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Posted on 2011-06-23 13:41:00
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- The Blind Man Who Taught Himself To See by using echolocation. Pretty impressive, but it sounds like it's difficult to do well.

- My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant - the story of a journalist who is just now "coming out". Pretty powerful, and it's disappointing the DREAM Act didn't pass, which would have provided him a path to citizenship.

- Kind of Screwed, or "getting sued really sucks, even if you're pretty sure you would win".


Shorter reads:

- How Many Households Are Like Yours? - 0.22% of US households are "male unmarried partners". Which feels really, really low.

- Hypersonic Jet, ZEHST, Revealed At Paris Air Show - this sounds pretty cool (it goes Mach 4!), but it will take 40 years to build. It seems odd to even talk about the specifics when probably all of them will change by then.


Comment from djedi:

Can you explain to me why their numbers don't add up to 100% of households? Single male: 12%
Single female: 15%
Married straight: 21%
Unmarried straight: 2%
Gay male: 1%
Gay female: 1%
Sum total: apparently only 52% of all households are households. (And you can't say they are "more complicated situations" because the preface to the survey implies that you are narrowing down to who owns/rents the house/apt and who is their primary partner)

Comment from gregstoll:
2011-06-24T14:26:32+00:00, you are totally right! I just sent in this feedback:

I enjoyed the "How Many Households Are Like Yours?" infographic, but either I'm interpreting the data wrong or the values don't add up to 100% of households. The top level percentages are:

Single Male 12%
Single Female 15%
Married Couple 21%
Male/Female Unmarried Partners 2%
Male Unmarried Partners .2%
Female Unmarried Partners .2%

which only add up to around 50%. (and adding more restrictions only makes these numbers go down) Can someone explain where I've gone wrong?


Hopefully I'll hear back...

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