the syndrome that has no name
Mood: sick
Posted on 2008-04-23 10:14:00
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(fine, it probably has a name)

I had a nice birthday weekend with lots of celebrating and stuff, which may have led to whatever the hell happened to me.

The defining symptom is a sore throat, although calling it a "sore throat" doesn't do it justice in my opinion. Feeling feverish (although the actual presence of a fever is somewhat in dispute) and having chills are pretty important parts. Stomach queasiness and a general malaise are secondary but still fairly prominent.

I'm feeling somewhat better today, although my throat still hurts (time for another painkiller!) and I'm pretty low-energy.

Saturday we walked around downtown (djedi's sister Leigh Ann was staying with us) and went to the Alamo Ritz which is a very nice theater. We saw "Smart People" which was an odd but fun movie, and before the show they had old educational science videos which was pretty awesome.


Comment from blamantin:

They filmed some significant percentage of "Smart People" on CMU's campus and in Pittsburgh. I haven't seen it yet though to see how recognizable it is.

Comment from gregstoll:

They definitely refer to CMU (the main character (I guess?) is an English professor there) and I did recognize a few shots :-)

Comment from skimmerduk:

Aww, I'm sorry you're sick! Did you rule out strep (white splotches are not necessary!)? I hope it's not, as I would then feel responsible (they told me I wasn't contagious!), but if it is, the medicine has a fair chance of wiping it out in a day. But then you might feel well enough to see people, thereby perpetuating the problem ;)

Comment from spchampion:

the syndrome that has no name


I kid, I kid. Your blood isn't solidifying.

Feel better! :)

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