Silly season re Batman/Bane/Bain (a rant)
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Posted on 2012-07-18 22:46:00
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Recently some have said (I'm not going to point any fingers, but his name starts with "R" and ends with "ush Limbaugh") that Bane, the villain in The Dark Knight Rises, is meant to evoke Mitt Romney, because "Bain Capital" sounds the same as "Bane".

People. This may be, literally, the stupidest thing I've ever heard. To think this is all some sinister Obama plot requires that you believe:

- Back in early 2011 (when they announced Bane was going to be the villain in the next Batman movie), someone realized that not only was Mitt Romney going to win the nomination (this being back in the days of Trump and Cain and Palin), but Bain Capital would become a big story - it may seem obvious now, but hindsight is 20/20

- Even though Bane is a supervillain who hates the rich (as I understand it), this would still make voters associate Bain Capital with Bane

- ANYONE would be convinced by this to not vote for Romney

Bane is not Mitt Romney. Batman in The Dark Knight is not George W. Bush. The Joker is not Ron Paul. Robin is not Joe Biden. The Riddler is not Paul Wolfowitz. Commissioner Gordon is not Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Freeze is not Dick Cheney. Catwoman is not Nancy Pelosi. Alfred is not Dennis Kucinich.

I understand it's only four months until the election, but when we throw around stupid comparisons to Batman movies the terrorists win!

(now Limbaugh has clarified: he just thinks the Democrats will take advantage of the movie, somehow...and to be clear Batman is NOT ROMNEY. Grrrr!)


Comment from brittongregory:

When Rush makes you angry, he wins. :(

(And yes, he makes me angry, too.)

Comment from spamchang:


Comment from gregstoll:

I know! 364 days of the year I happily ignore him. But...well, I'm only human :-)

Comment from trice_ranger:

...that Bane was a major villain in the Batman comics, and is one of the few major ones that hadn't been revamped. He's an obvious choice, unless we want to go all "Tim Burton" with The Penguin.

- Nancy Pelosi *wishes* she was Catwoman. :P
- It's really not Batman's fault that Bain Capital chose a name that has a homonym with negative connotations. They could've chosen to do shady things at Happi Corp. 'S not our fault that they didn't.

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