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Posted on 2006-08-31 21:21:00
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As djedi mentioned, our stuff is here! I'm sitting in a chair now, which is very exciting!

Anyway, I took some time while the movers were hauling in our stuff to put up pictures from our move.

We bought an S-Video cable today. On the package, it says

For hook-up of a DVD player with an S-Video connection; carries video signal over two discreet paths

So, the misspelling of "discrete" is pretty funny in and of itself. But what does it mean, even without the misspelling? "Discrete" is the opposite of "continuous" (right?), so...what? It carries a signal over one path...anyway, I'm confused.


Comment from fairydust1:

Awesome pictures of the roadtrip. It was like a cute little scrapbook of the journey. We were too tired to do that when Jay and I moved me from Louisville, KY, to Austin back in 1996. Then again, digital DOES make it easier, and digital cameras were NOT the thing back then.

The whirlpools in the room were - quite unique - I must say! I could see Bill and Grace making it their fort and moving in immediately, completely defeating the relaxing purpose of said jacuzzi to begin with (wink).

*HUGS* We miss you guys muchly! The ASMC video is in review, and we should be able to mail you a copy in a week or so. :)

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't have the energy if it weren't so easy...

Miss y'all too! Awesome - can't wait to see it :-)

Comment from blamantin:

Other than the spelling, the discrete is actually important...

"S-Video cables transmit the chrominance (color) and luminance (brightness) portions of a video signal along different paths, providing better color accuracy and detail than the composite video connection. S-Video signal is sometimes known as "Y/C", the symbols for Luminance and Chrominance."

Comment from gregstoll:

Ah, I see! Although I think "separate" would work better, but at least that makes some sort of sense...

Comment from wildrice13:

The best thing is to maintain a digital signal all the way through by using Y/Cr/Cb composite cables, but it's fairly likely that either your DVD player or TV (or both) don't have such ports available. Especially since your TV is probably not HD ready; there'd be no reason for it to have such connections.

Comment from gregstoll:

Actually, the DVD player is hooked up to the TV with composite cables; this was for connecting the TiVo to the TV.

Comment from wildrice13:

Ah, that makes sense :)

Comment from destroyerj:

The first definition of "discrete" in the several dictionaries pretty much synonymizes the word to "separate" so I think they're ok there. Comes from the latin "to separate" too :).

Comment from gregstoll:

Pah! Yeah, OK, I give :-)

Comment from taesmar:

I saw the same discreet/discrete misspelling issue in a computer gaming magazine, and I was just floored. Do they not have editors?

Comment from gregstoll:

But, but, but it passed the spellcheck!! (guh)

Comment from wildrice13:

Man, those rooms--especially the last one--look like luxary apartment suites!

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah, I totally would be OK living there! It would cost like $3900/month, though.

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