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Posted on 2008-02-14 10:13:00
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Appropriately, the ban on selling sex toys in Texas was overturned (although it doesn't take effect until March). I swear, the laws we pass in this state. I wonder if there's a count somewhere of which state has had the most laws overturned by a federal court?

I think my stomachache yesterday was caused by the large mocha (four shots of espresso!) I had in the morning to try to curb my headache. Then I wasn't hungry for lunch, then I was very hungry for dinner. Anyway, that's all sorted out, and my head is doing significantly better. I slept much better than I thought I would. Hooray!

From this article about Clinton campaigning in Texas:

Delia Guajardo, 63, a retired administrative secretary, was among several in the crowd who said they don't foresee Obama swaying them: "Just the Obama name scares me. It's not a common name."
Seriously? Seriously?? Maybe that's why Kucinich never wins the primary?

Apparently the right way to read binary files in Haskell is to use this BitSyntax library. bitSyn is totally awesome but I wish I knew how it worked - the source is available but it uses some crazy template stuff. (here's an example of parsing a JPEG file with it) I think what I need to do is work on two projects - one in Haskell or O'CaML or whatever crazy language strikes my fancy and another in Python or C++ or something I know better to keep from losing my mind. Maybe I'll give Django another shot!

The writer's strike ended! Clinton and Obama will debate at UT next Thursday! (although good luck finding tickets...)


Comment from onefishclappin:

Obama is just one letter off from Osama
I can promise you that that scares people, whether they admit it or not.

Comment from gregstoll:

I'm going to change my name to Taxman and go around people asking for money.

Comment from onefishclappin:

:) Change your name to Kennedy and get elected! They've had people who happened to have the same (or similar) name to some who had held office, but died, who have successfully been elected.
Change your name to Dell and you are likely to get better service around Austin.

Comment from tehfanboi:

Obama's middle name is HUSSEIN! OMG TEH TERRAH!

On the sex toys thing, I once saw a little video on Youtube where Molly Ivins was talking about the sex toys law, and the sodomy law and how it all passed. If you can find it, it is like 10 minutes or so and pretty entertaining.

Comment from taesmar:

Sex toys have been sold in Texas for years - they just had to be called "novelties." I went to one of those bachelorette parties, and there were dildos and vibrators and everything and the hostess carefully explained that these were just "novelties" and not intended for sex toys, and what we chose to do with them when we got home was our business.

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah, "for novelty use only" is the magic phrase, I think.

Comment from onefishclappin:

I remember seeing one which was labeled as a "novelty cake topper". It was a 8 inch large red rubber dildo. I'm trying to imagine that cake...

Comment from djedi:


Comment from djedi:

Even when only using them for "novelty purposes only", you were (and until March) are still only allowed to legally own up to 5 or 6 of them. After that, it's intent to sell without a license (unless you happen to have a license).

So come March we can all go on a shopping spree!

Comment from gregstoll:

Oh, so it was legal to sell them if you had a license?

I'm getting more confused as the day goes on...

Comment from djedi:

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. At some point, the question is when is a sex toy not a sex toy and this is just bullshit.

Comment from onefishclappin:

Uh oh - I just bought 8 zucchinis! I'm going to be arrested!

Comment from taesmar:

If I were not on maternity leave, I could probably get a spot at the debate due to my job. As it is, though, I'm not about to ask my job for tickets... if I'm recovered enough to go to a debate, they may actually want me to come back to work!

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