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Posted on 2007-02-08 13:23:00
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It snowed yesterday morning! We got a few hours off from work (which we promptly converted into sweet, sweet sleep) so I'm feeling pretty good in general. It's also starting to warm up a bit - only got down to 19 last night!

My last microresolution was to finish the auctioneer lookup, which I'm declaring myself done with. There's possibly some more data that could be gathered if I did a lot more digging and the web service took a lot longer to respond, but I'm pretty happy with what it does now. I haven't decided exactly what my next microresolution will be, but it's probably either something related to taxes or addressing/sending letters. Or maybe playing around with Adobe Flex.

A few weeks ago I bought and installed Mint for my web site - it's a web site analytics program, much like Google Analytics, but with a much nicer view and more options (or at least, the options are easier to figure out). I'm pretty pleased with the results - you can see what a Mint install on another site looks like. It's also fun to see what searches people are doing that lead them to my site, like "working at national instruments", swat ride, texas shaped sunglasses (hmm, where's my result on there?), etc.

Yahoo! released Yahoo! Pipes today, but it's currently down. Here's an O'Reilly article about it, though, and I'm looking forward to playing with it when it comes back up!


Comment from wonderjess:

ooh! I know what the sunglasses thing is! remember when we went to that random place for father's day? and one day we went into that little town? and in one store (I remember while we were in that particular store you were telling me about plan's for your anniversary, and how you and david tend to celebrate everything with steak dinners. hehe.) there were tx shaped sunglasses and you took a picture of carrie trying the on.

Comment from gregstoll:

Ah, there it is. How did you remember all that stuff? Yeesh :-)

Comment from anonymous:

Snow? Gosh, is it February still? It was 70 and humid down here in Galveston.

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