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Posted on 2007-05-16 13:01:00
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I don't get Lolcats. They were kinda cute at first, but now I hate them. I find the pidgin English annoying. (and usually not clever) Feel free to correct the error of my ways or (more entertainingly!) call me old.

Two good articles from Slate:

- Alberto Gonzales browbeats the critically ill

- Jerry Falwell's hit parade (a bunch of Falwell quotes)

I like Slate a lot, especially since I don't read any of Mickey Kaus's stuff, which used to make me roll my eyes angrily.


Comment from onefishclappin:

I started reading slate in 1999 and it's only gotten better and better. There are some article types I always avoid, but they have some really good stuff sometimes. (BTW, does anyone know if the Jon Katz that writes animal stuff on Slate is the same Jon Katz who used to be a slashdot contributer/moderator who did a lot of the school shooting, loner articles?)

Comment from gregstoll:

According to Wikipedia, yes!

Comment from tehfanboi:

I'm in ur slate suggestin the Farwell colum by hitchens lol.

I love Slate. I think it is a very well done magazine, but the thing Ilike best about them is the weekly Gabfest podcast with David Plotz (blogging the bible fame), Emily Braezlon (does articles on legal issues and issues about family alot) and John Dickerson (most recently reviewing the Presidential debates). They are the best part of my friday commute, listening to them rehash the weekly political news.

Comment from taesmar:

I never heard them called lolcats before today, but I luv them! Maybe it's cause I love cats.

Comment from djedi:

Hmm, maybe I"ll return to Slate then. I just read one too many articles that rubbed me the wrong way, so I moved over to Salon...but Salon is pretty liberal, so it'd be nice to have some balance.

Comment from wonderjess:

so every once in a while they post a "shocking" (annoying and usually stupidly contrarian) economics essay by steven landsburg. he's both the chair of the econ department here AND one of dad's former roommates. I like to forward them to mom, because they make her so angry. hehe.

I don't agree with all their authors, but I read slate allll the time. it's the drug of choice in my department. ad report card and dear prudence are fun, as is the comparison shopping for random things.

Comment from wildrice13:

Some of the people who make Lolcats try too hard, that's obvious. But those that are good make me laugh so hard. Harder than most things are capable of making me laugh. They're right up my alley, humor-wise. The best ones are the ones with very subtle pidgin, or none at all. Some people think that's the point of any given Lolcat, but in my estimation it's not. The point is matching an already humorous cat picture with a title that enhances it. Takes it one step further, or in an unexpected direction, without overshadowing the picture itself.

Hehe I'm waxing philosophical on Lolcats. Awesome.

I like Slate too. I should read it more.

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