Musical friends & family show?
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Posted on 2008-07-18 14:13:00
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Before I forget, does anyone want to come to the ASMC friends & family show? It's Friday, August 1 at 7 PM. I have a few spare tickets but in general they're going fast!


Comment from onefishclappin:

We can't do that night but we'll want to hit you or someone up for tickets to one of the kid shows. 9th or 10th, 4:00 show. Who do I need to talk to?

Comment from gregstoll:

David and I both have 4 vouchers, so you can hit me up :-) Let me know when you decide and I'll see if Julie is doing exchanges yet...

Comment from blamantin:

Alex and I want to go to one of the shows, but no idea which one yet. Any particular reason to go/not go to that one?

Comment from gregstoll:


That show is the one with...well, friends and stuff and a lot fewer kids. So if you want to avoid lots of kids and stuff, that one is the one to go for. I think that's the main difference.

Oh, and that's the first show, so there's a higher probability of someone screwing up. So if you like that sort of thing...

Comment from blamantin:

Well, if you still have two tickets, Alex and I would like them!

Comment from gregstoll:

Of course, what I should have said is that another option is Gala night! Which is awesome and a fun silent auction and how we cover most of the costs of the show.

So, either way. Let me know :-)

Comment from blamantin:

Friends and Family is already on my calendar, so we'll stick with that.

Comment from onefishclappin:

If you go to the friends and family show you aren't taking a seat away from a kid who could otherwise go see it. That being said, we are going to a regular show (we are out of town for F&F show & it's pretty late for the kids anyway)

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