A pretty picture for a Friday night
Mood: happy
Posted on 2009-04-24 23:16:00
Tags: pretty projects
Words: 59

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(div-clip (colorperlin 1362710210 278847481 1402125762 (add-wrap (abs (num 0.031681362818044456)) (sub-clip (cos (ccrgb (sin (atan-clip (rd (add-clip (add-wrap x (num 0.578092059228798)) x)))) y (num 0.23646468718646263))) (colorperlin 1502179640 1316738189 454935563 (neg (div-wrap x y)) (num 0.5078184951973896)))) x) (bwperlin 880129745 (abs (add-clip (sin x) (ccrgb y (sub-wrap (cos x) (neg (log-clip (num 0.05318551299931629)))) (num 0.751250719855975)))) y))


Comment from llemma:

More so than any Rice fundraising email or facebook "old photos" upload, this brought back huge and happy nostalgia... thank you!

Comment from gregstoll:

Aw, I'm glad :-) There's definitely a high nostalgia quotient for me. Maybe I should email Theo...(he was my partner on this project)

Comment from liz_gregory:

that is pretty. I love the colors and mix of swirls and straight line. Aesthetically pleasing :)

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