Tennessee, our Tennessee
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Location: Cookesville, TN
Posted on 2006-08-25 19:34:00
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Howdy! We've stopped for the night in Cookesville, TN. Had a good trip today - went just under 500 miles, so we're doing well enough. The only traffic we hit was in Nashville which probably cost us 20 minutes or so...

In terms of sickness, I'm probably a little better than yesterday, but I feel kinda feverish right now. Hopefully a stint in the whirlpool will at least clear up my sinuses. Speaking of which, do most hotels have rooms with whirlpools/jacuzzis nowadays? Because most of the ones here do, like the ones in Hot Springs. Maybe we've just never looked for that before, but we're totally doing so in the future :-)

Cookesville is a weird place - we've only seen the part right near I-40, but there are tooooons of hotels and restaurants (Jack in the Box, Wendy's, Chili's, IHOP, Ryan's, Steak and Shake, Starbucks, Subway, Outback are all within 3 blocks...and there are more I'm forgetting) right near our hotel. It seems like there may be a college right around here, based on the age of people at Wal-Mart and the conversation I overheard at IHOP, which might explain some of this...

One of the upcoming Alamo Drafthouse events we saw at "Snakes on a Plane" was the showing Chuck Norris movies with Chuck Norris himself in person, which looks awesome. I'm really gonna miss the Drafthouse.

Tomorrow is more driving, probably around the same amount (so our Sunday drive will be easy, especially since we have to get to Columbia by 5 PM), but we're gonna take the Blue Ridge Parkway for a while tomorrow which is supposed to be very scenic. I'm excited about that :-)


Comment from wonderjess:

feel better! eat spicy food!

michelle was telling me about trips she's taking home to maryland, and she said I can come along whenever, so maybe I can come visit sometime this semester! if y'all get settled in and everything :)

Comment from gregstoll:

That would be awesome! This had better happen :-)

How long a drive is it, by the way?

Comment from fairydust1:

oooh Blue Ridge Parkway IS beautiful. Enjoy the ride! I've been thinking of you too lots while Jay works on the extras and behind the scenes footage for the show *wink* which I think you will like LOTS! :)

Comment from medryn:

I think it's funny that we were in Nashville at around the same time. I spent Thursday night there, after a long-haul from Baltimore (including a tire blow-out in Kentucky!).

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