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Posted on 2006-10-17 08:41:00
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So my new netflix entry finished overnight and I submitted it. Unfortunately, I didn't bother to use their format checker, and there was a problem (it predicted a rating greater than 5), so I fixed that in my prediction program and am rerunning it now. This means I can't submit again for another week, which is disappointing. Maybe I'll make some more progress with user-based correlation by then...

On the other hand, I lost 1.6 pounds this week!

On the way in this morning, WAMU (our local NPR station) was doing a fund drive and they had Diane Rehm (who does a local show) talking about stuff. She's old and her voice is kinda slow and irritates the heck out of me. I eventually had to change the station. Kojo Nnamdi (isn't that a great name?) is another guy who does a DC politics show, which is always interesting, but more importantly his voice makes me calm and happy. He sorta sounds like Morgan Freeman...

Also, apparently North Korea is taking the UN sanctions as a "declaration of war" which is both ridiculous and seems like really bad news.


Comment from llemma:

WETA (90.9) is way way better. (You should get both in this metro area.)

Comment from gregstoll:

Is that a DC station? What kinda stuff is on it?

Comment from llemma:

It's the other NPR station, and affiliated with the local PBS. It carries perhaps a few more of the standard NPR shows than WAMU does, and in the down time it tends more toward BBC and other international programming, and NewsHour with Jim Lehrer which is my personal favorite, whereas WAMU tends more toward local color.

Comment from quijax:

I know a Kojo, but his last name is Appiah. He has a brother named Kofi (and a sister named Chaya, but that's not as cool).

Comment from gregstoll:

"K"-names are cool! Except for Kathy and the like, because they're really "C"-names. Also, having a "j" in the middle helps.

Comment from onefishclappin:

Kofi is "Friday-born male" in Ghana (ex. Kofi Annan, UN sec general). David knows the full progression (days of week & sexes). They are all pretty cool, but I can't remember any others now.
And Greg is right about the "j" in the middle.

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