Independence Day links!
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Posted on 2012-03-02 11:52:00
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(Texas Independence Day, that is)

- Ze Frank (of The Show with Ze Frank) just launched a Kickstarter project to do another show! It's already met its goal, but the more supporters the more awesome it will be. I'm very excited, and hooray for Kickstarter!

- Right versus Pragmatic - I am very much a pragmatist. (although I agree with Andy Ihnatko's complaint about the sense of entitlement...)

- The White House's Economic Case for Reelection in 13 Charts - or, politics + charts = linkbait for me.

- The Power of Being Pulled Over - pulling over drivers affects their behavior for a long time!

- Sprinkles Cupcakes Explains Its 24-Hour 'Cupcake ATM' - Houston's going to have round-the-clock access to cupcakes!

- Giant Prehistoric Penguins Stood Nearly 5 Feet Tall


Comment from brittongregory:

Liz and I were pulled over for speeding in our neighborhood back shortly after we got married. To this day, she'll drive exactly the speed limit when not on the highway.

Comment from brittongregory:

And I agree with you and Marco re: pragmatism.

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah. I find that my pragmatism makes me good at fixing short-term problems and less good at addressing them long-term. Which is a good thing to watch out for with work-related stuff...

Comment from cifarelli:

I'm amused by the penguin article. The headline reads "nearly 5 feet tall," the first paragraph says "almost 4 ft 6 in", and later in the article it says the penguins were 4' 2". Whatever happened to consistency? And accuracy?

Comment from gregstoll:

Heh, that is a good point. Maybe a better headline would be "Prehistoric penguins: taller than you'd expect!"

Comment from andrewhime:

meh, it slows me down for a day or two, tops. Got places to be.

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