "gay music" ("I Will Survive", "I'm Coming Out", things by Cher, theme to "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", etc.). So wildrice13 had been to the comedy club before and said it was pretty good, but we just missed a showing, so we wandered around for a while waiting for the 10:30 show. By the time we left the club we were in to get in line, Gay Days people were starting to come in and whatnot (since no one could get in to the official club). The comedy show was pretty good (it was an improv show, which are always interesting), and one of the performers clearly knew it was Gay Days and kept making jokes/innuendos, etc. to great applause from the audience :-) After that we went back to the club we had been in, and it was quite full, lots of gays and straights dancing, which was a pretty neat sight to see. djedi and I danced for a little while, then went home a little early (well, by that I mean 1 AM) because we were really exhausted.

This morning djedi and I got up (the others stayed out later and so slept in) and got to play a round of golf at Pirate's Cove (like we had tried to do Wednesday) befor it started sprinkling and stuff, like it's doing now. It's supposed to rain in the afternoon, but we'll see. There are some Gay Days related activities we're gonna do this afternoon (pool party, comedy show, some sort of expo), so we'll see how that goes.


Comment from onefishclappin:

You know that Cory's brother used to work at Animal Kingdom right? With the Elephants (Elements ;) So I know Cory did Animal Kingdom a few years ago so he could see his brother's elephants. (His sister-in-law worked w/primates...)
So do you feel like you are in an episode of Will & Grace yet?

Comment from gregstoll:

Oh, hey, that's cool! I did not know that. I can see that, if you liked animals, it would be a cool place to work.

Will & Grace moments today. Update to follow!

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