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Posted on 2006-06-05 14:48:00
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So djedi and I were home this last weekend to celebrate birthdays and other things. I had a good time - it was good to get to see my family again. The downside is that Carrie got me hooked on Lost, and I spent too much time this morning looking at to find out more stuff I missed. Maybe I'll watch it next year...

I also got some new shoes, which are designed to help me not pronate (walk on the insides of my feet). My feet are mostly used to them now, and they do seem to feel better, so yay!

We also went to the Astros game Saturday night.
Since the game on Saturday was exciting, and the Astros almost came back in the 9th inning, I graphed the win expectancy throughout the game using my win expectancy grapher. The resulting image is below:

You can see the Astros got back up to a 20% chance of winning in the bottom of the ninth, which is pretty good.

I watched and listened to the end of the game on Sunday, which was exciting and went into extra innings - the win expectancy graph is below:

Whenever a game goes into extra innings, the win expectancy fluctuates wildly (since one run makes a huge differencE), and this game is no exception.

Tonight before and after game night, my goal is to get sound working on my computer. We'll see how that goes.


Comment from djedi:

Cool. Have fun tonight, sweetie.

Comment from gregstoll:

Aw, thanks!

Comment from djedi:

Oh and nice mood. :)

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