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Posted on 2009-11-24 10:30:00
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I signed up for the Houston Turkey Trot 5K with my family. Unfortunately, it starts at 8 AM (which is very early for me these days) and I'm not in great shape and it's going to be cold, which doesn't do so great on my lungs. Hopefully I survive!

Been working on WebOSJournal (the LiveJournal client for the Palm Pre/Pixi) - it's coming along decently but I'm running into some frustration trying to allow replying to posts/comments. The authorization scheme is tricky and of course you don't get useful feedback. I actually downloaded the LiveJournal source code to try to figure out what I'm doing wrong, but it's hard to find my way around...

Obama kicks off massive science education effort - yay!


Comment from kernelm:

Hmm... I don't remember the comment system being _too_ tricky when I wrote a bot that would have theoretically helped mod a comm, but which was never deployed. Though, now that I think about it, I had access to stuff like CURL, which I don't know if you have to access to in WebOS.

Comment from gregstoll:

I have an Ajax request which is reasonable enough. The problem is that I'm authenticating with sessiongenerate and then using that to POST to talkpost_do.bml, and the cookies have to be set up just so. Or maybe I'm doing something simple wrong, but it was an equally bad hassle just to be able to fetch posts with proper authentication...

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