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Posted on 2010-05-14 10:55:00
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Something for everyone!

Randomly awesome:
- North Korea reports nuclear fusion success except, of course, no one believes them. Includes this gem:

Pyongyang says its latest scientific breakthrough coincides with the birthday of the country's founder, and eternal president Kim Il-sung - not the first time it seems that the laws of nature have been bent in his honour.

According to official biographies, when his son, the current leader Kim Jong-il was born, a new star appeared in the sky.

- The difference between "red" and "blue" families - they summarize it as "In red America, families form adults; in blue America, adults form families.", meaning that in "red America", adults become mature after starting a family, while in "blue America", adults become mature, then start a family.

- A graph of US miles driven versus gas prices over time - now we're around the same miles driven as in 2000, which looks unprecedented.

TV/Video Games:
- Chuck got renewed - yaaaay!

- We bought 3D Dot Game Heroes (link is to review) last night. So far it's pretty fun, especially if you like old video games.


Comment from copperwolf:

About the "red vs. blue" families -- the differences are far-reaching and include choice of names for children.

Comment from gregstoll:

Ooh, interesting article - thanks!

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