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Posted on 2007-06-14 11:20:00
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The day off yesterday was really nice. We watched some TV - BSG season 1 finale (shocker!), Lost season finale (also shocker although hard to figure out what's going on!), and I worked on getting a Facebook app working. I partially succeeded, and started to try to hack around the problems with the Friend of a Friend application before deciding that, even if I could get it to work it wouldn't be very reliable. So, my new idea is to have a Daily/Cool Links app which will be kinda like Digg/Reddit except you only see links/votes from people that you are friends with. I don't know how useful or interesting it will be, but at least it's technically possible. I'll let y'all know when it's done :-)

Another thing I did yesterday was run my first Heroic instance! Details behind the cut for you non-WoW people...

After an abortive attempt with djedi earlier (we didn't even do one full pull before the tank said he had to leave :-/), I got in with a different group, and after some trouble (some people don't realize you have to be keyed...) we got going. It was four people from Daggerfall - two paladins (one tanking, one healing), a warlock, hunter, and me (mage).

One thing I had always heard about heroic instances is that the trash hits hard. This is incontrovertibly true. The normal guys were OK, but the big guys (guardians, maybe?) consistently one-shotted me if I pulled aggro. One time we were running away to the elevator and he killed me without even stopping. We wiped I think five times just pulling one of those guardians (to be fair, the healer was having lag issues, but yikes).

The first "interesting" boss was the guy that in normal mode, turns green for spell reflect and red for melee reflect. In the heroic mode he does something totally different! Every so often he will cause each person to be either positively or negatively "charged". If two people with opposite polarity stand near each other, every five seconds they both take 2000 damage. If two people with the same polarity stand near each other, both of their damage is increased by 100%. So we had the rule that the healer would stand still, and depending on your charge you'd run up to him or away from him. Not too difficult but kinda neat :-)

We killed three bosses but couldn't kill Pantheon the Calculator - got him down to 20% a few times before giving up. I collected my three Badges of Justice and went home happy. It would be nice to run an easier heroic first, but I still need to rep grind with Thrallmar, Cenarion Expedition, Lower City, and Keepers of Time.


Comment from wildrice13:

Woot! I think we just got enough people Revered last night that we can run an all-guild Heroic Coilfang, so I'm looking to do so soon :D Sounds like it's gonna be a blast!

Comment from gregstoll:

Ooh, fun! Don't pull aggro!

I also thought it was funny that we had two pieces of gear drop that I had on (gotten from normal Mechanar). Wish the gear was more scaled up...

Comment from wildrice13:

I'm supposed to pull aggro, at least usually, as I tend to be the one tanking :P Frankly I have to really gimp my cat dps to not pull aggro unless we have a prot warrior tanking (like in our first SV last night... man was that nice!). If the other option is a pally tank, I'll usually end up tanking anyway unintentionally, even when I try to go easy on dps. So typically I then tank unless we really need the extra dps, more than I can pump out while bear tanking (which is still pretty significant)--and when that kind of dps is necessary it's often not on the same target (taking down adds, Kalithresh's sand tanks, etc) so I don't have to worry about pulling aggro :)

And yeah, I'm pretty sure Heroics just add to the loot table, they don't change it :-/

Comment from taesmar:

So BSG season 1 finale - holy farking crap, right? After we saw that we ran out and bought season 2.0, and then 2.5. It's scary addictive.

P.S. Jonathan, gimme back mah BSG's!

Comment from djedi:

Well, let's run some shattered halls and try the heroic hellfirez!!

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