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Posted on 2010-11-03 10:20:00
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First off, I'm glad I wasn't around last night to watch the results come in live. Losing > 60 House seats is pretty ouch.

But it wasn't all bad news. The Democrats held on to the Senate, and it looks like they'll have 52 or 53 seats. The Republican Senate candidate from Colorado, Ken Buck, who believes that being gay is a choice appears to be going down.

Sadly, the National Organization for Marriage managed to oust three Iowa Supreme Court judges who ruled for marriage equality (maybe those Iowans will stop being so smug...), but the judge who originally ruled for marriage equality kept his job, and generally NOM endorsed a lot of candidates that lost.

Our old state representative Donna Howard apparently won by 15 votes out of 100,000! (pending a recount, presumably)

Anyway, maybe now (or at least in January) we can get back to governing and fixing unemployment and all that. Or, maybe it'll be a giant mass of gridlock and nothing will get done. Which do you think is more likely?


Comment from anonymous:

Nothing will get done. They've already said so. It'll be very disappointing and worse, we need more stimulus so the economy will actually tank even further. We'll be thankful we took the gains we could while we had all of the legislature. But we'll be sad that we didn't take full advantage of it and we'd compromised less.

That's my prediction at least. I hope more are optimistic :-)

-Nick D.

Comment from gregstoll:

I just got a CNN Breaking News alert:

Federal Reserve unveils $600 billion stimulus plan aimed at improving economy, boosting jobs.

This confuses me. So the Fed just came up with the plan? Does anyone think it's going to pass the GOP-controlled House? Or are they trying to pass it before January?

I'm a little more optimistic than you, but not much :-)

Comment from gregstoll:

Oh, it's just talking about buying Treasury bonds. Nevermind.

Comment from anonymous:

Probably trying to pass it before GOP takes over I'd think.

Any spending on the part of the government will be called socialism, not equilibrium... just ask Rand Paul. Ugh. I hope you're right, the Fed is one of our few last non"political" branches. I hope it doesn't get dismantled..

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