My subconscious hates Macs
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Posted on 2007-01-31 16:54:00
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Riffing on the dream thing (is this a meme? discuss amongst yourselves), I've had two dreams in the last four months or so in which myself and a few others were being threatened by Steve Jobs and he was generally a really really bad guy.

So what does that mean?


Comment from djedi:

Hmm, I'm not sure. You keep reading windows books lately though so maybe you're being brainwashed.

As far as the meme thing goes, I'm actually startign to loosen my definition of meme...perhaps to the more correct one. According to Miriam&Webster, "an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture". Livejournalers definition constitutes a subculture, and posting about dreams is indeed a behavior, as is taking quizzes. Even the fad of doing quizzes is sort of a meme. Not sure I entirely like fad being interchangeable with meme though. There's more of an ideation rather than action connotation to meme.

Comment from spchampion:

Clearly you've never heard of what it's like to work for Steve Jobs. He's supposed to be a very difficult boss, and it's supposedly not uncommon for Apple people to try to keep their projects below his radar lest it become the next big thing at Macworld.

Comment from gregstoll:

True, I have read that Guardian story on what it was like to present with him, but that didn't really imply evilness.

(wait, wouldn't you want your project to be the next big thing? Or is the point that the attention/criticism of Jobs is enough to dissuade you from taking that path?)

Comment from spchampion:

Apparently his attention is so intense that people who are working with him on projects would rather not be.

All heard second hand from an ex-Apple guy. May or may not be true.

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