The Steeping Room
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Posted on 2008-01-29 10:03:00
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Yesterday I was having trouble concentrating in the morning and needed to get some serious design work done, so I took a sheet of paper and headed to lunch. On a whim, I found myself at The Steeping Room, which is right across the street at the Domain before. I had walked by before and kind of made a mental note to check it out, so why not?

It was a sit-down place which surprised me a little, but I got seated quickly (by a hostess who complimented me on my penguin shirt, no less!) and looked through the menu. The food choices were a little light but there were like three pages solid of teas to choose from. I ended up getting a pot of Gunpowder tea, a cup of saffron white bean soup and the Napa rolls which were very similar to spring rolls.

All in all, good stuff. The tea hit the spot and I finally got some work done. It was a little expensive ($13 for lunch) but not terrible.


Comment from onefishclappin:

Ok, I kept reading that as the "Sleeping Room" and though - wow - someplace to go take a nap during the day or lay back, close your eyes and have a cup of tea. I could do with that. Oh well.

Comment from gregstoll:

Man, that sounds really nice!

Comment from djedi:

Wow, that'd be awesome!

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