the saga of the phone!
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Posted on 2007-12-13 15:03:00
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(this is what passes for a saga these days)

So after yesterday's post, I decided to go with the RAZR (especially after seeing you can transfer stuff from it to your computer without paying $50 for Motorola's kit, which means I can back up phone numbers and stuff which is wicked cool!), and while I was out running errands I stopped by a T-Mobile store.

The online price was $70, which seemed a little high since I bought my last phone in May of 2005, but I figured if that's the price, that's the price. I got to the store, told the guy I wanted to upgrade my phone, etc. He looked me up in the magic computer and said that it would be $87 after fees and taxes or whatnot (so I'm guessing it's actually the same price as online), but if I waited another month it would only be $20. Said I, "buh?". Turns out I've only had this phone for 21 months, whereas to get the full discount one needs to wait 22 months. I pressed him a little, but he said he couldn't get any more info and to call Customer Care, they may be able to help me out.

Back home, I gave them a call and talked with an enthusiastic-sounding young woman. We went through the song and dance and again she told me that it was $70. I asked about the extra month and said that I had bought my phone in May 2005 and so it had been more than 22 months, but she said that she couldn't tell how long it would be until I got the full discount. She sounded like she couldn't get at that information either - maybe I should have asked to speak to her manager or something? I wasn't feeling very bold at the time.

Honestly, the lack of a working alarm on the phone is pretty bad, but even I can't justify spending an extra $60-70 to get a new phone a month early. I did send an email explaining my situation, saying when I bought the phone and asking whether I could get the discount. The automated email promised a response within 24 hours, so I should hear soon!

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Comment from destroyerj:

Are you currently under contract with them?
If not, just turn to David when they tell you the price/deny you a discount and mutter something about "hm, not as good as the Sprint store" or whatever and hand it back and say you don't think you're interested. See what deal they offer you then.

Comment from gregstoll:

I think what they're saying is that my contract is in fact not up, since I'm pretty sure I had to extend it to get my last phone.

I've also read that the reps at the stores have little power compared to phone people, so I'd have to do it on the phone, which seems more awkward. Although maybe less awkward because there's no face-to-face contact.

Comment from taesmar:

Is it verizon? I get a discount on verizon stuff (25% or something) due to being a state employee, if you need an extra charger or whatnot.

Comment from gregstoll:

It's T-Mobile, actually, but thanks anyway!

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