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Posted on 2008-02-04 14:39:00
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The Mac continues to get better. Three days after spilling a ton of tea on it the screen is all better, the fan no longer spins crazily, and the battery charges normally. (which may have been happening all along but I was suspicious for a while) Unfortunately, the only problem is that the "v" key (and maybe the Control key) don't work at all. So I guess I'll have to take it in and see if they can fix it, which honestly is pretty doubtful.

Assuming it can't be fixed, I'm leaning towards not replacing it since we don't play WoW much anymore (we picked up Guild Wars over the weekend...we'll see if we continue playing or not) and I just bought the damn thing. I am getting back a big ol' tax refund since I deducted a bunch of moving expenses, although the Maryland state tax situation is a little more unclear. (if there online calculator is right, which I don't think it is, I owe $500 and will be very miffed)

The cover of a romance novel I saw at HEB - thanks, cameraphone!

A work friend has an imported version of Smash Bros and I get to play it tomorrow night. I am extremely excited.

Super Tuesday is tomorrow! Some polls look really good for Obama, others look less good, so who knows. Not sure how I'll keep up with results while playing Smash Bros tomorrow night, but I'll think of something!


Comment from kernelm:

They can't clean/replace the keyboard? My girlfriend's Mac you can just pop the keyboard right out. On my Dell you have to work at it a bit to get to the keyboard, but it's not impossible.

Comment from gregstoll:

Hmm, I hadn't thought about that. You have given me hope!

Comment from djedi:

Maybe we can try to clean it ourselves!

Also, Wong is somewhat political, so perhaps you can just ask him to load it up on his computer.

Comment from omega697:

They can totally replace the keyboard. It's 'spensive, though, if it comes to that. You may be able to get the key off and fix it yourself, though. I've had to do that.

Comment from fairydust1:

Jay has taken our laptops to the Apple Store with one key broken, and they opened a drawer, pulled out a new key, and popped it on. Keep hope! :)

Comment from tehfanboi:

Well I know you support Obama, and I support Clinton, and if neither of them gets teh nomination outright tomorrow, maybe Texas will actually matter for once in a primary race!

Comment from gregstoll:

I think it's pretty likely that tomorrow won't settle things. That would be pretty neat :-)

Comment from djedi:

It would be totally awesome for my vote to perhaps make some sort of difference! I'm getting pretty excited about the primary.

Comment from liz_gregory:

soooo, for those of us who have never voted in our primary before... when is it?

Some of us are under the impression that it's tomorrow... but this thread seems to differ.

Comment from gregstoll:

It's March 4. We have a little while :-)

Comment from liz_gregory:

*sigh* hopefully, we'll get a chance to make a difference... well, maybe not hopefully. Maybe we'll get lucky and our personal favorite will have already been decided. Not sure which to hope for! :P

Comment from fairydust1:

GW - Jay's on there almost nightly. So's Kenn, and if you are looking for their "group" they are in the OCD Guild. I don't know how people communicate on there or anything, but I'll let Jay know you bought the game. :)

Comment from gregstoll:

Cool! I don't really know either (everything's new!), and we have a crazy busy week planned already, but we'll probably be on more next week.

Comment from djedi:

It seems possible to contact almost anyone provided you know some information about them, because it doesn't have separate servers like WoW, but that also leads to information overload.

Comment from wildrice13:

As I said to David, I hate you for getting to play SSBB early. I have to wait another month! Boo!!!

Comment from gregstoll:

I know - I was afraid you would disown us. :-P

Comment from wildrice13:

Hehe... I haven't ruled it out yet! How was it? Or will that be a separate post? :P

Comment from gregstoll:

Separate post. Short version: pretty much what you'd expect, which is good in this case.

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