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Music: Radiohead - "OK Computer" album
Posted on 2007-01-08 09:37:00
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Like most people, I would often make New Year's Resolutions and promptly forget/ignore them come, say, January 15. But in an age of microgames (WarioWare series of games) and microtransactions (Xbox Live Marketplace, Wii Virtual Console), why not microresolutions? On Friday, I made a microresolution that I would work out at least twice over the weekend (stipulating that dodgeball Saturday morning counted), and I ended up going to the gym Sunday to fulfill the microresolution. Success! Next up: I had a few bad headaches this weekend and I bet they're from caffeine withdrawal. Microresolution: no caffeine (tea/chocolate excluded) from today until Wednesday (inclusive). We'll see how this one goes.

Speaking of dodgeball, djedi came to watch my game on Saturday. We lost both rounds, but I did "win" our only game for our team. It came down to me and a girl on the other team, and I threw maybe five balls at her before I finally (barely) hit her. She was good at dodging! I felt a little bad because she's a girl (and I was throwing the ball fairly hard, which was helpful because when I missed it would bounce off the wall and come back to me), but one of the consequences of feminism is that I'm not supposed to feel bad about stuff like that, right?

I spent a Best Buy gift card this weekend and, on a whim, I bought the Radiohead "OK Computer" album without hearing any songs on it, although it's ridiculously critically acclaimed. Listening to it now for the first time - my microreaction is that I like it. :-)

Why doesn't the LJ spell checker recognize "dodgeball"?


Comment from fartingmonkey:

I love OK Computer...and if you like that then be sure to pick up The Bends. You were right to buy the album...Radiohead has fricken wonderful flow throughout the album so be sure to just sit and listen to the whole thing sometime. /fanboyoff

Comment from amorphousplasma:


Comment from djedi:

I know it's harder, but you could just limit yourself to like 1 caffeine a day or something...and tea doesn't count. :)

Comment from omega697:

The album is critically acclaimed for good reason.

I have often heard it referred to as a "perfect" album. Every track is good, they're all organized in the right order, everything just works.

Comment from onefishclappin:

What do we have to do to get the LJ spell checker to be 1/2 way decent??

And I'm with you on the caffeine thing - I've let myself go a little this week (throwing out my breastmilk because of antibiotics, so I've not been worrying about the caffeine levels as much) so I'm going to have to cut back soon (should be able to start using it again on Thursday). Ick, headaches.

Comment from gregstoll:

I know - I never use it, except that I found a misspelling which made me paranoid. And then got like 20 false positives back. It doesn't even handle HTML tags!

Comment from onefishclappin:

I know - and it doesn't understand it's own special LJ tags, which seems very dumb. I have gotten sick enough of it that I figure that my friends will forgive me the occational misspelling instead of having to fight it.

Comment from destroyerj:

Such as occational instead of occasional ;) (sorry, the ironing was too delicious).

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