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Music: Dave Matthews Band - "Sleep to Dream Her"
Posted on 2005-04-11 08:53:00
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Ah...some good Dave Matthews Band in the morning really mellows me out. Good stuff!

Had a good weekend - got stuff done that I had been putting off for the past two weeks (while working on Robolab), caught up on sleep some, played some games, went out to dinner and watched a movie. The latter two were with wildrice13, amorphousplasma, and skip_conrad - we went out to Zorba's and watched Amelie, which I hadn't seen. Very cute movie, although I had some difficulties because I first couldn't get comfortable, and then when I did get comfortable, I was afraid I was gonna fall asleep :-) But it was good, we played some smash and then I went home exhausted. Felt much better on Sunday - slept in a bit (went to late mass), and we put new sheets on the bed which are softer, which makes it a lot more comfortable. Neat!

One of the things I did was put up pictures from Beer Bike. For reference, I used this tutorial to remove red-eye from a few pictures.

I have a new idea at work that I'm fairly positive about...hopefully I can figure out today whether it's worth pursuing or not.

Have a nice day, all! Peace out.


Comment from onefishclappin:

I enjoyed Amelie when I first saw it (New Year's party at Britton's a few years ago??) And you guys talking about Smash bros makes me want to play again. It's been a long time (I occationally miss my game cube.) Maybe we could scare up a game at game night tonight??

Comment from gregstoll:

Does Britton have a copy? If not, we could bring ours...

Comment from djedi:

Of course he has a copy. :) Who could own a gamecube without one???

Comment from onefishclappin:

Does this mean you guys will play with me? I don't know if I even remember how... (it's been really really long... at least a year since I've played any GC games...)

Comment from djedi:

Sure, put me down. We actually taught someone new how to play this weekend. She was learning on Peach. :) I thought of you.

Comment from onefishclappin:

Awww... I feel so special... Peach is a good easy character to learn on... Decently strong (tennis racquet!), has the nice floaty ability which help with some of the annoying lands, and she's cute! The other fav always seemed to be Picachu (sp??) - with the annoying lightening bolt.

Comment from amorphousplasma:

Crap! I went and looked around your webpage a bit (awesome pictures, by the way, but specifically I was looking at your "about me" section) and realized that in one of my thank-yous I thanked an IMAQ guy (tech writer) for showing me "visual basic"... or was it "image builder?" Now I'm second guessing myself. What's the program that IMAQ produces? Did I make an ass of myself???!?!? It was just a product demo, not an interview, so maybe he won't tell anyone... arghhhhhhhhh *smacks self*

Comment from gregstoll:

Heh, that "about me" section is like 3 years old. :-)

One of our products does run on Visual Basic, and one of our products is Vision Assistant (formerly Vision Builder), and one of our products is Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (which people sometimes call Vision Builder). So I think you're pretty well covered...and besides, outside of our group people get confused all the time. No worries :-)

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