Rice trip and other things
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Posted on 2005-09-20 08:43:00
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So the trip down to Rice went well.
The drive down was uneventful in a good way - we watched a Simpsons episode and listened to my iPod. Unfortunately, our hotel was out 290 a ways (hard to find hotel rooms - maybe because of Katrina evacuees?), which meant the next morning we had to get up early and spend like half an hour in traffic to actually get to Rice. And on the way, we saw someone pull over, get out of his truck, and hunch over to pee. That was...interesting.

The day went well - we showed off our demos and had a pretty good presence. I talked to some people who seemed excited about NI - yay! Although the demo I had put together didn't actually work. But that's OK, since it wasn't very exciting anyway (using a camera to count change). Maybe next time!

By the end of the day, we were tired from standing from 10ish-4 (well, most of the time), and we had to pack up all the demos into the van. We got on 59 right at 5, so of course traffic was horrible, and we pulled off at 6 (still in Houston, mind you, just past the beltway) to eat dinner, then we continued on and made it back to NI, unloaded the stuff, and finally I got to go home. Yikes, I was tired!

Charlotte's Web was decent on Sunday - not great because it had been a week, and I forgot to get my hair pinned so it kept coming out of my pig head. Also, my voice was dry for whatever reason, so I had to talk loudly and it didn't sound (or feel) as good as usual. Oh well. Hopefully this weekend will be better, since my parents are coming up to see it! Which I'm excited about. Although they might have to evacuate from Tropical Storm (presumably a hurricane by then) Rita, which would be irritating.

Here are the Celebrity Jeopardy videos from SNL - haven't watched them yet, but I want to. Maybe I'll have time today!

Apparently there's a "plague" spreading in WoW. Very interesting, although I'd imagine it would be annoying to just randomly die. Dunno if I could heal myself fast enough to avoid it...


Comment from wonderjess:

um...you watched a simpsons episode on the drive down?

Comment from destroyerj:

Portable DVD players ftw! (thanks, mom!)

Comment from gregstoll:

He also borrowed a PSP. That was neat.

Comment from wonderjess:

ok, but still, one of you was driving and that one wasn't watching, right?

Comment from destroyerj:

Right, whoever was driving was the one who got to play the PSP.

Comment from gregstoll:

The PSP driving game, naturally!

Comment from wildrice13:

Re: WoW disease; I saw somebody with it last week, and tried to heal them! Didn't have the right healing ability, apparently (don't know whether it's magic, poison, disease or what). Crazy! Didn't catch it, luckily...

Comment from abstractseaweed:

Just last night I was thinking about how it would be neat if there were "diseases" introduced into WoW, as a study of epidemiology. WoW is a simulator of sorts, which could be used to model disease spread in an actual population. Some diseases would target certain races more than others, and there could be different methods of disease spread (some spread by trading, some by whispering, others simply by being near someone). The diseases could be introduced from specific point sources, such as a specific copper vein, or contracted from some of the wildlife or NPCs in a particular area. I was envisioning diseases that don't do much to affect gameplay, just acting as a tag on the character to track disease spread. I wonder what the social consequences in the game would be, even if the diseases did nothing.

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