Ah, a day off
Mood: cheerful
Posted on 2007-02-19 17:15:00
Tags: microresolution
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Days like this make me wish I didn't have a job at all (but still had money somehow). Although I'm sure I'd get bored after a couple of weeks and want my job back.

We got a new vacuum cleaner which I'm oddly excited about. It works very well (the Eureka Boss Smart Vac Ultra 4870 - thanks Consumer Reports!) and even self propels itself a little, which means vacuuming is like talking a dog for a walk.

There's still a bunch of snow on the ground from last week's storm, and it encroaches on the road some places, eating up a half lane or so. This made driving in Baltimore more interesting than usual. (we went there for lunch yesterday and checked out the Lambda Rising bookstore) Another fun thing is that most places there's a layer of ice on top of the snow, which makes walking deceptively difficult.

Wrote my last letter today! Microresolution complete.


Comment from quijax:

My boss gave everyone but me the day off. Instead, I sat in the cold office and fought with Dreamweaver. At least he bought me hot chocolate.

Comment from gregstoll:

That's...so very sad. Although hot chocolate is good - just finished a cup myself!

Comment from wonderjess:

hehe...ok, the link to lambda rising has a thing about a reading by john amaechi (sp?) from "man in the middle." doesn't that sound just like tobias's reading of "the man inside me"?

also, I would play the world's tiiiiniest violin about your snow trouble if it wasn't lost in the three feet of snow on the lawn outside my house. bunch of snow. riiight.

Comment from wildrice13:

Congrats on microresolution completion!!

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