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Posted on 2007-11-27 13:17:00
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Busy week! Last night was a WoW raid (more on that below), tonight is game night, Wed. is a church thing and Thurs. I'm probably going on a Rice recruiting dinner thing.

The past weekend at home was nice, albeit a bit busy. And I could have done without the rain. We did manage to assemble a new grill for my dad. I'm getting a little tired of the drive to Houston - if you count the renaissance festival last weekend (you drive all the way to Brenham and then some more) and if I drive on Thursday that will be 3 trips back and forth to/from Houston in less than three weeks. Oh well.

We're going to look at houses on Saturday! Exciting stuff.

I finally broke down and bought the Beach Boys's (that's the correct punctuation, right grammar folks?) album "Pet Sounds". (I say "broke down" because we have very few magazines in our bathroom and the one that's always open is mental_floss and it's always open to the article about Masterpiece #98, which is that album) I bought it from the Amazon MP3 store which I'm starting to love for convenience and pricing. ($8 for the whole album!) Anyway, it has some catchy songs but overall I'm not as impressed...maybe my expectations were high after reading it was #2 on Rolling Stone's top 500 albums of all time. It's growing on me a little as I listen, but not as much as I would have hoped. Also, I have 0 of the top 25 albums on that list (well, except for "Pet Sounds" now). Shameful? Maybe.

So the last (and first) time we went to Zul'Aman, we had to take a PuG offtank, and so we wiped many times on Nalorrak (the bear boss), and finally downed him after like 3 hours. Since we had our real offtank last night, we thought we'd try to do it in 20 minutes. (for "extra" loot, meaning two pieces instead of one) We engaged him within 20 minutes, barely, but apparently you have to kill him within 20 minutes to get the loot...since it takes us 8 minutes to kill him, that will be difficult.

Anyway, we went ahead and tried Halazzi (the lynx boss). We wiped probably 20+ times trying it...we did make some progress, getting him to 70% once, but no better. Pretty frustrating, all in all. We discussed some strategies at lunch (wings!) that will probably help, but we might just try Akil'zon (the eagle boss) instead, whom we thought we were headed towards last night. He's supposed to be easier.


Comment from cifarelli:

Last night was my 2nd ZA trip. A stupid wipe on bear trash and we missed the timer by like 1 minute as the emote that you ran out of time came with the boss at like 20% health.

Eagle boss seemed pretty easy. However the gauntlet run of trash to get to him is a nasty mess.

Comment from gregstoll:

Ouch! So close...

I thought we were going pretty fast on trash but I guess we need to really step it up, start before people are ready, etc. to make it.

The trash on the way to the lynx boss was kinda long but not bad. I think that maybe if you do the bosses in a different order the front door opens and you don't have to go all the way around the building like we did.

Comment from abstractseaweed:

Interesting grammatical point. I am now quite curious, but it's probably one that there is no universally agreed answer to. If it were not a proper noun it wouldn't have the second "s": "Those boys' album was bestial." However, since "Beach Boys" is the name of a single band, and we are not referring to a collection of boys as multiple individuals, it is perhaps correct to treat "Beach Boys" as a singular noun. In that case it would be no different than something like "Max's album" or "James's album". That leads to further confusion because some people insist on leaving off the second "s", while others insist that as long as it's pronounced it should be written.

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