Cheney series at Washington Post
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Posted on 2007-06-26 09:36:00
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Wow, the Washington Post is doing quite the series on Cheney. Here's the chapter I found most interesting. (may require registration, use bugmenot if you must)

In response to Cheney's claim that the Office of the Vice President is not in the executive branch (um, right), Rahm Emanuel wants to stop allocating it money from the executive branch. Sounds fair to me.


Comment from brittongregory:

It seems to me that most politicians get to places of power by making the right friends, greasing the right wheels, and generally knowing how to make more people happy than not. For the first time a long time (as far as I know), we have a pair in the White House who don't. Neither of them care what anyone else thinks, nor do they believe that anyone with a dissenting opinion could possibly have any credence whatsoever.

Yeah, I'm scared.

Comment from tehfanboi:

Yeah I have this spooky suspicion that they will declare marshall law before the 2008 election and just sort of stay around.

Comment from gregstoll:

I don't think it'll go as far as martial law, but the whole disregard for the law, etc. is pretty scary.

Comment from tehfanboi:

yeah you say that now, but when it happens you'll be all "Hey Pat let me into the secret revolution club" and I'll be all "you said this wouldn't happen. too bad for you!" and you'll be all "Oh come on. PLEEAAASSSEEE!" And I'll be like "Ok, but you have to bring beer and pizza to our next meeting, and it has to be good beer!"

And it BETTER be good beer.

Comment from gregstoll:

Did you know Austin is a great beer town?

Comment from djedi:


Comment from onefishclappin:

I actually had that same thought last night...

Comment from brittongregory:

The funny thing is, I know another fellow in a position of relative power who uses it ramrod actions through the system and ignores the opinion of those he has power over. He's the rector of Palmer Memorial, the church I used to attend at Rice U.

To give an example: when Katrina came through, he insisted that the church make room for the refugee students who could not fit in to the Houston school system. The vestry balked -- they couldn't make room, it would cost too much time and effort, etc. But he wouldn't take no for an answer, and somehow room and resources were found to create the New Orleans Academy of Houston.

Another: there is a decently large homeless population near the church, and occasionally one of the residents would "crash" a baptismal service in order to be baptized. He overruled the protests of the more gentrified members of the congregation, ignoring their threats to withdraw their substantial tithes, and insisted that they be allowed in.

So maybe there is a time and a place for a person in power to take unilateral action. Then again, Jim is different. He is completely honest and totally transparent -- he has nothing to hide, and will freely discuss his disagreements with anyone he think might care to know. And his unilateral decisions always seem to fit the modus operandi of the man that he and all other Christians claim to follow.

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