cute math song and "V for Vendetta"
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Posted on 2006-03-29 12:59:00
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So I'm cleaning out my inbox (down to 10 emails!!) and I stumbled across a video that theoyaung sent me a long time ago. It's a cute math love song - "Finite Simple Group of Order 2" (link is to a video). Good stuff!

I liked the movie, more than I thought I would. I like movies with dystopias. I could see England going that way (what with their increasing limits on free speech, etc.), although the fact that it was a theocracy seemed pretty weird to me, since England is a lot more secular than we are. (especially the fact that they locked up gays seemed pretty incongruous since they're more socially liberal over there, but I'm willing to give it as pass since the graphic novel was written in 1985ish)

The whole Evey getting kidnapped by V and in a fake prison camp rubbed me the wrong way. After arguing with destoyerj about it afterwards, I can't come up with any inconsistencies in how it was presented, but it still felt weird. I guess they implied there was a lot more to the camp that you didn't get to see, but in fact there wasn't any more than you saw. Or something. Meh.

So how did Evey escape capture between the time she was gone and November 5? I mean, it's a police state, right? There are presumably cameras everywhere and stuff, but this was never really explained. Unless I forgot that part.

The parts with torture and secret interrogation places struck a little close to home.

The end was pretty good, although it sure was convenient the many many bullets that were shot didn't kill V quickly enough that he couldn't kill everyone. And he seemed fine while he was killing everyone, but after he was done he was certain to die. I guess adrenaline is good stuff.

Anyway, I liked it. And now to donate to the ACLU...


Comment from cifarelli:

10 emails!?

Gah....if I created a new account, I'd have more than that by the end of Day 1. Guess I am just horrible about deleting stuff.

"V for Vendetta" is too violent for the Paulina-ometer (as verified by hubby who saw it while I was in Atlanta), but Andrew really liked it. He just recently devoured the graphic novel as well. I may take a look at that, since I can tolerate violence in print much better than I can on film.

Comment from gregstoll:

Well, that's just in my inbox, I have a ton of stuff archived. But 10 is definitely a new low - most of the time I've been around 30.

Cool - I bet the graphic novel is quite good!

Comment from sanjeev87:

It's very good. Go find an old copy and enjoy it :) I have yet to see the movie, but it's on my list...

Comment from djedi:

I didn't find it that violent to be honest. Yes there were a handful of scenes where i closed my eyes (I don't like watching violence), but that was about it and they were mostly short.

Comment from omega697:

Have you seen Brazil? Another dystopic UK made in 1985...

Comment from gregstoll:

I haven't, although I would like to at some point...

Comment from fartingmonkey:

Another movie V for Vendetta reminded me of...simply because of the dystopian society and the leader screaming through TV screens was Equilibrium. Largely considered a matrix rip off, it rips off another popular book far more.

Comment from wonderjess:

ultraviolet (which I have yet to see) is by the same people that did equilibrium, and is suppose to be a better (according to them) version of it. I thought it was a little condescending (I'm not wildly fond of the conceit of a movie director inventing his own style of martial arts and naming it something wacky) but the gun fight (sort of) at the end was awesome.

also, it had sean bean in it (even if not for long), so of course my love for it knows no bounds.

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