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Posted on 2009-01-28 09:47:00
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I was in a fairly crappy mood yesterday, seemingly the result of two things:
- is honestly pretty much done. I should tweak up the design a little bit, I guess, and try to promote it somehow, but neither of these are very exciting or appealing.
- this wedding crap is already starting to get to me, which is a terrible sign given how far there is still to go. Hopefully we can figure out a date this week (the new target month is July, it seems) but there's so much crap to do and blah blah blah whine whine whine.

Anyway. The good news is that despite being absolutely terrible yesterday, my weight dipped down a bit. Of course this means I'll be good today and will gain a lot tomorrow and then be depressed about it.


Comment from quijax:

:( I'm sorry this wedding thing is so stressful.

Comment from gregstoll:

It's kinda dumb, too, because it looks like we don't have to figure out our own ceremony like I feared, and lots of people get married and I should just suck it up. End of story!

Comment from onefishclappin:

I've been meaning to ask - have you considered combining your reception & ceremony locations? Since you aren't going to doing it with a church with which you have a strong association, what do you think about just having a preacher do the ceremony at the reception site. Has advantages in terms of cost, travel (since ppl only have to go one place, you don't have to make sure the places are close together, & you can go further afield as well). Just something else to stress/worry about ;)

Comment from wonderjess:

ooh! ooh! if it's in the summer, can there be formal shorts? I LOVE FORMAL SHORTS! The boy can lay them out for you! (You, Kif. You're the boy.)

Comment from liz_gregory:

I definitely second the idea of having the ceremony on location with an officiant of your choosing. That way you don't have the stress and weirdness of being in a strange church with potentially different and unfamiliar liturgy or beliefs.

I know an excellent place for it, too, if you want any suggestions. (Vintage Villas, where we had our reception)

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