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Posted on 2005-03-22 21:52:00
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Hanging out here at the ranch - my mom's in town for a conference and she's staying with me. We went places looking for a LaTeX book and the new Timesplitters game for me (got game (David will be excited!), but no book), and a confirmation card for Carrie, which are apparently very very rare or something. Anyway, hopefully I'll get a reasonable amount of sleep _and_ sleep well tonight, which would be the first time in a while. And then all my problems at work will clear up...and the world will live in harmony...


Comment from wildrice13:

That'd be nice. Hope it works out for ya. I'll have to check out TS3... perhaps we can play a bit tomorrow, though the main plan is to have you guys watch Donnie Darko. I also hope David likes it despite it not being his usual favorite type of movie. I don't know your tastes in movies so much, so I can't judge there. What is your taste in movies, anyway? :-P For future reference...

Comment from gregstoll:

Good question!

Well, I have pretty low standards, usually. I like most action movies, although not as much as I used to. David's gotten me interested in romantic comedies, which I used to not like much but are started to grow on me. I also like...umm..."weird" movies, I guess("Memento", "Being John Malkovich"). Pixar movies are good, and so are comedies.

So my tastes are pretty wide, so I'd imagine I'll like it :-)

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