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Posted on 2008-03-04 10:21:00
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vote vote vote caucus

This article from the Wall Street Journal has this delightful diagram of the Texas Two-Step:

Check out the ubiquitous cowboy hats, the cactus outside and the guy waiting outside with his horse. Classic!

This is fairly creepy (move your mouse around)


Comment from onefishclappin:

I can just see the FAQ now:
Q: Will there be adequate parking at the polling stations for my horse?
Q: If I can't carry my guns and vote at the same time, can my sidekick accompany me to the polling station while I vote?
Q: If a twister carries off my polling station, where should I go to vote?
Q: If Mexican banditos take over my polling station, can we round up a posse to evict them?

Comment from omega697:

Definitely some uncanny valley going on in that second link.


Comment from gerdemb:

Many people here in Portugal are interested in the election and know a surprising amount about how the system works, but whenever I try to explain the whole primary system with different states with different rules for each party having elections or caucuses on different days and superdelegates, etc. etc., I start to realize how screwed up the process is...

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah, federalism leads to some crazy shit!

Comment from tehfanboi:


Comment from gregstoll:

We saw (from the 8th floor) a plane trailing a Ron Paul sign this morning. :-)

Comment from tehfanboi:

When will he quit?

Comment from wonderjess:

Whenever Americanists don't know how to answer a question, they just say "It varies by state." People always believe that. Especially Europeans.

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