TX voter registration deadline is monday!
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Posted on 2008-09-30 12:02:00
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Barack Obama wanted me to remind y'all that the voter registration deadline for Texas is this Monday, October 6. You can register and find more information at voteforchange.com.

"But Greg," I hear you say, "why even bother? It's not like my vote matters here in the Lone Star State!" Good point, hypothetical friend, but here's why you should anyway:

Been reloading fivethirtyeight.com a lot recently - seeing that 83% chance for Obama to win makes my heart sing!

Why is America so religious? - very strong negative correlation between country wealth and importance of religion to that country. We are the great big outlier.

Michael Lewis rents a mansion and ponders why having a big house is so important to people. As someone who recently purchased a bigish house (bigger than the other ones we were looking at, anyway), I found it interesting.


Comment from amorphousplasma:

We changed our addresses recently to make sure we can vote and got an Obama yard sign today! Yay!

Comment from anonymous:

… and I'm very excited to be voting for Larry Joe! Woo-hoo! Let's get a Democrat back in LBJ's old district. (Well, sort of his old district.)

Comment from gregstoll:

Cool! At the county convention, Larry Joe pointed out that more people voted in the TX-10 Democratic primary than had voted in the general election for McCaul in 2006. Let's hope that enthusiasm is still around...

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