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Posted on 2005-04-06 13:15:00
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So robolab stuff went pretty well last night - we did another task and then did a few runthroughs. Not that the runthroughs went particularly well (I'm the "commander", which means I decide which tasks to try again, skip, etc...and I was just too tired to do a good job. More practice, which will come Thursday, should help), but we're in pretty good shape. Go us! (we don't have a team name yet)

I'm tired still. I'm having two cokes a day just to stay afloat. Next week I am so catching up on sleep, come hell or high water!

Does anyone else start listening to music right before posting so they can have something to put there? Or am I like the lamest person in the world?

Google Maps now has satellite views of their maps, which is wicked cool. Although it seems to be not working for me at the moment.

There was an article on our internal web site titled "American Idol Debuts at NI". So I was interested, and clicked. The first few sentences were: "American Idol at NI? Well, no … but we are bringing something close." Does this seem like irresponsible journalism to anyone else? I know it's just an internal site, but you can't lie in your story title!

West Wing season finale tonight! The last few episodes have been very good, so I'm really looking forward to tonight's. Who's gonna die this time?

Hmm...still tired. And I get hungrier when I'm tired, so my weight watchers is totally totally shot for the last few weeks (and this one too). Maybe I'll grab some candy. Mmm...


Comment from wildrice13:

Does anyone else start listening to music right before posting so they can have something to put there? Or am I like the lamest person in the world?

If I'm not listening to music already, it serves as a reminder for me to put some on :)

Comment from amorphousplasma:

I definitely do the song thing. Don't feel bad.

Can you somehow let slip to the tech writers there that one of their prospective partners in crime wrote an 800 word paper last night in an hour and a half? :) With breaks for research and reading of the article it was on, no less!

Comment from gregstoll:

Heh. I'm not sure I could slip that in very effectively... :-)

Comment from onefishclappin:

I just wish that there was some way for my mp3 player on my computer to automatically fill in the music catagory. I forget to do it myself otherwise... come on - we are smart computer people, we should be able to figure out at way to do it. (BTW, currently listening to Rockapella - That's the Way. It's acapella day!)

Comment from wildrice13:

The online update thing doesn't fill music, but the Comment from wildrice13:
Gack! HTML death by cut & paste. You get the idea, though...

Comment from onefishclappin:

We'll, taking that the work computer are under gnome & home computer is under mandrake, not sure if it'll help so much...
and my one windows box is rather ill at the moment. Last rites should be said (I've been threatening it with a reinstall as soon as I get a weekend w/out 20 other obligations... or at least one where the weather is sufficently cruddy enough to not want to spend the entire thing on the bike...)

Comment from wildrice13:

Yeah, I figured that might be an issue. [shrugs] Meh, what can ya do. People have told me there are some good clients out there for *nix, but I have no idea what they are or whether they'd auto-fill music.

Comment from onefishclappin:

Exactly... that's just one the things one shouldn't stress about. One should sit quietly, work hard, and enjoy said music. Therapy Sisters - Good Girl right now... moved away from acapella onto folk. My guess is Moulin Rouge soundtrack next...

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