Mood: triumphant
Posted on 2006-01-29 00:01:00
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I spent all evening installing a new hard drive/copying data over (I had 90GB and 120GB drives, now I have 120GB and 320GB drives), and it all works! And I learned some things along the way that I had always wondered about, too (like how to make lilo work when you need to chroot - the key is to remount the partition with the dev option).

Also, I thought it fitting to mention that the very same day that I posted I could cook from a recipe, due to some miscommunication I made a waffle that, when I opened the waffle iron, split in half (the long way). Here's a tip, kids: be sure the waffle iron's been Pamed!


Comment from sanjeev87:

Baker's Joy is even better for baked goods!

Comment from wonderjess:

this sounds like something you already know about, but just in case: http://mapwow.com/

Comment from gregstoll:

I just did see that the other day, but thanks! It's neat, although it could use more information (flight points, etc.)

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