Feingold for president!
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Posted on 2006-04-05 10:53:00
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Feingold says he supports gay marriage


Comment from taesmar:

What always puzzled me about this debate is that a common conservative moral theme is "gays are promiscuous." If that's the concern, shouldn't the conservatives SUPPORT encouraging these so-called promiscuous people to settle down into monogamy?

Comment from gregstoll:

This is quite true. I suspect deep down, some people who think like this just want gays to go away.

Comment from taesmar:

Not go away. Learn to be straight. Because it's all in your head, riiiighty?

Comment from djedi:

I think part of the reason for that is their own horniness. They figure if it's just two guys they must have sex all the time (no woman to say no) or something.

Comment from sanjeev87:

Sadly, that will probably make him unelectable. The same people say they support Bush because he's willing to take a stand for what he believes would never vote for Feingold because he did the same thing.

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah, I know. But a man can dream...

Comment from djedi:

A man can't dream can't he? A man can dream...

Comment from fairydust1:

*sigh* Sadly, it's one of the worst states to have a senator support gay marriage. The churches up there are so ultra-conservative, they won't even elect women clergy for the most part. (I experienced this first-hand, as I used to attend church camp up near OshKosh back in the day.) I wish to heck more people believed in it though - if you love someone, why can't you pronounce it to the world and have it recognized? Should it matter who that person is to anyone outside the union? I think not. *hug*

Comment from gregstoll:

Really - that's interesting! I wonder how he got elected then.

(and thanks :-) )

Comment from tehfanboi:

Because they also have a tradition of liking "Maverick" politicians and he is definitely one of them. He is much more than a 1 issue Senator. He has a wide and diverse platform and alot of what he says makes sense.

Comment from anonymous:

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Comment from anonymous:

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Comment from sanjeev87:

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Comment from taesmar:

Giving straight people a bad name, one misspelling at a time.

Please report for a vasectomy immediately. It's for the good of humanity. Kthxbye.

Comment from amorphousplasma:

Oh gosh, don't go using big words now. I think we might need to clarify.

Vasectomy: in males, the surgical removal of part of the sperm duct (vas deferens) to induce infertility.

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